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  1. [SERVICE & DATA ANALYST] @Prime transfers to the role of Advisor to better reflect his activities within the team.
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  2. [EVENT TEAM] @NibbNubb leaves the team due to personal reasons.
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  3. [PLAYER] @Platinum.joins the Event Team.
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  4. [GAME MODERATOR] @96AV Leaves the team due to lack of time.
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  5. [GAME MODERATOR] @Rider. has been promoted to Game Moderator Leader.
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  6. [PLAYER] @BaKingPL has joined the Add-On Team!
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  7. [GAME MODERATOR] @W4chund leaves the team due to personal reasons.
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  8. List of changes from 1st March 2023: Support ProMods The Great Steppe as an additional add-on on ProMods servers.
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  10. Internal systems. I can guarantee you we can find any alt accounts you create.
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  12. World Of Trucks (WOT) jobs are based on more realistic conditions and constraints. These include a fixed maximum speed limit, non-repairable damage of trailer and load, and a continuous running countdown / time window to finish the job.
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  13. Regarding the topic, if you're honest but banned and still want to play there is already a legit system to bypass/cancel the ban called "Appeal". If your appeal got rejected (or you didn't even appeal) that means your ban is deserved. And at this stage trying ban evading is exactly the same as hacking and deliberately breaking the rules. The ban is your warning. Evading it is just deliberately and consciously declaring you don't care about the rules. So while I understand that banning people in a game for many years can be hard, these people should have a VERY LONG ban! I would do something like 10 times the current ban + 1 more ban in your total ban + the ban for evading shall never be ignored in the total (no matter how long ago the ban for evading was issued). i.e. you're banned for 1 week because it's your very first ban for a mistake, that means 10 weeks more for ban evading. You're banned for 1 month because that's your 3rd ban in 6 months, that means 10 months additional ban. Like in real life there are people who will change with time and other who won't (at least in the short-term). And it is fair to say that after x number of bans/offences in a certain period (3 bans over 6 months isn't the same as 3 over 3 years) we can admit that these people won't learn/change in the short term. The banning system does make a difference between players having many bans in a short period and ones with much more spaced offences. But it doesn't seem to consider that some players won't change in the short-term. Here is the current rule: only 30 days after 4 bans within less than 12 months?!! That's far too friendly. And, as I said in the past, we should be much harder on players getting many bans in short periods. Here are a few examples quickly picked from my recent reports list: Member since: 02 Feb 2022 01:37 Active bans: 4 Member since: 14 May 2022 00:26 Active bans: 5 Member since: 02 Nov 2022 20:36 Active bans: 3 Member since: 26 May 2022 21:39 Active bans: 3 Member since: 02 Sep 2022 12:31 Active bans: 3 Member since: 18 Jun 2022 11:30 Active bans: 4 Member since: 18 Feb 2022 16:40 Active bans: 5 All these players are already back on the roads or will come back in the coming weeks. Not fair if you ask me. They've already been warned several times within the last 12 months but still behave badly. I'm ok to be friendly with new players with no ban history or very light history (1-2 bans in 12 months). But we should be VERY HARD with the big offenders like the ones listed above or ban evaders.
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  14. What server do you mainly stay on? And why do you usually stay on that server? Simulation 1 Simulation 2 [US] Simulation [SGP] Simulation Arcade ProMods
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  19. Because Windows 10 is crap and the worse version of Windows to ever exist (yes, worse than ME and Vista. Neither of those ever gave me as much trouble as 10 always did) and I am having to service a W10 laptop today and this piece of crap is giving me unnecessary trouble, there is a big chance I might not be able to stream today's WedTruckSim due to running out of time to get this job done due to how much of my time Windows 10 is wasting with its bullcrap programmed behaviors. Follow me on Twitch to catch this stream if it happens today as well as all other future streams! https://www.twitch.tv/mike_dragon/
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  21. Simulation 1 because my friends usually play in Simulation 1
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  22. Personally, I think it's a great program.
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  23. Thank you so much for the follow!
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  24. False. Pineapple belongs in a Piña Colada, but NEVER (!) on a pizza. I like a pizza napoletana with pomodoro (tomato), mozzarella di bufala (buffalo mozzarella), basilico (basil) and olio (oil). The next person prefers Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2) over American Truck SImulator (ATS), right...?
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  26. Thank you for the follow
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  27. Calais CCTV ----> https://www.twitch.tv/kxxlua__killua AFK ------> not in stream or stream chat
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  28. Type of event: Convoy Server name: GPRO - March Event URL to thread: https://truckersmp.com/event-request/3359 Organizer: @GPRO - Extreme Date and hour of the event: 26 Mar 22:00 UTC - 27 Mar 03:00 UTC Participants: https://truckersmp.com/events/11477 Event Rules for Participants: Only approved Event Staff are able to use the following words or phrases in their player tag; “GAAT | EM, GAAT | ES, GAAT | ET, GAAT | Lead, GAAT | Co-Lead, GAAT| CC, GAAT | Tail, GAAT | MM, GAAT | Media“ or similar Impersonating Event Staff using the aforementioned tags is forbidden. Participants must ignore traffic lights unless it is unsafe to do so. Overtaking is prohibited. Cars are prohibited except for event staff showing a clear tag. Participants must follow Event Staff instructions. Participants should park at their designated slots. If you don't have a designated slot you are required to park at the 'Public Parking' Convoy participants must only leave the starting location when instructed to do so in an orderly (one by one) manner. Beacons are prohibited. (Except Event Staff) Advertising is prohibited. (Except Event Staff) Participants with consistent lag must remain at the back of the convoy. Participants must haul a trailer. (Except Event Staff) Free-roaming on the server is prohibited. All other TruckersMP Rules apply. Event Rules for Event Staff: Event Staff can block junctions and roads approaching junctions to direct the convoy. Event Staff overtaking the convoy cannot be performed by more than 2 members at a time. Event Staff can drive the incorrect way where roads have a central reservation barrier ONLY. In accordance with the rule above. Event Staff can park out of bounds. Providing this is on the ground and not on top of buildings or other inappropriate places deemed unsuitable by TruckersMP Staff. All other TruckersMP Rules apply.
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  29. I'm usually drive red and blue color trucks.
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  30. Morning trip in TruckersMP. Climate roads next to the company Radus near city of Tampere.
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  33. [REPORT MODERATOR + TRANSLATOR] @Davidsvr6-TMP has been promoted to Game Moderator.
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  34. [REPORT MODERATOR] @Supreme_TMP has been promoted to Game Moderator.
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  35. [TRANSLATOR] @Gmakata leaves the team due to lack of time.
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  36. [ADD-ON TEAM] @Rσyεεr тJ has been suspended from the team due to internal reasons.
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  37. Hey there, I’m happy to let you know that we are also excited about this new addition, and will be bringing it to our ProMods servers on TruckersMP. Obviously these things can take a bit of time, but we’ll let you know as soon as we have any updates for you! // Accepted
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  38. I i mostly drive WoT jobs. Its not very often i drive a normal contract. Why? Well because it forces me to drive a certain way, cause if i crash and destroy the cargo i cant load a save and not have that damage any more. So you have to be more careful. And it also gives me WoT achievements. And there are WoT Events now and again that usually gives items like paint jobs, cabin things and so on. Like right now there is a valentines event on where you have to use WoT Contracts to deliver valentines cargo. You might be forced to a speed limiter of 90km/h in ETS2 and 65mph in ATS. But it just gives it a more real feeling. And why are we in a hurry anyway? Is this game not about delivering cargo and driving a truck? Why would we want to do that faster?
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