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  1. Hey Nekuroi Happy Birthday^^

  2. Nekuroi

    MP FoV

    i don't see any setting related to fov in the truckersmp config.
  3. Nekuroi

    MP FoV

    Anyone knows how to fix the tag name so it remains above the players truck when using triple monitors? Does the tag follow a certain FoV option?
  4. Didn't see a stupid fuss like this since the speed limit one, i will share some simple facts and opinions. /fix is just a tool, treat it as what is like, you are free to use it or not. It's safer than loading a quicksave because you don't pop up on someones windshield. Trolls will be trolls regardless, report them and continue with your life, they''ll be banned eventually. The use, frequency, and restriction of the /fix tool could be tied to the warning system.
  5. i'm getting this after install, trying F1 and reinstall right now.
  6. Uninstall MP and delete all of it, then re install (keep wintermod/autumn)
  7. That is only true for retail versions, if you have an OEM one you can't change between them. Legally speaking.
  8. The installer is freezing my pc, i think it doesn't support winter. badum tss. Is there any dl?
  9. Mine says MSK 9982, i don't belive anyone would get the reference.
  10. I'm sorry, i didn't read the full sentence. Still the use of warning lights in my country is restricted to fully stopped vehicles, announce you will completely stop, and when you will perform an irregular action, like parking in reverse. Driving with your warning lights in the fog is forbidden as it means that you are motionless. You could use it to warn that you will get into a fog bank if and only if its a light one but you have to turn it off intermediately.
  11. Beware with this as it is an illegal action in some countries. Warning lights are only for fully stopped vehicles. This could mislead to accidents on the night and/or with fog.
  12. Is there a new key for the tab list and chat? cause "tab" and "y" aren't working for me, and F9 opens me some weird box. Nevermind, It was as if I had not been connected.
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