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  1. Hope everyone is having a fine day today! :tmp::P

    1. Yop.


      Hope we won't have to guess what you gonna eat today :troll:

    2. senchineru-san


      @Yop. Omg, LOL - i can't believe that post got deleted LOL

    3. RedWolfTV_TMP


      Of course , just relax on my garden :) thank you 

  2. Thank you for the follow.


  3. Other trucks flying past me!

    Hi, What do you mean 'flying' past you, are they overtaking you? Please elaborate. Thanks,
  4. Ets crash when using wheel

    Try disabling 'force feedback' in your SINGLE PLAYER settings and then open ETS 2 and see if you are still getting crashes, there is a guide here that you can use
  5. How do you Look around and use Mirrors?

    I use one side of the mirrors, and move around to see the other side sometimes.
  6. Thanks for the follow!

  7. Thanks for the follow!

  8. Hey @Yoyo_ManSg I remember when you were a normal user, congrats on becoming a game moderator!

    As well as @Mirko9 @Mike Dragon @Killua // Ireland ^_^

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      Oh you're late. :troll: But thank you mate. :D 

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      You're over nearly a year late in my case but thank you. c:

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Thx  :) I'm a community contributor tho :P

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      its ok man ! 

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      Thanks mate too ;) for the follow

  11. Ever wondered how you can make that dark, dreary rainy weather change to sunny weather? It's very simple, all you have to do is follow this guide! 1. First press the ` key on your keyboard while in-game, this will open the console 2. Type g_set_weather x 3. The weather will now change to sunny. You can also rest at a service station or hotel and this will also change the weather.
  12. Congrats on becoming a community moderator, hope the new role serves you well! :) 


    1. Yop.


      thanks :wub:

  13. I get kicked after joining Multyplayer

    Try to disable the DLC and try again.