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  14. It's nothing to do with me. My system already runs the game stable on the highest graphics. It doesn't matter whether I raise it or lower it. Most people in the game are also aware of this. While walking around as a team, we complain about it together with all my friends. It's a purely TMP oriented issue. This problem, which has been going on for the last 1 year, has increased considerably since the summer months. It increases even more when the server is busy, but generally throws the front player back as an image during braking moments. This freezing inevitably leads to accidents.
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  15. Hello, I quite like the renewed login screen. The server density screen, which we can access, the panels where we can access the forum and more, and the topics related to the latest agendas caught my attention. Years later, I can say that I like this system, which looks beautiful and technological. However, I think that it is necessary to focus on the serious optimization problems that have been going on for the last year, and to consider such updates more. Incredible crashes and freezes that occur when the brake is pressed started to increase and to lose the pleasure of the game. I will be looking forward to the work. Thanks for the update. Kind Regards Black Alcoa TruckersMP Veteran Driver II
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  18. [RETIRED TEAM MEMBER] @Rider. rejoins the TruckersMP Team as a Game Moderator.
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  19. First of all, greetings dear forum commenters... Today, I wanted to create a small discussion topic and get your ideas and opinions. Although there has been an increase in the last year, even if there are more or less players on the C - D road, accidents occur during braking and stopping moments, as the player in front of us suddenly freezes even if we keep the distance.Despite trying not to get close to the player, incredible crashes on the braking sides have started to happen more and more in recent months. There is no trace of fluent image. What do you think is the reason for these sudden pauses and freezes during braking moments? What solutions can be produced? If there is an incident that happened to you, tell me and add your suggestions. I look forward to all future comments. I wish everyone good games.. Kind Regards Black Alcoa TruckersMP Veteran Driver & R440 Club Leader
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  20. Thank you for your suggestions. I would like to make a comment. My system and ping level is really good. I've been getting the same framerate and ping values for the last 3 years. That's why a system problem seems impossible. If I talk about the player in front of me, his ping values are better than me and his system has the latest model products. Velakin, everyone who comes in front of me in the game has this problem. When you investigate this problem in some detail on the servers, there will be many victims like me. Believe me, I have even kept a distance of 7-8 trucks, but of course we have to approach after a certain time. I've been paying particular attention to ATS lately, as it's far from a smooth ride. I don't have a problem in both sp and mp modes. Again, there is no problem in the same stable situations with the same graphics. I think there is no stability in TMP server for ETS. All opinions will revive this thread. Thanks again.
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  21. There is little time to bring winter mode. I also want to drive around with my truck on snowy roads and have fun. But please take a precaution not to use physics mode in online mode. Because the snow physics work done in the game is a disgrace. And with so many troll players it will only make it worse.
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  22. [TRANSLATION MANAGER] @[WT] Bingo [CH] leaves the team due to lack of time. We thank him for three years of dedication to make our content accessible in many languages and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.
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  23. As I learned from this incident that happened to me years ago, the reward for running a red light is getting kicked off the server if you're not going to cause confusion, accident, or danger. But it always helps to stop when you see a player close to the lights.
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  24. I don't think this has anything to do with my computer system. I've been playing this game for years and especially after the release of version 1.40 this kind of problem arose. I've been playing this game on much, much worse systems before and this problem was not there. Oddly enough, those who play with the apu system or those who play the 3060 system have the same problem.
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  27. Suggestion Name: Private Data Through API Key Suggestion Description: It would be great if we can access some private VTC related data like Applications, member history in the VTC like role changes etc through api key. It would be great if we can add new application through api post method also directly through a VTC website. Why should it be added?: This will be a nice feature to get applications and other private data on a VTC's Website or drivershub admin pannels.
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  28. Hello! The time has finally arrived. TruckersMP now has a brand new launcher before you load into game! What do you think about this new launcher? Let us know below! Please ensure all replies aren’t just “looks good” etc. Please be specific and respect forum rules. Read more here: Happy Trucking!
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  29. List of changes from 24th November 2022: Support American Truck Simulator [ 5ba096775a26 ]. Fixed the synchronization of liftable axles for additional trailers. Fixed an issue with the source city not being properly updated in the Truck Delivery Dispatcher.
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  31. Why would you apologize for the (mis)behavior of others? You aren't their parent! You are only responsible for your own actions. I don't agree to introduce a kick-out option , as it can lead to abuse. For example, a group of friends decides to target another (random) player and votes to kick him/ her out. That would be unfair.
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  32. A set of photos at the Düssel City Guesthouse
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  34. Today is Tuesday ! A funny question is where is this on the map
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  35. Suggestion Name: AI Cars for ATS Suggestion Description: Add more variety for both the players and staff Any example images: See below Why should it be added?: The last car that was added was the Skoda. Nothing else has been added since May 2016. My video: Alternating vehicles (or forever). This gives players more cars to use, staff gets better emergency vehicles. Which will look better for the next Real OPS on ATS. This is the only vehicle you see at any dealership. This is the list of all cars i have spent a couple of days finding. Full sized image here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BoPexnKJ_k6Xn7H0xpGjilKC_TrXJkZW/ As the rest of the map expands, so does the amount of emergency vehicles. Additionally, give Work Vehicles jobs and/or job routes so they have a function (like the buses on ETS 2).
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  36. New Launcher - Solutions For Common Issues This guide will go through some solutions for common issues that players could encounter while installing the new launcher. Incorrect Path To The Game Directory Error: Either or Solution: Press "Settings". Press "Browse" (for either ETS 2, ATS or both). Locate the game files (in this example ETS 2). Click the game folder once to select it. Press "Select Folder". Press "Save". Failed To Download Updates Error: Solution: Go to "Settings". Press "Browse". Navigate to a directory of your choice (not were TruckersMP is currently installed)[in this case D:\] Right click > Select "New" > Click on "Folder" > Create a folder named "TruckersMP". Click the new folder once to select it. Press "Select Folder". Press "Save". In case the above mentioned solution did not work, try the following: Navigate to the new TruckersMP installation directory (in this case D:\TruckersMP) Right click on the file called "filecache.dat". Delete the file. Restart the launcher. This method can also be used in case the download is stuck at x/x (i.e. 47/49). Failed To Verify Files Error: Solution: Go to "Settings". Press "Browse". Navigate to TruckersMP installation directory (default is C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP) Click the directory folder once to select it. Press "Select Folder". Press "Save". If this does not solve the issue, follow the steps mentioned under "Failed To Download Updates". Note: It is possible that you will not be able to see the "ProgramData" folder. In order to see it you must: Press "View". Tick the box "Hidden items". Download Update It might happen that the "Download Update" button appears every time you open the new TruckersMP launcher. Error: Solution: Press "Download Update" Wait until the download is complete. Press "Installation up-to-date" to verify the downloaded files. Restart the launcher. JavaScript Error Error: Solution: Right click on TruckersMP-Launcher.exe Select "Run as administrator". Confirm the pop-up with "Yes". Press "Play". This concludes this guide. If you encounter any issues during the installation of the new launcher, feel free to ask here in the forum or in #support on the TruckersMP Discord server! If all of the aforementioned solutions did not help, consider creating a Support Ticket here. Kind regards, Joschi. TruckersMP Game Moderator
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  37. [GAME MODERATION TRAINEE] @Cats has been promoted to Report Moderator.
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