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    [EVENT TEAM] @Raymond_ has been promoted to Event Manager. [PLAYER] @next7 rejoins the TruckersMP Team as Translator.
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    [RETIRED TEAM MEMBER] @Racyen rejoins the Game Moderation Team as Game Moderator.
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    [PLAYER] @General18 joins the TruckersMP Team as Support Trainee.
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    A GOOD THOUGHT TO HAVE!? Just speaking to someone and a thought came up... We are all stuck inside, split apart, bored, ect… Has Anyone thought of the TMP Staff Working Harder then ever as we all battle our way to get our loads delivered.... I don't think many have... We all at times jump up and blame the admins... But if they can take their time to read every report, appeal, form post and still plan for the next thing to come... Cant We Take Time To Say Thanks... THANKS TMP STAFF... Keeping us moving...
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    RLC Convoy was great today, a brilliant route in the Black Sea DLC (I have yet to really explore that DLC ) More photos here ------> https://imgur.com/a/UVZKd3S
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    New video from my perspective of Real Ops 9! Go check it out!
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    Hello Truckers, Today passes a year since I was accepted into the TruckersMP Team. I haven't even noticed how quickly this time has passed in which I was able help each of you ( Best Community Ever !) with delivering loads from point A to point B without people who enter our servers only to disturb others! Maybe while delivering your loads you don't see us that much, but you can be calm, we are always there when we can The knowledge that @DerAmpelmann and @Aragon gave me (it's a pity you are no longer in the team) allowed me to meet many wonderful people who are in the team but also outside of it. @Andreas A.H & @Chris [PL] (Best helpers with managing a international convoy) @Adrian22-PL (My company in large convoys) @BoSsik2 (The most lazy person I know) @EliminatorPL (Master of setting up parking spots for people after a convoy) @[C-S] karol_domag (Best Boss I had in VTC) @szykaro23 (A person I can rely on at any moment, almost every moment @Samito_BG (Best organizer of small convoys and my good friend) @Suleyman.53 (my helper with language problems Thanks buddy) @Schak Bruijn @-WWA- @TheGoodGuy1515 (I can always count on your honest opinion. Thanks a lot guys !!) @Tática98 [G27 + SHIFTER](Player who considers me his ETS authority ) This means a lot for me, each of you have a place in my heart. I wish you a nice and peaceful evening, Happy Trucking! Kind Regards, [C-S] Spat91 TruckersMP Game Moderator
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    A nice drive with @CuteCat this afternoon before work I hope you are all keeping well during these tough times, keep safe and drive safe Peace and Love ~RB
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    Finally got a friend of mine to join me on a drive through France again.
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    List of changes from 17th May 2020: Featured a system of maximum amount of accessories and hookups. Maximum amount of accessories for a truck: 100 Maximum amount of accessories per a trailer: 50 Maximum amount of hookups per an accessory: 25 The background for inactive messages do not take the full width of the screen anymore. Fixes to the spectating feature for staff members. Fixed rendering of elements in the login page for a different resolutin ratio than 16:9. Fixed rendering own background images in the login page of a different resolution ratio than 16:9. Fixed validating inapproriate accessories on the server when a trailer is connected. This breaks using a caravan cargo. This will be looked into by the addon team. Added more logging to the client. Updated credits.
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    The video is so perfect with a nice story. What do you think?
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    I thank everyone who participated in the Convoy GCEE that took place yesterday. Despite Update 1.37 our convoy has reached 145 Players. Special thanks to @Matt #CarLadMatt for approving an event server for our Convoy. I also appreciate the presence of truckersmp staffs @Lasse @aluizio' @DJFrontier @sQCF - Beater @David E. --- Deixo meu Agradecimento especial a Todas as Empresas parceiras que pertencem ao Grupo GCEE. Tanto as Empresas Brasileiras quanto as Empresas Portuguesas (Que Apesar do Fuso Horário avançado) não deixaram de Participar do nosso Comboio. Aos Escoltas obrigado mais uma vez pelo Excelente Trabalho que vocês exercem. Fica aqui o meu Convite para o nosso Próximo Evento. Mais informações no Tópico abaixo: Here is my Invitation to our Next Event. More information in the Topic below:
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    I rarely see cow trailers around here, shame it was empty tho, this is only the 2nd big cow trailer that I've seen here in my city
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    Truck of the week... a special Volvo
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    w/ @#Yusuf.K, @OnurBey.
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    With my friend <33 @legress King Regards, Dominik [SK] TruckersMP Game Moderator
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    Good Morning, TruckersMP!
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    Dominik on the road King Regards, Dominik [SK] TruckersMP Game Moderator
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    Hey all, I had an amazing time during the Real Ops event! I saw and talked to a lot of people and just had a blast driving the bus and the tow truck! Sadly there were server issues, but that didn't stop everybody from having an amazing time! Here are some pictures I took while doing my roles in both group 1 and 2. Also for laughs here is a clip from my stream: https://clips.twitch.tv/HandsomeNeighborlySalamanderStrawBeary I hope you all enjoyed the event and I look forward to future events! Have a great rest of your day and weekend!
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    With my best support - @Sabbi [GER] King Regards, Dominik [SK] TruckersMP Game Moderator
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    Meeting with @Lasse King Regards, Dominik [SK] TruckersMP Game Moderator
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    Now live with a Game Moderator Stream over @ https://www.twitch.tv/supreme_tmp
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    Polish International Convoy. Was certainly a new expereince for me as everyone that attended it treated it as if they was in real life. The driving and parking was brilliant
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    Come watch me as I take on the trolls of TruckersMP in a troll patrol stream! You can find it all here: https://twitch.tv/tfm_dj_ccowie/
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    With @TFM DJ ccowie King Regards, Dominik [SK] TruckersMP Game Moderator
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    [Report Moderator] @Arda. has left the team due to lack of time.
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    Best Truckers, We have seen some amazing pictures send in this months competition. And it was very hard for us to pick our top three. After looking at every picture multiple times we choose these three winners. 1st Place @PanterC 2nd Place @Judha_ 3rd Place @FLUK3 Congratulations to all three winners! We want to thank everyone who has send in their pictures this competition. And we are already thrilled to see what you will come up with in June! Happy trucking! TruckersMP Media Team
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    Herkese Merhaba, Yeni video yayında Destekleriniz için teşekkür ederim
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    W/ @Ahmet Der Good Night, TruckersMP!
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    w/ @RequieB @fordconnect555 @next7 @Scorpio_N @OmSaL.
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    Real Operations V9 w/ @Courtz49, @Olioak, @[C-S] karol_domag, @Gnl_Hugh122 & @Doxxyz
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    Wolves™ Summer Convoy The convoy was really nice, most of all at the end A At the end: https://imgur.com/a/x3q8Ytv Thanks to the Wolves™ VTC for the convoy!
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    Brand new licence plate
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    Random fact of the day #16! Some planets produce diamond rain.
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    A very special friend. @David E.

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