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  1. yes select none opt out and update the game
  2. Ogreng

    Cant log in

    tried that uninstalled reinstalled gave admin privileges and still get same error box
  3. this is the error box that i am getting
  4. ever time i try to launch truckers mp i get an error box that says cant connect to update server i uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times now and same error box pops up i need help.
  5. Ogreng

    Cant log in

    Every time i try to launch truckers MP i get this connection error retry box that pops up i uninstalled the launcher and reinstalled and same box appears saying connection was denied need help to fix this
  6. My game auto updated which i have since turned off and i had to downgrade to version 1.25 ever since when i go into game i am speed limited to 68 mph even in free roam and i have speed limiter turn off but it turns itself back on as soon as i start driving
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