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  1. Mini expo 16/11/2019 :D







  2. Thank you for your follow! :)

    1. El Reja [ARG]

      El Reja [ARG]

      No problem bro ;)

  3. Good Morning ♥ spacer.png

  4. Gracias por el follow :D

    1. El Reja [ARG]

      El Reja [ARG]

      No hay problema amigo, lo mismo digo!! Un saludo

  5. Gracias por el follow maestro! 

    1. El Reja [ARG]

      El Reja [ARG]

      No hay problema brother, lo mismo digo!! Abrazo

  6. Ex compañero de empresa, genio!!!. Un abrazo Barto

  7. Congratulations my friend, enjoy! :D:)

    1. DJFrontier


      Thanks mate! ^_^

  8. Show your trucks to the community. I'm going to react to the best with one heart. Here's a picture of my Scania
  9. Well, I prefer Scania because my grandfather works with one. Many times I accompanied him on his trips and helped him in loading and unloading materials. It has a Scania 113 (In Argentina it is common to see these types of trucks on the road.)
  10. ETS2. I like both but I prefer ETS2. It has more content, more people and I prefer the european trucks. ATS is a great simulator but it's a pity that it doesn't have the same amount of people as ETS.
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