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  1. TinkyWinky1

    Busiest places

    Rotterdam and Amsterdam is crowded but Groningen isn't crowded
  2. TinkyWinky1

    ETS2 MP gives me blackscreen when opening

    Hello @EmilEker Please open the game "Lauch with DirectX".
  3. TinkyWinky1

    Search Engine Problem

    Topic Title : Search Engine Problem URL : https://truckersmp.com/user/search Server Time/Date : 05.11.2016 Browser : Chrome Screenshots / Videos : http://i.hizliresim.com/B8lbY9.png http://i.hizliresim.com/MkqB7a.png
  4. TinkyWinky1

    Learning Web Design?

    If you don't want to learn lots of code, you are going to this website : https://site.pro/ It's very simple
  5. TinkyWinky1

    help i cant activate my account

    Hello @ItzGreenLook Please check your e-mail. If you don't find a e-mail, you look at the Juck E-Mail.
  6. TinkyWinky1

    Use Skoda RS MOD??

    Hello @iCalleZ Multiplayer isn't allowed to Skoda RS Mod. You look here :
  7. TinkyWinky1

    Version Released

    Thanks for the update