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  1. Hello! I have two questions for paint mod. Can I make my own paint trailers? Can I make my own paint on truck? Please respond me! Thx!
  2. So... I took on road ramming a picture and username then I went to find on steam and I didn't find his profil. Pls help me finding his profil! Username: shama Profile picture:
  3. How u did found any players ID from steam??

    1. El1teZombiezHD


      I found the users' Steam Profile and then pasted it into https://steamid.io/lookup and got the users' SteamID-64 and put it into TruckersMP. Then I clicked on the profile and got the ID from the URL Bar "http://truckersmp.com/users/386

    2. OMGitisPRIMOZ
  4. Hey guys! So....I was playing multiplayer on ETS2 Europe 2. I saw the driver was driving on wrong way and I tried to find his username I don't know why did his username don't exist or hack? Pls fix it or find his username! Username: JJespano01 ID:? Tnx -Sorry for bad english-
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