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  1. https://imgur.com/a/wbnBybb Good luck)
  2. The microphone does not work in the MP, the microphone itself is working and checked in the settings of Windows. In other games, everything works in Discrod & TeamSpeak .. In the settings of mp in taba, everything costs by default, put your microphone, the result is zero. When you press X, I do not even have two red lights on the track, even in the wrenches, and the spam icon itself - his pop HELP!!!!!!!!
  3. KENTdob

    Timeout issue

    Hello, I have a problem last two weeks, when I go to the MP, but writes in the game, which timeout try again, ostensibly come back later. What to do?
  4. Hello, this error is already hanging over the week - Timeout Try Again. What do I do, please help.
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