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  1. For r****s that dont use them corectly ive personaly driven meny times double and HCT there and had no issues , only times that i got problems were as*****s that overtake me and cut me off or bump into me intentionaly to make me crash jerks
  2. I see people driving double trailers in duisburg but when i chose one i get kick wtf? whats rong? how are they driving and i cant
  3. Traffis is worst even if theres no doubles on the road budy so lething doubles on these road won't make things worst trust me.
  4. Theyr are not buksee, Duisburg is in Germany and D-trailers are not same goess for netherlands, Amsterdam still nope... Somebody from the staff needs to update the rules!!
  5. Remove the restrictions on the double trailers in the Netherlands and Germany, we still cant drive them, base game allowes them to be driven there with jobs now!!
  6. Same im in Amsterdam and got kick for double trailer why? IS TMP still being ignorant to let double trailers out of germany netherlands after the base game allowes double trailers to be driven in these area? pls update rule and let these trailers be driven in these areas.
  7. update not working been clicking update 20 times its done the it reapears ....
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