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  1. Happy birthday glanshon :D

  2. Good afternoon!

  3. +1 rep Yes I think we need this, because than we now, what we have to deactivatet.
  4. Good afternoon. 

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    2. Jutonk


      Hai. Ganz gut und selbst?

    3. derpatrick9


      aye,na gut wollte ETS spielen,hatte aber keine lust mein Lenkrad aufzubauen :c

    4. Jutonk
  5. @derpatrick6 thanks for follow

    1. derpatrick9


      Nichts zu Danken,lul..:Danke ebenfalls :p

    2. Jutonk


      Kein problem

  6. Hey thank you. Its the same park system how in ATS. +rep
  7. Jutonk

    Atomatic kick

    Maybe the dlc is be able in the next version. Look in News section for that.
  8. Jutonk


    The dlc schwarzmueller isn´t supportet yet. To play mp you must disable this.
  9. But maybe in the next update. Its supportes, if all problems are fixed....
  10. Thanks for following @saeed kamali

  11. I´m so happy, and now it is released....... good job guys.
  12. On 04.12.2016 I do a 10 hours-stream: https://www.twitch.tv/krypton418

    1. Jutonk


      (6a.m-16p.m) UTC


    2. Mirko9


      Omg .. good luck :)

  13. Have a nice first advent all

    1. Mirko9


      Thanks , you too ! 

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