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  1. The skoda cars should be removed. Because of all those who don't drive it properly. Moreover there is so much crashes because the car control is really hard. This is not a car driving game, thats a truck game. And cars are full of bugs. Cars want to overtake trucks but they cant because of the 110 km/h limit.
  2. Euro Truck Simulator 2=PUBG My Summer Car SimCity Fifa Scrap Mechanic Spore Spintires Unturned City Car Driving Car Mechanic Simulator Farming Simulator Minecraft Zula Pro Evolution Soccer Jardinains 2
  3. ^AquaCloud^ fenerbahçeliye laf ettiğin için banlandın!!! Reason: Fenerbahçeliye Laf Ettin Adamım! Expiring: 08.07.2018 22:48 UTC
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