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  1. So basically, when I exit ETS 2 MP, I will try and re-open it and I get told that "Another instance is already running", then I look in task manager and it's still using 200mb of memory and running, i'm unsure if this is a bug with my game or if this is the MP mod's problem. Do any of you guy's have the same issue?
  2. Uninstall ETS 2, delete all local content... Then, Goto C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Steam\Steamapps and delete the ETS 2 folder (your save files are in my documents). Then goto steam and redownload & install ETS 2 single player then boot it up make sure everything is working then install the multiplayer mod (latest from the website, https://truckersmp.com/download and it should work.
  3. Traffic accident cleared, I don't know if it was admins or if he left but traffic is more smoother now I can say :D:D

  4. TruckersMP ID:1120315 Causing massive slow downs on road between Rotterdam and Brussels, has been in the middle of the road for 10+ minutes, currently trying to keep traffic moving via telling everyone to slow down and go around in chat.


    We need an admin to fly in urgently and kick the guy since it's causing a massive traffic disruption.

    1. Shovali


      please make a report here: https://truckersmp.com/reports



  5. Which bit operating system are you running? 32bit or 64bit? Also, run the mod as administrator to see if that fixes the issue.
  6. As @CaptainKostaZ has said, also run a disk check (if you have a mechanical hard drive), Guide: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee872425.aspx
  7. Download the new TruckersMP version here https://truckersmp.com/download Also, make sure you have downloaded the new update for ETS 2 Single Player in your steam client.
  8. Sentinel.

    Europe 2 Down?

    It's late afternoon in most of Europe right now so the server's are going to be packed, you will just have to keep trying till you get a space or try a different server. Europe 1 has a low player count so could be smoother on lower end system's and can also allow you to play. As @Hey_Wtf said check https://truckersmp.com/status for the latest statistics on server load and help you to connect to the best server.
  9. Usually when there is a game update, I think it takes up to 24 hours before a patch is released by the ETS MP team, following an official ETS 2 update that breaks the multiplayer functionality. You can't use mods for ETS Multiplayer as far as I am aware. You can keep up to date with the multiplayer mod developments at https://www.facebook.com/truckersmpofficial & https://twitter.com/TruckersMP Also, to stop your game from auto-updating and causing you to not be able to play multiplayer please look right click ETS 2 (in your steam library) and press Properties then you should see this: Where it says Always keep this game up to date, click that and change it to something that is worded like 'Only update when I launch the game'. Press CLOSE and you're good!
  10. The best way to get a clear and concise answer from an administrator or developer is to contact TruckersMP via this link: https://support.truckersmp.com/index.php?a=add From my point of view I wouldn't think that it would be allowed considering the points made by @heyhococo above me but you should contact support to get an official answer.
  11. Sentinel.


    What are your system specifications and what graphics settings are you using in-game? Did one day you were in-game and your FPS randomly dropped to a low value and stayed that way and is still like that now? Did you turn on your computer one morning and opened ETS 2 MP to find that your game is lagging horribly. Have you tried running the game in single player to see if you have good FPS on there? Could be a system hardware problem if it was working fine before. We have to clear everything here,
  12. I think that what is happening here is that you are trying to downgrade your ETS 2 version while you still have the TruckersMP mod installed and that this is causing a conflict, when you delete the local content for ETS 2 to re-install it, it will only remove the ETS 2 files and will leave the multiplayer mod files in the folder... So here is what you need to do, go ahead and follow that directory path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2 and delete the folder, (your save game files are saved in a folder called 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' in 'My Documents'), once you have deleted the folder you can go ahead and go into steam and re-download / install (you may need to press delete local cache in the steam client as it won't recognize that you deleted the folder. Once it has finished downloading and installing you can then go into the properties of ETS 2 and goto BETA and choose the game version that you would like to downgrade to (this may be in-valid i think i mis-read your post), as an extra measure to stop your game from auto updating, you can goto UPDATES' (in the same dialog box, properties) and under 'automatic updates' choose something worded like 'Only update when I launch the game. - (This can be used in future to stop your game auto updating and not allowing you to play ETS 2 MP without having to wait for the developers to release a patch to support the new official game version. Please download the latest ETS 2 MP mod client here: https://truckersmp.com/download Please be advised however that the multiplayer mod will only work with the latest version of ETS 2.
  13. You have probobly already found out by now but there was an official ETS 2 update and this caused the multiplayer mod to stop working, an update for the multiplayer mod was released a couple of hours ago and can be found here, https://truckersmp.com/download. Additionally you can keep up-to date with TruckersMP developments at https://twitter.com/TruckersMP & https://www.facebook.com/truckersmpofficial If there is an issue with ETS 2 MP then it should be reported on there, you should also check the forums as well. To avoid these issues in the future you can go into your steam library, right click on 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' and press 'Properties', then press the 'UPDATES' tab and then under automatic updates select 'Only update this game when I launch it', this will allow you to open the multiplayer mod and play ETS 2 even when a new patch has been released for ETS 2 because it wouldn't have downloaded it, you can then check the forums here and links above to find out when the new client has been released (to support the new game version) and then go ahead and update your TruckersMP client & ETS 2 to the latest version. This can help you to be able to play ETS 2 MP without fault (unless there are server problems), you can find information on the server statuses here https://truckersmp.com/status I hope that this is helpful and happy travelling!
  14. Have you tried restarting your computer, the error looks like it is either saying that ETS 2 is already open so it can't edit files or there is a UAC privilege blocking it from editing the files.
  15. The speed limiter is wrong that's why, it's telling me to drive at 50 miles an hour on a highway??
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