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  1. Code

    Too High Ping?

    It was only on one server but i'll try on another server, thank you Thank you very much to everyone who helped. the issue has been fixed
  2. I've only just noticed this but I have a fibre optic connection with 60MBPS Download and 20-30Mbps Upload speed and for some reason the game kicks me for having a ping of 3000ms? I'm using a wired connection and the router is connected to the master socket and I'm only 5 metres away from the socket. Any help? I keep suspecting it as a DDOS or something...
  3. Code

    Fatal Error

    Thank you very much I don't know much about Steam haha.
  4. Code

    Fatal Error

    I've just come home and I've tried to launch ETS2 MP and I got greeted with the message: Unsupported game version detected! To play you need to have Euro Truck Simulator 2 v. 1.25.3s [06f0ce7f7f932] ! Do you need help with downgrading? Any suggestions??
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