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  1. Hello everyone. Me and my friend have problem with picking up trailer from company. Without trailer game working perfectly. When I want to take job the game crash. There is my game.crash file if it can help you guys. https://pastebin.com/6vVSxfAP
  2. After latest update with wintermod I can't play, it shows me that I need downgrade to 1.26.3s. What I need to do?
  3. Pozdrav svima. Probao sam pokrenuti etsmp i dosao je prozor da trebam skinuti novu verziju launchera. Instalirao sam i nakon sto sam ponovo pokusao pokrenuti opet dolazi isti prozor. Da li se jos nekome to desilo. Ima li neko rjesenje?
  4. Hello everyone. After installing latest client installer ( Alpha | Launcher i can't run etsmp. When i try open it shows me again to truckersmp webpage to download client installer.Help.
  5. When the servers will re-work? I can't connect.
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