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  1. [GAME MODERATOR] @Lorciaa has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator Trainer.
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  2. [TRIAL SUPPORT] @Crestune~ has been promoted to Full Support.
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  3. [SUPPORT TRAINEE] @Drexyy leaves the TruckersMP Team due to personal reasons.
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  5. [GAME MODERATOR] @Chev has left the team due to personal reasons.
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  6. [TRIAL SUPPORT] @TheRealKing has been promoted to Full Support.
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  7. A great image that was taken at the Port of Calais, France.
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  8. [TRIAL SUPPORT] @maksch has been promoted to Full Support.
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  9. Hello, From the 1st February until the 28th of February 2021, we are going to be looking for talented individuals to join our Community Moderation Team. The Community Moderation Team (CMT) is responsible for moderating all non-game related platforms that we use to interact with the community. Included in this, is moderation of our Forums, Discord guild and livestream channels. Through this recruitment, you will be invited to moderate one of these platforms dependent on our needs and your preference. Requirements: Have good knowledge of TruckersMP and the rules Must be a member of TruckersMP for at least 12 months Must be registered on the TruckersMP forum for at least 6 months No bans / forum or Discord punishments within the last 12 months; Must have no more than 3 bans in the last 24 months Show activity on the TruckersMP services Must have overall good behaviour, which includes forum, Discord and our official social media pages You have sufficient knowledge of English language and the one which you apply for Good communication skills Resilient, active and flexible Ability to work within a team and on your own at times Eager to learn and progress your knowledge Organised and adaptive Be able to accept constructive criticism As a Community Moderator, you may have some of the following responsibilities: Forums: Engage in positive community interaction Ensure all topics, posts, replies, status updates and messages comply with the official TruckersMP rules Moving mistakenly submitted topics to the respective sections Keep the forums organised Archiving inactive topics Handling the forum reports Discord: Engage in positive community interaction Ensure all users of the guild follow the Discord guild's rules Deal with reports submitted by members of the Discord community Reviewing Discord suggestions with Community Moderation Managers to check they are worthy of implementing Reviewing Discord rules with Community Moderation Managers to ensure they meet the community's needs Work with our users to keep a clean ambience and environment Please note that we are not recruiting Discord Moderators during this particular recruitment. Stream: Engage in positive community interaction Ensure the livestream chats are moderated to a professional standard and in accordance with our rules Liaise with Community Managers and Official Streamers where applicable Participate in regular team discussions Additionally, we encourage every Community Moderator to be active on the public Discord guild, forums and stream channels in order to be informed about everything. The more you know, the more valuable you are for the team and the better you will understand various situations. There is no language we are primarily looking for but general English knowledge is a must. These are what we are primarily looking for, however, we are willing to be flexible. You can apply for this position here. End date: 28th of February 2021
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  10. Maybe this is better? o.o
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  11. I just hit 10,000 visits on my forum page, pretty cool Hope everyone is having a good week! Have an image of something that is coming SoonTM
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  12. New friends, old friends, best friends, new memories, great times. Truckers MP in a nutshell @...AdamCat @CuteCat @HandOfClash @ProbablyPoland @PompeyRoyal @Zir. Thank you for the great times. Looking forward to so many more! Stay Safe, Drive Safe RB
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  13. Good Afternoon Everyone! Hope you are all well and have had a good week / a good week to come
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  14. Con @Mystere y @[T.L.C] EL KEES (01)
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  17. Thank you for the late night drive @Coolio85
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  19. Good Night, TruckersMP! W/ @DJ ccowie Admeeeeeeeeeen!
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  21. Thank you for a nice ride throughout DC and back @Dominik [SK], @B&Č Transport hajdr11cz and it was nice to meet you on the road @Miyu*, @El Reja, @TARK777 . Cya next time on the roads .
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  22. Sa millet, profil hareketlensin az
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  24. Late Night CD Or DD with @RB1988, @CuteCat, @HandOfClash (Can't tag the other people)
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  25. Thanks for the drive bois @Brawni & @[GökBörü]' Berk
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  26. w/ @Tosun_1987 and @BloodHaven
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  27. Just had a great, peacefull drive (for once xD) down C-D with @flowahh
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  32. Nice Night Drive with my Love @Syndrom [GER] & @SilentWolf. https://prnt.sc/xq4y90 https://prnt.sc/xq4yby
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  33. Beğen geç dercesine..
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  35. [Game Moderator] @Lorciaa została awansowana na pozycję Game Moderator Trainer.
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  36. Thanks for the Drive Yesterday @Lyonsey_098 & @enoble_yt
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  37. O stream de teste de hoje está no ar. Será exclusivamente em português. Venha para meu Twitch para assistir! https://www.twitch.tv/mike_dragon/
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  38. Good Night! Skoda's Maintenance w/ @Passion.
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  40. [TRANSLATION MANAGER] [EVENT TEAM] @Pillow left the Event Team but remains as Translation Manager.
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  41. [REPORT MODERATOR] @AssassinGoEasy has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator. [REPORT MODERATOR] @Jake_F has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator.
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  42. [SUPPORT] @MightyPower leaves the TruckersMP Team due to personal reasons.
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  43. [PLAYER] @Roenz rejoins the Game Moderation team as a Game Moderator and Community Moderation team as a Discord Moderator.
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  44. Hello there! We are very proud to announce that a new version has been released! Features Synchronization of gates between players This affects all types of gates, i.e. tollgates, gates at crossing borders, animated gates at companies, and garage doors All the animated state, physics, and sounds (of gates) are synchronized Brought back the season effects (snowing) Indication of the length of the player tag in settings (https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/52867-show-character-limit-when-changing-player-tag/) Support for all states (animations) of windscreen wipers (delayed, normal and fast) Fixes Fixed the snowing season effect Fixed the synchronization of windscreen wipers (thanks to @Krewlex for pointing this out) Fixed turning off/on fullscreen with DirectX 11 (https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/99221-impossible-to-turn-off-fullscreen-in-multiplayer/) Fixed changing the game resolution both for DirectX 11 and OpenGL Fixed support for the American Truck Simulator - Steampunk Paint Jobs Pack DLC Changes Added a no collision zone to the area of the Duisburg city. This is only an experimental change for now Added an automatic removal of new lines for the player tag (https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/98022-incorrect-pinfo-when-user-has-a-vertical-tag/) Updated background images in the login screen Disabled the wander camera (developer) tool (https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/100027-users-able-to-teleport/)
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  45. Hi, LetiFreshi answers your question here: Regards //ASIR
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