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  1. Happy birthday! 🎂

  2. Happy Birthday  

  3. Run the multiplayer launcher with Admin. Good luck!
  4. It sounds like the game is preventing you to join the server because your ping is exceedingly high, for example "600ms" or more. The game stops people joining the servers with high ping to allow people to drive on the roads without someone pinging backwards and forwards and doing 99% damage to someone else's truck unintentionally. Try and contact your Service Provider and ask them if they can diagnose the problem, maybe get a engineer sent over to replace your router, or place the router in a better location. Good luck! **edit** " Speedtest: 7ms ping, 71Mbps download, 60Mbps upload " Remember that this is a speed test that is connected to a server that could be closer to you, and with less people using it. I would recommend using PingPlotter to identify the problem. PingPlotter can show you if the high ping is coming from the game server, or your internet router. If you are interested in PingPlotter then go to the site https://www.pingplotter.com/ and download the app.
  5. The only mods supported by ETS 2 MP are the given winter mods that are available to be downloaded in the winter seasons.
  6. Maybe it's because your computer specs are too low. If the game returns something like "ETS2MP.exe has crashed" then press "Wait for the program to respond" and wait a few minutes. Good luck!
  7. Make sure you aren't starting the job, then going offline for a few days and returning to the game. Since the server keeps the time going continuously, even if you head offline, you are still being timed, meaning that eventually you will be over your deadline. Also make sure you aren't starting the job or continuing the job in single player then returning to multiplayer for the last 5 minutes, because again, the server time is always going, and is also ahead of single player time by thousands of hours. Good luck!
  8. Try and clear your cache in the browser you are using and then attempt to message someone again. Maybe try and message someone else as a test to confirm that the person you are trying to message has not got some privacy settings enabled, such as accept messages from friends only, or completely deny all incoming messages. Good luck!
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