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  1. Locked and moved to unsolved due to inactivity.
  2. Locked and moved to unsolved due to inactivity.
  3. Locked and moved to unsolved due to inactivity.
  4. Locked and moved to unsolved due to inactivity.
  5. Locked and moved to unsolved due to inactivity.
  6. You can contact us with support.truckersmp.com Thanks.
  7. If your problem will not solved , please let us know with make a ticket on support.truckersmp.com. Thank you.
  8. Ik hoop dat deze week een goeie week gaat worden :P

    1. Smoky_TMP


      Ik hoop het ook :troll::troll::)

    2. NoTime4name


      Eeeeennn z'n week is verknald :troll:

  9. Hello. Please open a text on desktop and write your ID and your password. After copy-paste it to login screen of TruckersMP. If your problem still contunie please make a ticket to support.truckersmp.com
  10. Please , have a look on 3.00 to 8.00 ,
  11. hi, I think that your problem isn't about your software but have a look on software. Also , please follow the video
  12. Ik heb nu echte zin om ETS te spelen, ik houd echt van de weekenden. Wacht op mij Scandinavië wegen ik kom eraan! :):)

  13. Hi ! If it is not solved , Could you sent its screenshot to us ? Thank you.
  14. Informations that everyone should read carefully to avoid any bad situations. thanks.
  15. I will absolutely join it. We can easily find staffs of Truckers MP thanks to DC.
  16. good luck to all , I hope that this system'll improve the soul of simulation.
  17. Please copy your Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder and save it , after delete it then make a new profile for Ets2 , it may solve your problem.
  18. Sometimes , drivers may cause this problem , please check your all drivers and make sure that they are updated then check your IP or router connector , If it is still not solved please make a support ticket.
  19. @[ETS2MCG] Masunio yes , why not? many players are playing Ets2 and Ats likely 30000 per day on steam. and the most popular simulation games are Ets2 and Ats on steam , great.
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