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Experiencing kernel error or random crashes on TruckersMP Island? ×


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  1. 1 hour ago, Hendrik [NL] said:

    Heb ik zojuist gedaan, comnpleet verwijderd en eventuele resten handmatig weggegooid, dit heeft niet geholpen.


    Yes, the shift key works fine, in singleplayer I am getting the steam overlay.
    Running the launcher as admin does not solve the problem.



    Probleem opgelost, game opstarten in Steam met de optie OpenGL 64bit, game sluiten en Multiplayer openen geeft bij mij de optie weer om de steam overlay te gebruiken.

    Schrijf een support ticket: https://support.truckersmp.com/

  2. 43 minutes ago, [GER]Loading... said:



    TruckersMP don't add 3th party mod ;)


    Also there would be many trollers with scout car+trailer.... For example there drift in a curve or so one and it is a truck simulator so many players will use it as a car simulator....

  3. 17 hours ago, ArmiNNN said:
    Suggestion Name: Restore 2300 slots on EU2
    Suggestion Description: Restore slots on EU2,3500 is big problem. 

    Any example images: NO

    Why should it be added?: Many players have lag and fps drop, fps is very low when is it 10 and more players on TAB.

    It is only a stress TEST so if it doesn´t work / it begins to lag i think the server will restored. 

  4. 19 minutes ago, Penguin said:

    ^ Wrong Answer.


    Either on the login screen (Server selection), or the Tab Menu, click on the Gear icon. Then navigate to the 'Mods' tab and uncheck 'Winter Mod'

    And that will disable the mod.


    Hope this helps!

    ~ Penguin

    You must restart the game of course :)


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