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  1. Version de ETS2

    Bonjour, As tu mis la bêta 1.32 part hassard ? Si oui je pourrais t'aider à la prochaine réponse.
  2. which authorities are ride to police cars

    Hello, Car police are only allowed for Game modérator are no allowed for we the player.
  3. Question de priorité

    @[Luxor] Foxy Gamer je ne pense pas que ce soit un problème de synchronisation le joueur n'as même pas regarder le feu il est passer comme une fusée.
  4. Hello everyone Today I've decided to open a topic for know your biggest fault on truckersmp. And you what is your biggest fault?
  5. Question de priorité

    Bonjour a tous, Aujourd'hui je partez faire une livraison et sur la route au niveau des travaux entre Paris et Calais je respecter le feux et au moment ou il est passer au vert un joueur arrivas très vite derrière moi au moment ou je m'engage pour passer et a failli me rentrer dedans. Mais je ne comprend pas le joueur ma dis 'rec' mes pourtant normalement y l'a pas le droit de me dépasser y doit rester derrière moi ? La question est est-ce moi en tort ou lui ? Merci de vos réponse d'avance Cordialement.
  6. Deleted account

    Thanks you for your answers all. @Dziada i have creat a feedback since 20 min. l wait answers for that. Thanks you. @Glacial. now the topic can be closed and moved to solved if need.
  7. Deleted account

    Hello everyone, If l'm deleted my account truckersmp my acount forum and too deleted ? Notes : I would like to talk about a problem to a moderator or a developer. Cordially.
  8. Hello everyone l open this topic for all who want to post their best video of crash on ETS or ATS. have fun I begin when a player does not give way xD :
  9. Loading a Quick Save

    Hello, Do not worry somebody saying 'report ban' or rec ban' but sometimes he does not. Cordially.
  10. 1.32 Version

    i like this trailer double trailer https://imgur.com/a/CyvqgaR
  11. 1.32 Version

    @TumbEd Thanks for information l go look in germany
  12. 1.32 Version

    @LVMKM for the moment is open beta for singleplayer she will be put when she will be over in beta version
  13. 1.32 Version

    Hello everyone, l open this topic for speak of new version '1.32'. What did you think of this new version open beta ?
  14. how can I report user on discord ?

    thank you everyone I have the answer I wanted thanks now the topic can be closed.
  15. how can I report user on discord ?

    @BombZ off the server of truckersmp By exemple on my server if a player insult or other.. is it possible of report to the developer of discord or other ? (i dont speak of server truckersmp)