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  1. Finnish license plates are made in Helsinki prison, and the prisoners who make them get 70 or 90 cents a hour Right side ones are for mopeds etc.
  2. Is TMP working for everyone? It's claiming "Invalid email or password" for me when trying to log to ETS2/ATS, Truckersmp.com works fine tho.. :o

    1. -XCE-


      Check this Thread for more information on how to fix this: :) 


    2. H_pro1


      I tried to launch the game from my other account :D Thanks! tho

  3. Yes it should run fairly good for most of the time. Can't promise you stable 60fps everywhere tho
  4. You can play over the same internet, but depending on your internet quality, your online experience may suffer. Note that only one person can play with one profile at a time.
  5. Hey! Have you tried to launch the TruckersMP as administrator? That might do the trick. Thanks
  6. The hoodie looks super comfy! Hopefully it is too
  7. Have a very happy birthday!:)

  8. I play with keyboard when I can't bother to set up my wheel. All of the settings are on default, only the steering is a bit more sensitive than default. I don't find it too hard to drive but the braking is much harder as you can't apply 50% etc. brakes with a keyboard.
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