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  1. Nekuroi

    MP FoV

    i don't see any setting related to fov in the truckersmp config.
  2. Nekuroi

    MP FoV

    Anyone knows how to fix the tag name so it remains above the players truck when using triple monitors? Does the tag follow a certain FoV option?
  3. Didn't see a stupid fuss like this since the speed limit one, i will share some simple facts and opinions. /fix is just a tool, treat it as what is like, you are free to use it or not. It's safer than loading a quicksave because you don't pop up on someones windshield. Trolls will be trolls regardless, report them and continue with your life, they''ll be banned eventually. The use, frequency, and restriction of the /fix tool could be tied to the warning system.
  4. Y-You Monster!

    1. Anriandor


      :o What did I do? I am innocent!! :huh:

    2. Smoky_TMP
  5. i'm getting this after install, trying F1 and reinstall right now.
  6. didn't know that Europe #2 was so awful, Its like twisted metal but with trucks.
  7. Well, in my country 1 short honk is something like "Hi, i'm right here, be careful", 2 short honks are something like "hello buddy, how are you?" and one large honk is GTFOYFI while how long it is means how bad did you screw it. With the lights we have similar customs, like: 1 large beam means IDIOT; the same way with the horn, the length measures your idiocy level. (i hope you get unable to see again for the rest of your life) 1 short beam means I'm in a good mood and i'll grant you way, sir. 2 short beams means Thank you good sir.
  8. Bored of playing always the same way i'm trying to make me a challenge to make the game a little more enjoyable, so i came to this: Start a new profile. Make my starting point as <Rotterdam> Play in SP until i get my fist credit available. Buy whatever truck i can afford. Once i get a truck start playing only in MP. Can only accept deliveries from <Rotterdam> to <Destiny City> and from <Destiny City> to <Rotterdam>. If there is no delivery to carry back home bad luck my friend. No Quick Travel. No repair. No hire workers. Obey cargo/traffic speed limits. Try to comply with J-Spec rules. Play until the truck doesn't move. Write down how much money did i get. Rinse and repeat. Any suggestion on what i can add?
  9. Driving on EU#2 https://www.facebook.com/Alpisoo1/videos/970777232976830/ Merged with Funny Videos Thread in Off Topic Discussion - El1teZombiezHD
  10. Depends on my mood and/or the amount of people on the server. If there is too many people and i feel like it i drive at the max allowed speed, usually between 50~80 Km/h just to annoy those formula truck fans. if i feel like i'm driving in a post apocalypse world i just put a dead weight on my throttle and allahu akbar.
  11. Uninstall MP and delete all of it, then re install (keep wintermod/autumn)
  12. Nekuroi


    Just Portuguese
  13. I just get out of work, I'm too lazy to do a collage. https://steamdb.info/calculator/76561198005332707/?cc=us
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