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  1. Happy birthday KingHas! i wish all the best for you 😍❤️

    1. King_Has


      Thanks abdouuuuuu big fan ❤️

  2. Cool, but how do I use dispatcher with my own customized trailer?
  3. it's a good idea i like it but if you can make it in every 5 min it would be better
  4. Hello Everyone! :D i hope you good today all :) 

    watch this little funny moment :P this is my first funny video,i hope you like it :) 


    1. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      good ol days lol  :D remember me  haha  

  5. Hello everyone, if you are an admin and see those poeple do that what's the punishment you will do it ?  :3 





    1. Folriden


      No comments...I hate such people...They don't understand that they are not alone in this game.

    2. Costel


      I'd first watch your profile picture then probably would ban them if i had the power :D ..

  6. Yaaay :D:D the Client updated :rolleyes: . Happy Trucking Guys! ;)

  7. Hello everyone :D  just i want to ask about TruckersMP . When they will update the Client? my game updated and i can't play multiplayer . 

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    2. Sven67


      It will be soon

    3. Digital


      As long as it takes to update. I trust mwl4 is working hard to support the latest version, which depending on whether he encounters issues can take a few days to a week. :) 

    4. Raccoon156


      same here but when i try to downgrade it wont let me man it was great how it was but no u have to upgrade it 

  8. Hello Truckers :D:D:D:D:D , How are you all :) a long time didn't come here . Miss you B):rolleyes:

  9. My Best Truck Ever :D:rolleyes:



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    2. _ThEAssasiN_


      xD hehehe nice one

    3. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      :wub::rolleyes: That a  awesome truck you drive @Kayla_Weister


      haha  v8 is the best ,  imagine driving  in rotterdam  and  all  you hear is v8 engine  :lol: 

  10. Hello Truckers .How are you Today ? :lol::D

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    2. Abdou.


      @BattlelogMc01 i'm good thnx

      @BurakAKSAKAL i'm fine :D thnx too 

    3. _Pingu_


      @Kayla_Weister well today im all good yesterday my brain deiced that i should feel dizzy for the whole day :D

  11. Good night Everyone and happy Trucking for those are still playing :D 

  12. Hey Everyone :) . But why he did this :( '' 

     i couldn't understand :unsure: 

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    2. Abdou.


      Don't worry i'm recording :) . Thank you anyway 

    3. StatelyMouse
    4. Galeavia


      When someone is banned for other reason, I wait for their ban to expire and report them with what they did to me. Nothing goes unpunished :D 

  13. Goooooood morning everyone .How are you today :D ?

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    2. SuliHD


      Afternoon now lmao, I'm good/stressed/tired, how about you :)

    3. Abdou.


      good Thank you :) 

  14. Good night :) i hope it was a good day for you 

    1. Mirko9


      Good night! :) 

    2. SuliHD


      Night Kay

  15. Hello players . i wish you will enjoy this day :) 

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    2. Leo35


      afternoon, im in bed, sulking and poorly :( 

    3. Baymax.
    4. Abdou.


      Thank You  All ^^ 

  16. Hello There . How Can i change the name of my forum profil ? 

    1. Miles!
    2. Abdou.


      Thank you :) 

    3. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer


      oh nice a new member :) welcome to truckersmp @Screwed_kill3r 


      Best  of luck 

  17. Hello all i want to ask how can i play ETS2 MP because i updated the game :( ? Please help me 

  18. Hello. Are you Played it before ?
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