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  1. Good bye TMP! Have a nice week! 

  2. LE GAMER 64

    ATS Circuit

    Hi @Mirrland Yes my question is solved.
  3. LE GAMER 64

    ATS Circuit

    Hello Truckers, as it's been a long time since I did not play, I would like to know if the circuit to Tucson there is always, If yes we have the right to go there in multiplayer ? Thanks you advance for your answers. Cordially.
  4. LE GAMER 64

    Feedback - 3 day wait

    Hey, They also have a personal life and it's not just you who makes feedback, there are plenty of people. Just be patient .
  5. When you wait for a update Windows... since 1 hours...https://media.giphy.com/media/2HWWvU3wXwZna/giphy.gif  is me now... xD 

  6. Happy birthday Lorena! it's a pity you're gone :/ 

  7. Hello everyone have a nice weekend! 

  8. Good night TMP! Have a nice week! 

    1. JJay


      Good night, have a nice week too


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      Same to you

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      Good Night ;) 

  9. LE GAMER 64

    Speed limiter

    Hi, If you drive in an external contract the Speedlimit is 90 km/h max.
  10. LE GAMER 64

    When is snow coming to mp again?

    Hi, Towards Christmas l think.
  11. LE GAMER 64

    Broadcast on Steam

    Hi @WentworthHFD Yes is solved you can lock this topic. Thanks you all for the answers. Cordially.
  12. LE GAMER 64

    Broadcast on Steam

    It's my connection that is very bad.
  13. LE GAMER 64

    Broadcast on Steam

    @Knucklecurve I tested in the day and my connection was very bad and FPS too 500ms and 30 FPS only is very no good.
  14. LE GAMER 64

    Broadcast on Steam

    Hello, For my computer i have I5 Processor and graphics card NVDIA GFORCE GTX 1060. this configuration seems powerful enough?