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  1. Sentinel_

    Unknown error 0x80092013

    Hello, Additionally, adding onto @BL4CK$K1LL's comment, I'd like to add that for this specific error, a known fix is to do the following, > On your keyboard, do the Windows key combination + R (Win + R) to open "run". > Write "CMD" (yes the quotes in the text) and stop Enter. > Type "netsh winsock reset" in CMD, and then type Enter. > Wait for the message "" Winsock reset completed successfully ". > Restart your PC Please let me know of any developments. Kind Regards, Sentinel. TruckersMP Support
  2. Sentinel_

    Uploading a picture

    Hello, If you are linking a picture to a imgur image, you will need to right click on the image in Imgur, then click 'Copy Image Address', then paste that link onto where you want to link it on the forum. Additionally, if you want to remove attachments to free up attachments space on the forums then you can find the image that you want to remove in 'My Attachments', click on where you post it on the forum (which will be to the right of the image in attachments), then once on the forum post page, then click 'Report' on the post, put in the report box that you would like the post or image to be deleted to free up some attachment space and a forum moderator will remove it for you. Kind Regards, Sentinel. TruckersMP Support
  3. Sentinel_

    2019/07/11 16:04 UTC ban

    Hello, Your ban will expire at: Expires: Today, 17:04 The website uses UTC time format and all bans are subsequently issued in UTC format, so you will therefore have to wait till 17:04 UTC time and then your ban will be finished. Please check the website below to see the current time in UTC time format. https://time.is/UTC Kind Regards, Sentinel. TruckersMP Support
  4. Sentinel_

    FATAL ERROR (crash.log.life)

    Hello, Please try the below and see if it fixes your problem! Follow the instructions: 1. Start a command line as an administrator (cmd) 2. Run the command: sfc /scannow 3. Wait, and then restart your computer 4. Run ETS 2 in single player mode in x64 DirectX mode 5. Drive a short distance 6. Exit Game 7. Start multiplayer Kind Regards, Sentinel. TruckersMP Support
  5. Hello, As far as I am aware there are no Korean speaking administrators / game moderators currently in the TruckersMP Team. Kind Regards, Sentinel. TruckersMP Support
  6. Sentinel_

    I cant log in

    Dear @XCristi Since your topic has been inactive for 3 days since the last reply, i will move this topic to Inactive Topics if you still need any help,feel free to DM me or other support team members, we will open this again! Thanks for all participation! Thank you for your understanding! //Locked and Moved to Inactive
  7. Sentinel_

    ATS MP

    Hello, The user has said that the problem is solved! Thank you for your participation. Don't hesitate to contact us again if you need any help in the future. Best regards, Sentinel TruckersMP Support //Locked & moved to Solved
  8. Sentinel_

    Road Blury

    Hello @Simulator Experiencer Please check this video guide (i'm assuming you have an NVIDIA GPU), in there you can increase the quality of the graphics either for all games or just ETS 2 by choosing 'Program Settings' in the Nvidia Control Panel You will want to turn the settings up rather than down as the person is doing in the video. https://youtu.be/HDKABeVisIY?t=12 Kind Regards, Sentinel. TruckersMP Support
  9. Sentinel_

    Road Blury

    Hello, Could you please take a screenshot of your entire graphics settings in your ETS 2 game and post the image here? I will then be able to assist you with making the necessary changes in order to make far-away objects look clearer. It may be anisotropic filtering. Kind Regards, Sentinel. TruckersMP Support
  10. Sentinel_

    Road to Simulation

    I think the changes are fine, i don't notice much of a difference, there are still trollers anyway, Simulation 1 is just EU#2 with speed limiter but i think 110km/h speed limit is fine... To be honest maybe it's just me but only thing i noticed different is that it is called 'Simulation' now.
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      Ayyy but this is me wearing a mask ;)

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