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  1. Did you download the latest TrucksMP mod? https://truckersmp.com/download There was an update.
  2. Well, of course we would want seasonal mods, adds more life to multiplayer! Of course with options to turn it off as it could affect some people's FPS.
  3. Sentinel.

    Fatal Error

    Did you download the latest multiplayer version from here? https://truckersmp.com/download
  4. good morning :rolleyes:

    Be Happy.

  5. Go and find out, if they dont't work then i'm sure they that they will be supoorted at some point.
  6. guy's i have steam wallet money but i don't know what to spend it on.


    Can't find anything. 

    1. [0413][NL]MarocTelecom.


      Wait for the new France DLC ?

    2. Sentinel.


      oh yeah, ETS has DLC i didn't think about that. 

    3. [0413][NL]MarocTelecom.
  7. When I say i'm going to sleep, i don't actually mean it. 

  8. An update is coming, i don't even know when but it is coming. Wait patiently and it will eventually be available and you can go drive trucks again.
  9. Good night guys, I'm gonna dream tonight...


  10. I have a headache but want to play ETS 2.


    Dedication man, dedication.

    1. Forraz


      You go man, you go!

  11. Do you have any DLC's? Items on your truck that are from DLC's? Also, did you try putting blue lights on your car or police skins?
  12. Nice to see the admins alerting road users about the traffic on the busy road.

  13. Sentinel.


    Developers working on a new patch for the ATS Multiplayer mod, you will just have to wait.
  14. Goto steam, goto ETS 2 and right click on it then press properties, now press Browse local files. Press common at the top bar (where it says which directory you are in) Delete the ETS 2 Folder. Then go back to steam and delete local content for ETS 2. Then goto My Documents, and find 'ETS2MP' and delete it. Next. Re-download and install ETS 2, go into game and check that your saves are working and that everything is good, then download the latest ETS2 MP version from here, https://truckersmp.com/download Use an extraction program such as 7Zip, extra the exe onto your desktop or something, open it and install ETS 2 MP. Then open the mod via the shortcut (run as admin) and login as you usually would and it should work without error.
  15. cant sleep, want to play ets 2 :wacko:

  16. Just seeing how much traffic there was tonight, I think we should honour the admins, they have so much work / stress it is unbelievable, there are literally so many accidents and trollers its unbelievable.


    Just like thanking your local police force for their work, thank the ETS 2 MP Admins, they are life savers. :D

  17. If you have DLC items, don't use them. Remove everything see if you still get kicked, or take a picture of your truck item settings and share it here.
  18. Thank god for Zelcrum, came to the rescue to clear all the trucks / cars at the gas station on the road in between rotterdam and brussels (the busy one).

  19. I heard there was an update for ATS which has meant that the multiplayer mod is now non-functional, they should be working on a patch soon but you should send a message to support here: https://support.truckersmp.com/index.php?a=add
  20. Haven't been having issues... Might be for those just joining the servers now.
  21. Mod Version: AlphaControllers Used: Keyboard and MouseDescription of Issue: When exiting ETS 2 Multiplayer, the 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' - Steam will stay open in task manager for i'm not sure how long but it does not close even when exiting ETS 2 MP shows that it visually closes, it uses around 200mb of memory in the background with no CPU usage.How to reproduce: Exit ETS 2 MP after connecting to a server and being in game for a short while.Screenshots / Videos: None.
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