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  1. alexx[GER]


    Hey you! Money and XP cheats doesnt really affect on other players, so it doesnt matter See you on the road!
  2. hey I'm actually waiting for a new DLC for a long time. I think it's going to be the balkan route how many other also thought. I'm exited. have a nice time Greetings
  3. Hey Maybe you should drive to the right , you hit the barrieres and reduce your speed. It was a short time reaction, so it wasn't that wrong but you caused another crash. For the next time I would like to share you my technic for that situations: - Brake with your pedals and hand brake - drive to the right [in the UK to the left ;)] --> maybe you crash your front man but that isn't that bad as crashing the trucks on the other lane ---> hope for the best have many good and save tours
  4. Hi I would like to have an van like other people said before. But also a bit more sportive car is an nice invention. Greetings
  5. Hey KroneOe I like it, it's an nice idea, but maybe it should be over 200h in game hours? Greetings!
  6. I think it's the surrounding area of Turkey Beacuse, luckily, we have many players from different countries and the southern part is missing.
  7. The Baltic DLC is very nice and beautiful. You can find everywhere nice looking places for screenshots
  8. At the first time I drove it , I was like "what is going on here?!" But now I enjoy it, even if most of the time it's more stress than relaxing Have fun and protect you cargo on the C-D route!
  9. alexx[GER]

    LKW oder PKW?

    Ich definitiv mit dem LKW Aber auch das PKW Fahren macht ab und zu Spaß
  10. It depends on the server EU 1: Truckers drive very realistic and smoothly; on this server you also have a speed limit on 90 km/h EU 2: Most truckers don't drive realistic or smoothly, most of them are driving like 150km/h and they're ramming other people EU 3: I would say 50% are driving well and 50% are driving like on EU2 Happy Holidays!
  11. First of all Italy and Baltic are DLC which you have to buy, so I think that this is one reason why they're more player driving in the basic map. BUT it also depends on the day and the time. Happy Holidays!
  12. I own both of them. The two are very well made, the trailers look very good and they are very detailed I can recommend both
  13. Scania: Fastest truck Volvo: 2nd fastest truck My opinion Mercedes: best looking truck, with the wood inside I drive the Scania S, it also looks nice and it's very fast ;) (!!!)
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