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  1. DarkSooL

    Signing into multiplayer

    Hello, Have you tried copying and pasting or have you changed your password ?
  2. DarkSooL

    game crashing when sleep f7 and teleport garage

    Hello, 1-)Verify game cache (ETS2) 2-)Update TruckersMP (TruckersMP --> F1) 3-)Open a new profile Or This topic can help you.
  3. DarkSooL

    Cheat Engine

    Hello, You can download save or you can do it with the single player cheatengine software.
  4. DarkSooL

    TruckersMP fails to download

    Hello , 1-)Run as administrator (TruckersMp) 2-) If not, apply for support (https://support.truckersmp.com/)
  5. DarkSooL

    Tryng to connect Error window

    Hello, 1-)Run game as administrator. 2-)Update TruckersMP ( TruckersMP ---> F1)
  6. DarkSooL

    Game Crashing On Sleep/Time Advance

    Hello, 1-)Verify game cache (ETS2) 2-)Update TruckersMP (TruckersMP --> F1) 3-)Open a new profile
  7. DarkSooL

    Game keeps crashing while changing settings

    Hello, 1-)Update game cach 2-)Update your video kart 3-)TruckersMP F1 Update Game 4-)Run the game as an administrator
  8. DarkSooL

    Game Client Not responding

    Hello, 1-)Update ETS2 game files and TruckersMp files 2-)Update Drivers 3-)Delete TruckersMP and load it again
  9. DarkSooL


    Hello, You can get support for it https://support.truckersmp.com/
  10. Hrllo, Standing on the side of the road may cause accidents, and traffic can start.
  11. DarkSooL

    Launching MP, but thrown to Single Player Profile

    Hello, 1-)Run TruckersMP as an administrator. 2-)Verify the steam game files (ETS2-ATS). 3-)Open TruckersMP shortcut and update F1 game files.
  12. DarkSooL

    I had problem !

    Hello, 1-) Right click on TruckersMp and say Run as administrator 2-)Try updating your graphic card.
  13. DarkSooL

    update problem

    Hello, Close the windows firewall and antivirus program and try again.
  14. DarkSooL

    Install problem

    Hello, 1-)The computer can be 32 bits, 2-)You may have to update your computer, 3-)You may need to enter Windows Key, 4-)You may need to open the firewall I can help you get in English .