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  1. wont open

    Try disabling 'force feedback' in your SINGLE PLAYER settings and then open ETS 2 and see if you are still getting the problem.
  2. Thank you for the follow! :)

  3. Banned because I'm waiting to be let pass ?

    If you didn't do anything wrong then you won't be banned but it is up to the admin to decide weather you did something wrong and the rules of the game.
  4. thx for the follow :P

  5. thanks for the follow -__0

    1. Forz0214


      from me too ✔️

  6. What's your favorite chocolate?

    What's your favorite chocolate?
  7. how do i go on settings

    When you press tab you need to right click and the mouse cursor will appear, this will then allow you to interact with the tab menu, you can still drive also. To exit it right click again and then press tab.
  8. Problem with updating

    This bug should be fixed now, if it isn't then i recommend running the launcher as an administrator.
  9. Problems with the car.

    Try re-installing your graphics card drivers, it may fix the issue.
  10. Java Runtime Error

    Try re-installing Java
  11. API returned invalid content

    Please try these things 1. Run the program as an administrator (right click the shortcut and select 'run as an administrator' and accept the UAC prompt. 2. Run TruckersMP in compatibility mode for Windows 7, please follow this guide 3. Install these two programs .NET Framework 4.6.2 VisualC++ 2015
  12. Connection error.

    This bug should be fixed now.
  13. Faulty

    I think this is a known bug and the developers are working to fix it, i have the same problem with the white background too.
  14. FPS Dropped

    Hi, On the login screen at the start of booting up the multiplayer mod there is a wrench icon at the top left, click on that. You will then be presented with the window below, if you click on Graphics you will be able to disable things that can cause performance loss. The main ones are the shadows and the draw distance, you can edit these here to your liking. General, has some more things that you can disable to increase performance I hope that this helps you. To note, disabling Seasonal effects can also increase performance. Sorry about my poor paint skills.
  15. How to improve it ?

    I have the same error, i think the developers are working on a fix.