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  1. You can find all the TruckersMP Team's staff changes in this topic, which is constantly updated by the respective management.
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  2. Global requirements Have good knowledge of TruckersMP and the rules Must be a member of TruckersMP for at least 12 months Must be registered on the TruckersMP forum for at least 3 months Must be at least 16 years old No bans / forum or Discord punishments within the last 12 months; Must have no more than 3 bans in the last 24 months Must have overall good behaviour, which includes forum, Discord and our official social media pages You have sufficient knowledge of the English language Good communication skills Resilient, active and flexible Ability to work within a team and on your own at times Eager to learn and progress your knowledge Organised and adaptive Be able to accept constructive criticism At least some activity on our forums and/or Discord Additional Requirements/Skills Problem solver Knowledge of at least one of the following: 3D Modelling using Blender Texture Creation Animations using Blender Map editing (using the map editor built into Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator) Units (also known as definition files used by Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator) Knowledge about player trends in TruckersMP that would help when planning content Examples of your previous modifications (for Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator) or proof of your ability in one of the above fields, for example 3D modelling Familiarity with Git or similar is a bonus Forum To be registered on the forum for at least 6 months There is no minimum of posts, however, we strongly encourage you to interact with the community Discord Good activity on the Discord. Our guideline is participating in conversations every other day for 1 month Be creative and able to launch new ideas and concepts. Good problem solver Being able to fluently communicate in multiple languages is an advantage (and sometimes required) Having past experience in this area is highly suggested but not mandatory A working microphone (To be able to communicate with the team). Have both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. Having all map DLC’s is an advantage, but not a necessity. Be available on weekends (in particular afternoons/evenings (UTC). A good understanding of English. You need to be able to understand others and others to understand you. Keen interest to learn and develop. You are responsible, professional and are resilient to critique. Ability to make authoritative and impacting decisions quickly. You are knowledgeable about the game and can provide tips to other players about the game and help with questions or issues. Have a deep knowledge and understanding of TruckersMP and its rules including European and American road laws. Familiar with the game's mechanics. Ability to translate English to your language and the other way round correctly and flawlessly You will be part of the TruckersMP team as a volunteer, this means you do not get paid for any of your work. You do enjoy certain benefits as a staff member such as being invited to staff closed convoys and getting sneak peaks of upcoming features, however, leaking such information to other people will lead to a removal from the team. Prior to submitting an application, we suggest you to read the following Knowledge Base Article with a lot of information about the way our recruitment works: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/1019
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  3. All official rules are in place during an official TruckersMP event. Although, there are some that are different from the public servers. Be sure to follow these rules when attending an official TruckersMP event. Last updated: 25 Jan 2021 Overtaking - It is not permitted to overtake during a convoy. If you are overtaking, you will be kicked from the server on your first offence. The second offence will be a ban depending on the situation. Cars - Use of cars are prohibited during any convoys organised by TruckersMP as they are reserved for staff. The only cars you will see during a convoy will be either Game Moderators or the Event Team. If you are caught using a car during an event, you will be kicked from the server. Repeated offences may result in a ban for the duration of the event. Reckless Driving - Please ensure that you are keeping a safe distance from the player in front of you, to ensure you can stop safely. There will be Game Moderators watching over the event, making sure that participants are acting appropriately. Free-roam - Roaming throughout the server and not following the event is not allowed. You must be participating with the convoy, or in the surrounding areas. Failure to comply will result in removal from the event server. Convoy Control - You must follow convoy control instructions given by the TruckersMP team. They are there to ensure that everyone is driving in the correct direction and alert you of upcoming hazards. You can identify them by their coloured usernames and in-game tag! They will be driving a police car. Their instructions must be followed at all times, otherwise, you will be removed from the event server. Trailers - Unless explicitly stated otherwise, a trailer is required to participate in our convoy's. For Euro Truck Simulator 2; you should not exceed two (2) trailers. For American Truck Simulator; you should not exceed two (2) trailers with the exemption of the base triple. Heavy Haul cargo is not permitted for either game (empty trailers are permitted so long as you are not causing a gap). If your trailer is causing gaps in the convoy, you may have to pull over or teleport to the Services. Traffic Signals - The convoy will have priority over traffic signals. It is not required for convoy participants to stop at red traffic signals, or yield at junctions unless directed otherwise. The event servers are only online for the duration of the event, they are not available 24/7.
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  4. > OUTDATED < You can find the latest version of this guide here: https://truckersmp.com/kb/27 Hello truckers! "How to become game moderator?", this is a question you might have been thinking about. This topic will contain an answer to that question and some general information that might interest you. First of all, being a game moderator isn't just about driving a police car. A few of you might be reading this topic solely to find out how to drive a police car. This version of the car is only reserved for staff members with game moderator permissions such as our game moderators, managers and developers. Driving a police car is not the main purpose of a game moderator (will be using "GM" as an abbreviation in this topic). It's only an additional perk of the rank. The duties of a GM are not just flying over the map and randomly kicking or banning users. The rank of a GM comes with a great responsibility. A GM deals with various duties on our website and in-game, including website reports, in-game reports and ban appeals, judging what is right and wrong. Every GM is chosen with great care to ensure maximum quality. As of January 2018, there is open GM recruitment, however there is no plan to open it very often. As you may have noticed, GM's are mostly selected from within our current team. To be specific, you need to join our team as another rank in order to get selected for a promotion to GM. Not everyone gets the promotion, there are various of reasons why they are not selected. If you join the team with the aim of being a GM, you are most likely to fail that. We want people to join our team with a big interest in their section of which they applied for. If you are doing well, a Game Manager might notice you and offer you a promotion if they are needing more GM's. It's your choice to accept or decline that if you prefer to remain in your current sub-team. Here is a summarary for the two different paths you could walk to become a GM, see below: Step 1 - Join the team as another rank (Support, Moderator, Media). Step 2 - Work hard, do your duties as you are supposed to and be nice. Step 3 - Offer by GMM to join GM on a trial period. The second option is the following: Step 1 - Make sure you have no bans, good forum activity and good behaviour Step 2 - Once GM recruitment opens, apply to join and make sure you fill your application out with good detail. Step 3 - Invite to an interview, chat with GMMs Step 4 - Training period with both GMMs and GMTLs. Step 5 - Trial Period of 2 months. Some tips and advice we can give you: - Never ask to become a GM, this decreases your chances to become one. - Don't contact anyone about your candidacy for a position as GM. - Don't join the team with the sole aim of being a GM, you will most likely fail to achieve this then. - Don't ask when other recruitments will open. + Do your best if you are selected for another role in the team, do your duties and get noticed in a good way. + Practise your skills of the English language, this will be your main language as GM. + Obey all rules on the forums and in-game, having a ban or warning point decreases your chances. + Be active on our forums, get known in our community and give others a positive impression about yourself. Some related questions Q: Do I need to have both ETS2 and ATS if I would be a GM? A: No, we recommend you do but this is not a requirement. Q: Is being friends with other staff members giving me an advantage? A: No, we select new GM's based on their activity, behaviour and skills. Everyone has an equal chance of being selected. Q: I'm not really interested in the forums, can I skip being a moderator first? A: No, we require you to participate in discussions and the community. It is important to know how our community works if you want to be on the TruckersMP team. Q: I'm never chosen in a recruitment, what can I do? A: Not much, free spots on our team are limited and many are interested in it. Try to improve and try again during another recruitment session. Q: I speak {language}, there are no other GM's who speak this language. Can I become GM right away? A: No, you still need to follow all steps involved. We are not giving someone the GM rank for the language only. Q: I have a question that is not mentioned here, who should I contact? A: Send your question to the feedback, we will try to answer your question as soon as possible.
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  5. Hello! New version has been released. Changelog: Support for American Truck Simulator v. 1.32.3s [849fce20714f] Support for Euro Truck Simulator v. [f1851bcb0a48] Support for Krone DLC (replacement models are loaded in case of lack of DLC package) Reworked Scout car Double trailers are now allowed in entire europe, except middle europe (Calais - Hannover - Liege - Hamburg) Support for all the paint job DLCs released to this day
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  6. [COMMUNITY MODERATION MANAGER] @Nataliia left the team due to personal reasons. We want to thank her for everything she has done to make the community better during the incredible 4 past years.
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  7. [SENIOR ADD-ON MANAGER] @Forerunner left the team due to personal reasons. We want to thank him for everything he has done for TruckersMP in the past 5 and a half years.
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  8. [SENIOR HUMAN RESOURCES] @Nathan left the team due to personal reasons. Nathan, you have been the best leader of the Human Resources team that we have had so far, and we want to thank you a lot for everything you have done for the project. We want to wish you the best in your future endeavours.
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  9. [PROJECT MANAGER] @Smoky has been promoted to Game Producer. Game Producer is a new role in the project. The Game Producer is responsible for managing the development of the project and defining the direction TruckersMP should head towards. More information can be found here: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/1190
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  10. [GAME MODERATION MANAGER] @TotalDiesel left the team due to personal reasons. We want to thank him for his work for TruckersMP in the past two years.
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  11. Hello, Welcome to the second poll about the Alternating Vehicles. The vehicles you can vote for are the ones on the ground floor. The chosen vehicle will replace the community vehicle from the first poll, this will happen on 22 March. You do not have to sell the current community vehicle if you own it, as it will just be replaced by the new one. On 29 March, we will post the third poll for new vehicles. This poll will close on Friday 19 March, 22:59 UTC.
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  12. [SENIOR COMMUNITY MODERATION MANAGER] @Moh_ left the team due to personal reasons. We want to thank him for everything he has done for TruckersMP in the past two and a half years.
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  13. [GAME MODERATOR TRAINER] @Fezz98 leaves the TruckersMP team due to personal reasons.
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  14. The story behind the project... Concept of the scoreboard. Project started pretty simple - I was 16 years old guy who wanted to create multiplayer mod for a game with huge potential. Before ETS2 release I was looking at the ETS 1 and GTS binaries to investigate how to implement multiplayer however without any sensible results. I've created ETS2MP project 1 or 2 days after release of ETS2 - started it not from codding (sounds crazy isn't it?) but from creating fanpage on Facebook - it allowed me to gather huge community - the likes were increasing every day by a numbers from 10 to 100. First part of development was not fruitful enough as there were many unknowns I faced. (In the spare time there were few developers joining and leaving team - no one had enough knowledge and time to spend on creating mod). In August 2013 mwl4 joined the forces of development team and we have pushed the core code a little bit forward - mwl4 and his knowledge of prism3d engine build was definitely something that was needed for the project to success - I was never touching mods and the general data structure in prism3d so my knowledge was limited to that what i found in binaries (I used to create mods for R*-games (GTA:SA etc) not SCS one). After sometime we decided to use movers to spawn the trucks instead of trying to use normal vehicles - mwl4 created a map with placed few white scanias (2-3 - I don't really remember) and we decided to synchronize them somehow. The problem was that it was not really good solution and we had to build the trucks model-by-model also the scene structure in prism3d did not allowed us to simply update the position and update the placements used by fustrum culling so the trucks were disappearing when they were too far from spawn point. In the meantime we decided to use the same technique and try it in German Truck Simulator (video) - it worked however trucks in mirrors had exactly the same problem as the trucks in normal viewport in ETS2 - it was just experiment and we didn't thought about releasing it to public. Then I decided to start implementing spawning of the vehicle the same way as local truck is spawned - after few weeks of work without any result we decided to ask for a little tips someone from SCS - the person we wrote to was not a CEO but the programmer - Komat - after some messages we finally managed to spawn trucks. (Unfortunately I don't have any access to old forum [if it still exists] - there was nice post showing the colorful trucks that were spawned next to my truck). After that we had trucks spawned so we decided to finally write the networking part - chat, synchronization and many others. Few videos later - people asked us - what about the cargo - where are trailers? So I decided to finally implement spawning of trailers. It was not hard as the code of spawning trailers and trucks is nearly the same (some things are different however I'm not going to write it here in detail). A little screenshots from spawning trailers (3rd January 2014): However between spawning of the trailers and implementing the network code for them we decided to drive some more fancy trucks instead of grey DAF XFs so we synchronized accessories of the trucks. (29th January 2014) It was a great milestone in the project. We were able to finally use our own truck configurations of the trucks. Such a great thing. You can notice that there are no shadows for the network trucks on the screenshots (in fact it looks like bad photoshop) - so next step was implementing the shadows for the trucks. (12th February 2014) And just after that we have synchronized trailers: (22nd February 2014) After that we were working on improvements and crash fixes with the closed group of testers. On 25 April we have announced that Open Alpha starts on 1st May. However we decided to publish the mod few hours before 1st of May (I think it was something like 20:00 - 30 April) - the mod was totally unplayable - and it was mostly my mistake as the code to look for the proper streaming zone in server was using huge loop instead of using some smart math - after fixing it the mod was getting more fixes and we finally managed relativly stable version to focus on making next update. After many months of working on the mod in January 2015 I decided to drop the High school. In that time I started talking with SCS Software CEO - Pavel Sebor about eventuall employment in SCS - in March 2015 i went to Prague for the interview - it was successfull so I decided I will leave the project as it was something that definitely will not work (working at SCS and making fan multiplayer mod) on April 7th I started working at SCS and I'm here until now. Who knows what future will bring to me.. . I would like to thank: mwl4 - for his dedication to the project, knowledge and a lot of work, Komat - for very important advices and tips while creating the mod, pcpl2 - for his help and many non-sleppy nights with manually running unstable servers again, I<3VODKA - for many cool conversations, great project management, playing Knights and Merchants and Town Of Salem together, JM - for his bugfixes to my poor PHP code, kat_pw - for his unbelievably great map project + bugfixes for my poor PHP code, Eliximus - for helping me with many things, Yntro - for support, StuartD - for community management and testing, Stefag40 - for testing, Manuel - for a great community management and his meeting point project, Burner - for helping with many things, Biggi Darreugne The rest of the team. Guys - you are amazing! The rest of this story is you :-). Best regards, Eryk "RootKiller" Dwornicki Former Project Leader and Programmer
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  15. This topic may be out of date. Please check this Knowledge Base article for the newest version: https://truckersmp.com/kb/26 Introduction When there is a new ETS2 or ATS patch released by SCS, the TruckersMP client won't support it immediately in most cases. You must wait few days before we fully support the new update. Does it mean you can't play multiplayer during this time? No! You can, but you will have to downgrade your ETS2 or ATS to the supported version. How? Read this thread! How to downgrade my game? Firstly, go to your Steam Library and search Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator. Now right-click Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator and choose Properties. In Properties, choose BETA tab. Select the latest support version from the list. Use the following versions for the appropriate game: ATS: "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs" ETS2: "temporary_1_35 - 1.35.x for incompatible mods" Done! You downgraded your game. But to be sure, check if you see Queued or the downloading's percentage. Author: I<3VODKA
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  16. [GAME MODERATOR LEADER] @Beau. has left the team due to lack of time. We would like to thank them for everything they have done for the project.
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  17. [GAME MODERATOR] @JamesS014 has been promoted to Community Manager.
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  18. [SENIOR COMMUNITY MANAGER] @Matt left the team due to lack of time. We want to thank him for everything he has done for TruckersMP in the past two and a half years.
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  19. [COMMUNITY MANAGER] @Phon has been promoted to Project Coordinator.
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  20. [GAME MODERATOR] @KhaosHammer leaves the team due to personal reasons. We will remember you with warm thoughts and memories. Thank you for the support and goodwill you’ve shown over the years. Farewell!
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  21. [COMMUNITY MANAGER] @Owen. has been promoted to Senior Community Manager
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  22. Hello! New version has been released. Changelog: Support for Euro Truck Simulator 2 ver. [ 7eae8d981a23 ] Support for American Truck Simulator ver. [ 2d7f5b35f37d ] Support for DirectX 11 renderer (experimental). Support for Euro Truck Simulator 2 DLCs: Estonian Paint Jobs Pack, Latvian Paint Jobs Pack, Lithuanian Paint Jobs Pack, Good Year Tires Pack, Actros Tuning Pack, Pink Ribbon Support for American Truck Simulator DLCs: Washington, Forest Machinery (experimental), Space Paint Jobs Pack, Pink Ribbon Support for Renault T Support for Pink Ribbon World of Trucks event Support for accessories from past events Removed restricted area for double trailers Updates towards the simulation changes Added slider for the horn volume Added SteamID64 to the scoreboard's tooltip Added a default range for stability and suspension stiffness game cvars Added Patreon rewards Added ghost mode when a player uses teleport or gets teleported Disabled random events and detours Fixed reported bugs with floating trailers in companies Fixed the bug with the game UI in game settings when the stability changes were not represented visually Fixes and improvements for staff accessories Fixed most of reported no collision zones in both games Fixed wheel speed and rotation Fixed a rare bug when a truck was spawned without wheels Fixed other reported bugs on the client as well as on the server
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  23. [EVENT TEAM] @RadioSkinner has been promoted to Event Manager
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  24. [MEDIA MANAGER] @David E. left the team due to personal reasons. We want to thank him for everything he has done for TruckersMP in the past 3 years.
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  25. [ADD-ON TEAM] @•Nika•has been promoted to Add-On Manager.
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  26. [GAME MODERATOR + EVENT TEAM] @Coolio85 has been promoted to Event Manager. [COMMUNITY MODERATION MANAGER] @Bastet. has been promoted to Senior Community Moderation Manager.
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  27. [PROJECT COORDINATOR] @Zirox left the team due to lack of time. We want to thank him for everything he has done for the project.
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  28. [ADD-ON MANAGER] @mdshahid6540 left the team due to lack of time. We want to thank him for everything he has done for TruckersMP during the past year.
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  29. [GAME MODERATOR LEADER] @Kid Fabi has been promoted to Web Developer.
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  30. [HUMAN RESOURCES] @Ali. left the team due to personal reasons. We want to thank him for almost 2 years of contributing to the project.
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  31. [GAME MANAGER] @Anriandor has been removed from the team due to inappropriate behaviour.
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  32. [SENIOR SUPPORT MANAGER] @GGF MD left the team due to lack of time. [HUMAN RESOURCES] @Armonk left the team due to personal reasons. We want to thank you both of you for your countless amount of hours you have put in making TruckersMP push forward to a good direction. We wish you both the best of luck in your future endeavours.
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  33. [DEVELOPER] @HumaneWolf left the team due to personal reasons. We want to thank him for his efforts during a long time of being in the TruckersMP team and want to wish him all the best for his future endeavours in real life.
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  34. [GAME MODERATION MANAGER] @JeffSFC steps down to Game Moderator.
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  35. [GAME MODERATOR] @Fezz98 has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator Leader. [EVENT TEAM] @Jake_F has joined the Game Moderation Team as a Game Moderator whilst remaining in the Event Team as an additional role.
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  36. [TRANSLATION MANAGER] @BoSsik2 left the team due to personal reasons. We want to thank him for more than 2 years of helping out in the project.
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  37. [ADD-ON MANAGER] @Forerunner has been promoted to Vice Project Manager.
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  38. [GAME MODERATOR] @Mystere leaves the team due to personal reasons.
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  39. Hello there! We are very proud to announce that a new version has been released! This version mainly brings fixes and improvements to the audio. Features Added the synchronization of the following sounds and sound effects between players (and to ban evidence/report demos): Engine turbo Engine brake Retarder Air gear noises Gear grind noises Added the siren sound back to police cars Supported Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Lunar New Year Pack DLC Fixes Fixed all issues related to the FMOD audio engine In busy areas, horns, reverse beeping, and lift axle sound of your and other players' truck can be heard again UI sounds (e.g. when clicking on buttons), rain, ambient and world sounds (e.g. sound effects in cities, the sound effect of gates, ...), and the radio do not disappear in busy areas anymore The Scout car's engine is not silent in busy areas anymore Fixed that the Scout car had the air horn sound from trucks Fixed the lift axle sound being stuck and starting/stopping to play every few frames Fixed loading the air horn sounds from air horn accessories equipped by other players Fixed strobe lights on the wooden lowboy trailer in American Truck Simulator (https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/100482-no-beacons-on-wooden-lowboy-in-ats/) Changes Reworked the TruckersMP audio settings All volume sliders related to the game have been removed. All the different types of sounds can be now properly adjusted in the game settings Replaced the horn volume slider with enabling/disabling horn sounds of other players
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  40. So let me explain a bit. First of all, support for 1.38 takes so long because in the engine of ETS2/ATS huge changes have been made. Basically SCS merged two modules of their engine into one. Though I am on good way of getting support done within few days I think. Switching from 1.37 to 1.38 in multiplayer sounds really easy for someone who just plays this game. It is only switching two numbers, right? But: TruckersMP project has really tough architecture bases. We read and write data(memory) from/to engine. In order to be able to do that we need to have proper memory layout defined in our code. Since we do not have access to source code of the game, we need to kinda duplicate how it looks in source code at SCS. Though that is not easy task if you don't have direct access to that code. Really often it must be done by Reverse Engineering. You look at compiled source code, and trying to understand what it does, what it modifies, what it reads, etc. You can also guess basing on given data what are given variables (what are their names, what they mean). And you need to be very very precise in guessing. Any mismatch in data layout might lead to game crash. Also to make everything a bit simpler we use already defined functions which operate on data from the game. Though you must be very precise in terms of what data you put as parameters to such functions. Again any mismatch may lead to game crash, and it might be crash that is hard to trace. Because for example it is memory stomp (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memory_corruption). And there is really nothing you can do about it. Only getting PDB (debug symbols) file from SCS or source code access could speed up porting process. There is huge field to do in terms of ensuring many things on our side, but this will only help us with stability. If SCS changes code, then always we need to adjust our code to follow changes. So only that part makes development hard (working with prism engine). But consider this: SCS Software has full access to source code, and they haven't built multiplayer yet. Why? That is second part of the problem: engine & gameplay & network programming. To provide good mulitplayer you need to prepare stable systems. It is not really only about writing code. You need to provide design of systems - communication between systems - you need to couple somehow rendering, physics, gameplay, replication, sounds, AI, animations, vehicles simulation and more. More read here: http://ce.eng.usc.ac.ir/files/1511334027376.pdf Especially section : 1.6.14 Online Multiplayer/Networking Singleplayer games are already hard to create. Multiplayer additionally must serve gameplay with replicated objects with possible high latency, you need to take care of backend & security, etc. etc. I have seen something about hiring somebody full-time to do TruckersMP. So keep in mind what I wrote in previous paragraph + we need someone who knows C++ (very very good) / Assembler (good) / Reverse Engineering (very good) / Game Engines overall / Specific Systems - Gameplay & Replication deeply. Finding someone with that knowledge in ETS2 environment / simulation game is really very hard. First problem is that somebody with that knowledge usually goes working to big companies as they pay quite good, and provide good working conditions. Or such person just starts his own business as he knows what he does. Though situation is better now. We have ShawnCZek now, who is able to write some game code. And we have now stable solutions in terms of cowork on the same project. Standard DevOps is set on TruckersMP which makes simpler making experimental builds, code is build everytime when pushed to repository, we have full pipeline. And last thing is my job at CD Projekt RED. I started my job in February 2019. Consider this: we started Patreon in October 2019. Before Patreon my only income from TruckersMP were advertisements. And that wasn't good income. Now with Patreon it is better, but I work on this project already 7 years. If Patreon income will be constant/rising then I can think of getting back to TruckersMP full time. But for now it must stay as it is. I cannot just leave my current job for now.
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  41. [PROJECT COORDINATOR] @Digital has been temporarily removed from the team for safety reasons.
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  42. [SUPPORT] @BLVCKSK!LL leaves the TruckersMP Team due to personal reasons. We want to thank him for his work for TruckersMP in the past two years.
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  43. [GAME MODERATOR LEADER] [COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @Jeronimο has been promoted to Game Moderation Manager and leaves Community Moderator team. [GAME MODERATOR TRAINER] @DJ ccowie has been promoted to Game Moderation Manager.
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  44. [GAME MODERATOR] @Kaby70 has been removed from the team due to a violation of the Information Security Policy.
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  45. Hey everyone, Today we are starting with a new concept in TruckersMP. We want to bring more diversity by adding new ways of playing TruckersMP. Of course, our main focus will remain on truck-related things. Hauling cargo together, creating events, … Over the past years, the community has created countless suggestions about bringing new vehicles to the game. Common things we saw are “please bring a new car” or “please bring buses”. Certainly, not everyone likes cars and similarly, not everyone likes buses. Behind the scenes, we have been working for a long time (years) on creating new ways to play our modification. We want to be transparent with the community by providing insight into what is going on. Development on the new game mode which we gave an update about early 2019, is still paused. This game mode is a long-awaited feature, but after doing a lot of research and development, we sadly realized that currently, it is not viable to bring this to the community. Though, efforts are being made to make it possible closer to the end of the year. Game Developers mwl4 and ShawnCZek are working hard to rewrite and improve our current systems, which would allow us to build the ‘new game mode’ in a better way in the future. Apart from these improvements, the Game Developers are also working on a new system that will improve moderation in the game and can create unique situations at the same time. This system will be used on Simulation, Arcade and Event servers. We expect to see this new system come to life within the next few weeks. Keep an eye on our social media to stay up to date. Anyway, let’s get deeper into the new concept we are bringing to TruckersMP now. As said above, we have had tons of requests from the community to bring new vehicles. The new concept will make this happen. Every two weeks, we will create a poll where the community can vote on which car they want on our servers. Patrons will have a separate vote which allows them to vote for a second car only available for them (for the Master Trucker tier only). The polls will happen on multiple systems. Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Patreon (for Patrons only) and the TruckersMP website (a system we are still working on). Sometimes you will be able to choose between two or three cars, while other times there might be five or more. The chosen cars will be removed again after two weeks and replaced with the newly voted vehicles. How it will look Every two weeks, you will be able to vote for new vehicles which will be added to the game for two weeks. Today, 1st March, we will start the first poll which will be hosted on Discord. If you linked your Discord account correctly with your TruckersMP account and navigate to the #alternating-vehicles channel on our official Discord server, you will see that you can vote between the vehicles in the channel. You can also head to #roles, and clicking the blue car emote will give you the Alternative Vehicles role so you can stay updated on new polls. Patrons will be able to vote via a post in their #patrons-updates channel. On Friday 5th March at 22:59 UTC, we will check which vehicles received the most votes. The following Monday, we will then add the vehicles to our servers. A week later, we will start the new poll and the other above-mentioned steps, but the vote will then be on a different system. On 15th March, we will then remove the first vehicles and replace them with new ones. If you have purchased one of these special vehicles, it will be replaced with the new one automatically. The vehicles will either have the existing Scout interior or a truck interior, as it is not viable to create a custom interior for all the vehicles. Using this concept, we want to bring ‘something for everyone.’ Follow us on social media to stay up to date with new vehicle polls. Please note: We will do our best to stick to the plan, however, things may change along the way. New game updates or other factors might have an impact on this concept. If this is the case, please keep an eye on our social media pages where we will make you aware of any bumps along the road. We have worked hard for the last eight months to bring this new concept to life, and we really hope you enjoy this new feature within TruckersMP! Your feedback is always appreciated, so head over to the feedback system and select the category Community Management to let us know your thoughts. We cannot wait to see how the community reacts to and makes use of these new additions within the game, and we are excited to continue working on other features to bring later this year. Thanks for your continued support. Keep trucking! UPDATE March 2nd 2021: In previous revisions, we have not mentioned the Patreon tier eligible for an additional car. To remove this confusion, we have updated the article and highlighted the availability of Patreon-only cars for the Master Trucker tier only. Sorry for the inconvenience. --> View post on homepage
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  46. [SENIOR HUMAN RESOURCES] @TheGoodGuy1515 left the team due to personal reasons. We want to thank him for everything he has done for the team.
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  47. [EVENT MANAGER] @Coolio85 transferred to Community Manager.
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  48. [GAME MODERATOR] @JeffSFC has been removed from the team due to inactivity.
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  49. [GAME MODERATOR] @Ashley has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator Leader. [RETIRED TEAM MEMBER] @Lorciaa has rejoined the team as a Game Moderator Trainer.
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  50. Hello! New version has been released. Changelog: New report system * Added encountered players in scoreboard (last 1 minute) * New report system implements demo system. This means that every players movements are recorded for 2 minutes in back (even if player leaves, the movements are still saved). While creating a report the game server creates a demo using stored movements (also other data is processed) and saves them in the report for certain time. From this moment consider using report system in game rather than web reports.
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