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  1. Mod Version: ATS Version 1.31.1s Controllers Used: Xbox 360 Controller, Wired Description of Issue: The Trucks Works Shop in Clovis, New Mexico is not a collision free zone. How to reproduce: I tried to drive onto the repair location many times and would still hit the truck sitting there. Screenshots / Videos: https://plays.tv/s/LnyBMO8x2nZL
  2. Nuclear2020

    Recommendations For the Big Sur Event

    80 mile long waits, up to 2 hours and then hit by some hacker or lagger from behind and tossed over the guardrail.... What a joke!
  3. Nuclear2020

    New to ETS2 :)

    Thank you everyone for your warm welcome!! I will look at the forum page that many of you have shown me. Thanks again!! Nuke
  4. Nuclear2020

    New to ETS2 :)

    Hi, my name is Symon and I am new to ETS2 and ETS2M. I'm been driving around so far and have been having a lot of fun with the game. I'm looking for other players or a Company that is looking for new drivers. I'm very new and just looking to have some fun! I'm English speaking and would prefer a company that is english speaking. Thank you.