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  1. Did you download the latest multiplayer version from here? https://truckersmp.com/download
  2. good morning :rolleyes:

    Be Happy.

  3. Go and find out, if they dont't work then i'm sure they that they will be supoorted at some point.
  4. guy's i have steam wallet money but i don't know what to spend it on.


    Can't find anything. 

    1. [0413][NL]MarocTelecom.


      Wait for the new France DLC ?

    2. Will Dormer

      Will Dormer

      oh yeah, ETS has DLC i didn't think about that. 

    3. [0413][NL]MarocTelecom.
  5. When I say i'm going to sleep, i don't actually mean it. 

  6. An update is coming, i don't even know when but it is coming. Wait patiently and it will eventually be available and you can go drive trucks again.
  7. Good night guys, I'm gonna dream tonight...


  8. I have a headache but want to play ETS 2.


    Dedication man, dedication.

    1. Forraz


      You go man, you go!

  9. Do you have any DLC's? Items on your truck that are from DLC's? Also, did you try putting blue lights on your car or police skins?
  10. Nice to see the admins alerting road users about the traffic on the busy road.

  11. Will Dormer


    Developers working on a new patch for the ATS Multiplayer mod, you will just have to wait.
  12. cant sleep, want to play ets 2 :wacko:

  13. Just seeing how much traffic there was tonight, I think we should honour the admins, they have so much work / stress it is unbelievable, there are literally so many accidents and trollers its unbelievable.


    Just like thanking your local police force for their work, thank the ETS 2 MP Admins, they are life savers. :D

  14. If you have DLC items, don't use them. Remove everything see if you still get kicked, or take a picture of your truck item settings and share it here.
  15. Thank god for Zelcrum, came to the rescue to clear all the trucks / cars at the gas station on the road in between rotterdam and brussels (the busy one).

  16. I heard there was an update for ATS which has meant that the multiplayer mod is now non-functional, they should be working on a patch soon but you should send a message to support here: https://support.truckersmp.com/index.php?a=add
  17. Agreeing with @MP4PLW Download the latest update from the link he provided, you may be on an older version. If you used an old installer to re-install the multiplayer then that's why.
  18. It might be temporary, restart your PC and load back in and press 'Y' see if you can chat now, if not then re-install the multiplayer mod. If it it still not working then re-install both ETS 2 Stock and the TruckersMP mod.
  19. Uninstall ETS 2, delete all local content... Then, Goto C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Steam\Steamapps and delete the ETS 2 folder (your save files are in my documents). Then goto steam and redownload & install ETS 2 single player then boot it up make sure everything is working then install the multiplayer mod (latest from the website, https://truckersmp.com/download and it should work.
  20. Traffic accident cleared, I don't know if it was admins or if he left but traffic is more smoother now I can say :D:D

  21. TruckersMP ID:1120315 Causing massive slow downs on road between Rotterdam and Brussels, has been in the middle of the road for 10+ minutes, currently trying to keep traffic moving via telling everyone to slow down and go around in chat.


    We need an admin to fly in urgently and kick the guy since it's causing a massive traffic disruption.

    1. Shovali


      please make a report here: https://truckersmp.com/reports



  22. Which bit operating system are you running? 32bit or 64bit? Also, run the mod as administrator to see if that fixes the issue.
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