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  1. CSG Mental Health Awareness Convoy Bruijn Logistics
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  4. Greetings It's a pity that you can't pin posts here, as I wanted many people to see it. I was sad to leave the team as it was a big blow to me. I strived to get here for a very long time, I waited a long time for a decision, I was in awe of the training and I was in awe of my tasks. I wanted to be better and better not only for myself, but also for those around me. I am sorry about this situation, but well, I learned my lesson (and it's not about my violation) but about my attitude to the people who committed this act. Most likely they will read this message, so I give you a sweet hello and a bitter goodbye. I have been kind to everyone, welcoming and friendly. Thank you to everyone who has been there for me all this time and is still there for me. Most likely, I left this project for good. So, goodbye friends
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  6. Hey guys, Hope you all are doing good. Today, I took the retirement from the team due to lack of time. Specially to focus on my studies.It was a very hard decision to take,took almost a month. I just had to maintain my real life and family. It is truly very sad for me to leave the team. I had wonderful time with my amazing colleagues, my friends, my team mates. I really found a mentor there, big brothers there and a ton of buddies and wonderful team mates. The best thing of TruckersMP is the bonding between team members and I am going to miss that a lot. I love you, TruckersMP and Love to all of you..
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  8. Hello everyone Today I unfortunately have to share very sad news with you all. I always knew that I one day needed to write this announcement but I didn't know when but today is the day. After almost 4 years of existence as a VTC and hosting more than 400 awesome convoys we have made the decision that our amazing journey as a VTC is going to come to an end. This news is most likely unexpected for everyone in the whole community. Through the years we have achieved many great things and build up an awesome and successful VTC with an amazing reputation that we all are very proud of. All the success and fun was made possible by everyone that was part of our VTC/community and that helped and supported us in all those years but as they say, all good things have to come to an end. The reason for this big decision is that not only did the game, VTC and community change but also everyone’s lives. The level of interest, motivation, time and energy isn’t the same anymore as in the beginning for some amongst us due to various reasons. Where I for example had lots of time and playing the game daily to being very busy with life, work and sports. As I always have said, real life goes first. Because of this and thinking together we came to the conclusion that this was the best option. But we aren’t done yet, we still have some convoys left this month and we want to go out with a bang and end this amazing journey with a final “Farewell Convoy” where we hope to see everyone in the whole community. Our final convoy will be hosted on the 2nd of November. I (Beau) will also stream this event so everyone has the opportunity to say good bye. All the information regarding the final convoy can be found here https://truckersmp.com/events/5380-rlc-convoy We understand that many of you might be shocked or sad about this decision and we really understand. It still feels unbelievable for us as well but our time as RLC unfortunately has come. The Discord community of course won't be closed/deleted but will be turned into a community/gaming server where everyone can still continue to talk, hang out and play games with each other. How everything is going to be like I haven’t decided yet but that will come later. Much love and we hope to see you all at the remaining convoys!
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  9. Hello everyone! Yesterday we concluded our final RLC Convoy and what an amazing event it became. More than 600 people participated and showed love which is insane. It was an unforgettable and unique moment that nobody will ever forget. Unfortunately yesterday also became the final day of RLC. We started in 2018 out of the fun and became one of the best and most respected VTCs in the TruckersMP community. We achieved many unique achievements such as being the first VTC having weekly event servers. I never thought that this would become so successful. Through the years our VTC and community became unique and together we created the RLC Family that everyone loves. From RLC Members to participants in our events, everyone always showed love and support. Because of this, we became special and we couldn’t do it without you all. Seeing so many happy people is priceless. There are so many more things that I could’ve said but we want to thank every single one of you! It's a sad day that this amazing journey has ended now but we all can look back proudly at everything we’ve achieved together. As I have said before, the community won’t go anywhere! The RLC Family community will stay in the Discord server and everyone can continue to talk and play games with each other. I have some very nice ideas which I know you all will love and very soon I will let everyone know and start renovate the server so stay tuned! A big thank you to everyone and all the best for the future, love!
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  10. Profil | Steam | Youtube
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  11. Community Moderation Team Convoy Organized by @Inklink Thank you everyone for coming! @DatSpeed, @Soul_Less, @SpeedyTMP, @TreesFamilyMember, @_sneaht_0810, @ATEKGaming, @Reνy
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  12. Hello everyone! As you might have noticed already, the Translation Team is currently recruiting new talented individuals! Please make sure you meet our core requirements before sending your application. For now, we are looking for the following languages: Chinese Portuguese Romanian Turkish ,however we are wiling to accept any other languages, so feel free to apply anyway! You can find more information in the topic below:
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  13. Scania R440.. Profil | Steam | Youtube
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  14. My Team.. R440 CLUB | UNRIVALED
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  16. A Journey It's been an absolute honour to serve this community for almost 2 years now. All the people I have met and gotten to know, I wouldn't change it for the world. I look back on all the laughs, jokes, funny stories and incredible friends I have made and know that no matter what, TruckersMP will have a piece of my heart forever. If you are reading this, know that you are apart of a community that cannot be replicated, or copied. It is so imperfectly perfect. I love everyone here so much. Keep being you, all of you, you are great! Here's to the journey...
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  17. New Volvo those headlights are cool
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  18. Club Style.. Kind Regards Black Alcoa TruckersMP Veteran Driver
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  19. Profil | Steam | Youtube
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  20. R440 CLUB Profil | Steam | Youtube
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  24. @DorukD Profil | Steam | Youtube
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  25. Boss... Profil | Steam | Youtube
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  27. Profil | Steam | Youtube
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  28. GökBörü VTC April Convoy Quality is not a coincidence... #4EVERGOKBORU @El Reja , @JuanK., @Mystere
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  29. 5 years of existence and with the best team #GrupoGCEE @Richard_MG/BR @EL KEES @Beater Opressor #togetherwearestronger with: @vFanti @Katitahhh @TNT-LOG Biscoito @Evandr0 @Black Wolf Harmful @junior553 @Nahuel - EXP ARG @V.i.c.t.o.r. @El Reja @Relamqui @Good Samaritan @Fanatico @leandr0 @Ivanzito @Kamikazepdd @guigopierrot @Will [BR-RS] @Henry_0005 @Nelsandro @[L'auto] - Kayque #03 @McNico @Luidy @Memo.
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  31. yo peeps If you haven't seen already, I have left the TruckersMP Team. It’s my own decision based on the fact that I have very little time for TruckersMP anymore and not much motivation either. Thanks to everyone who has shared kind messages, it's much appreciated It’s been such a privilege working in the Community Management team for TruckersMP and I thank the amazing colleagues whilst in my post for everything they’ve done. I’ll still be around in the community but focusing more on Prime Logistics All the best to those in TruckersMP Staff
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  33. Thank you for all the kind messages! I appreciate the gesture. As your new Project Manager, I will be overseeing the long-term project planning and the satisfaction of you, the community, with the products and services that we offer. One of my main long-term goals is creating and maintaining an innovation ecosystem, in which we will be able to identify opportunities for new or improved features and involve and engage with the community to collectively build on the future of the project by transforming great ideas into realistic innovations that are both supported and wanted. Our resources are limited and we cannot work on each and every idea, which is why focusing on the right initiatives is important to continually generate value to benefit the experience of our users. I look forward to working on these exciting efforts to connect more with the community and will serve the community to the best of my ability. Here's a mega pint to that! See you around!
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  34. its always nice when you meet other cow trailers was behind this one for most of C-D
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  35. I never said anything here when I left the team, not by intent, its just the way things happened. So, I thought I'd put something up here just to give everyone here who follows me an update. Firstly, I am ever so thankful for the kind messages written when I left the team, it meant the world to me. TruckersMP was a big part of my life for over 5 years, yet it doesn't feel anything close to that long. I can still remember when I first started being active on the forums, posting little save editing mods when that was still a very niche thing. And I remember looking at the "Meet The Team" page, back then relatively small, and thinking to myself "I wish I could do that". I applied for forum moderator and got it first try, being made Forum Moderator on the 16th of April 2016 (in the UK this date is written as 16/04/2016, the first part of that would become a recurring number for me). I thought at first that was as far as I would get in the team - turns out my judgement about that was a little bit off. It wasn't until 2018, after a fair few role changes in the meantime, that I became a manager, just over 2 years after first joining. It was at that point I thought to myself, this is going a lot further than I thought. So I was there sat at the same PC as late 2016, now in charge of setting up a new team in TruckersMP; my own team, the Add-On Team. I, having seemingly not learned from last time, thought this was the peak of my time in TruckersMP - wasn't right about that either. I'd go on to be Vice Project Manager, Project Coordinator and Game Developer. Unfortunately other things got in the way each time, but I kept going regardless. Not all times have been happy, but that goes for everything in life - the blue skies come after the rain. I remember when I was just leaving primary school (so so long ago...), the assembly featured the song "Never Forget" by Take That, not my sort of music even then but one line stuck in my memory all this time and it really fits here I think: "Someday soon this will all be someone else's dream" Despite the ups and downs over the years, I do not regret any of it. It was an incredible 5 years. I got to do amazing things, with amazing people and make amazing memories. And I'm proud that I made an impact on the history of TruckersMP and its community - the expansion of save editing, the Add-On Team, working on the first part of Road To Simulation, working on Real Operations. Its not often I drive on TruckersMP anymore, I do sometimes but not much. I drive on Convoy sometimes too - even with all the modding potential the game has, I still drive my save edited Volvo/Mercedes: I've been using it roughly 5 years now, it was given the fleet number 1604 by chance in a VTC, it still carries that number. For those curious about my overall time in TruckersMP, while I don't know exact dates, here is a rough outline of it: Moral of the story: there isn't one really. Maybe, don't put yourself down - never think you've reach the highest you can. I would say be careful though what you wish for, as if you want to aspire to those higher roles I would not discourage it - but I would say that its certainly not for everyone, and don't expect to get there over night. I want to thank everyone here, for just that, being here. Thank you for taking the time to read all that, thank you for being part of the TruckersMP community. Thank you for making my contributions worthwhile. Whether we've driven together a lot or never even passed in game, thank you for being a part of TruckersMP. To those of you who have spent a particularly large amount of time with me in TruckersMP, thank you to you especially. Without everyone else, this incredible time wouldn't have ever happened.
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