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  1. Big up my G!! thnx for the follow fam. My idol, My G! ???

  2. I would like to thank everyone who attended "Clara's Dream 2020" yesterday. It was a true success. 
    We've raised £995.24 so far.

    Running 3 teams at once was stressful at times, but everyone worked together and they all pulled it off. 
    Thank you to,
    Event Managers:  
    @RADIOJAY #TeamEHH @EHHVTC - Ollie @EHHVTC Examiner l Tidders @EHHVTC DM I danbrown2002

    @Krewlex @Courtz49 @Shay_MacLennan | Ess & The Dublin Gamer

    Event Supervisors: 
    @IethaI @Savage.

    Event Department: (CC/ Vehicles Team)
    @Andreas A.H @Bolts @Chillpadde @issam0707 @Nathan7471 @smackywacky_ @Supreme_TMP @VeLociTy XTRoLl
    @Warhammer9x @Fezz98 @Vexus. @BigDave1985 @Gullbrann @Voltera @Jeronimeau @Luca The Digger Driver
    | Jamie, david, Flaming, Elvis. 

    Media Department: 
    @creepergamingboy @RookieCookie @TheWilliamTW @G4M3P1X3L @sanamaria @TnT404 | Handcuff 

    GM Support: 
    @3ventic @Whitelodge @Aek177 @Fezz98 @IethaI 

    If I have missed anyone, please comment below and i will add you. 

    Here are a few photo's submitted in the Clara's Dream Discord.

    Staff Photo:

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    2. Bolts


      Great event, thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for organising it.

    3. Velo


      Thanks for planning such an amazing event. Was great to be a part of the team! ❤️

    4. Λ C Ξ    (Kaviya _ JTOSL

      Λ C Ξ (Kaviya _ JTOSL

      ♥️____________WOW ! NICE TRUCKS & Great photos _____________:wub:

  3. Clara's Dream 2019 Time Trials 
    !!Huge Prizes!! (£68+ to win)

    Fastest Time out of both routes - £20 + 1 DLC.
    (This includes the reward from your group)
    Fastest Time of your group - Baltic/Map DLC + 1 DLC
    2nd Place - £10 + 1 DLC (x2, 1 for each group)
    3rd Place - £4 + 1 DLC (x2, 1 for each group)

    (If you already own Baltic/Map, you'll be given a £20 gift card) (x2, 1 for each group)
    Amounts in money are rewarded in steam gift cards
    + 1 DLC excludes all Map DLC's


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