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  1. [ADD-ON TEAM] @b738pilot left the team due to personal reasons.
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  3. ? made a new Turkish style Merc ??
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  4. GökBörü™ ATS Convoy Auuu...
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  5. [GAME MODERATION TRAINEE] @Noxii has been promoted to Report Moderator. [EVENT TEAM] @Jake_F joins the Game Moderation team as a Game Moderation Trainee, whilst also remaining in the Event Team.
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  7. Little over 2 Years and 1 week ago, I started playing Truckers MP full time, after being registered for a while, but hardly playing, after a friend nagged me into it. Looking back, I am really glad I relented!! Its been one hell of a ride. From humble beginings: To now: Who knows what is to come? ?
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  8. Over 24 hours later, the Save The Children 2020 event has finally come to an end! I... unfortunately... could not make it to the end as I was feeling ill and shaking I have stayed for over 20 hours and have seriously enjoyed my time there! I want to thanks @TFMSkinner @TFM_Nathan564 and @DJ Dynamic for leading and managing the event, although Dynamic fell asleep at route 3 ? I also want to thank everyone who has attended the event, and of course, those who stayed for over 24 hours! Thank you!!
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  11. Two pictures with this noob @Mystere | Have a nice day/evening/afternoon
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  12. [REPORT MODERATOR] @CiaranOg78 has been promoted to Game Moderator.
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  13. Steps to reproduce: 1. Buy a car at the dealer. 2. Buy a caravan at the dealer. 3. Drive scout and caravan together. The caravan and scout are shaking when going with 80km/h or more. Result: The issue can break the wheel control, which is dangerous. And this happens not only in arcade server, but also in simulation servers. We've tested it in arcade, because when you're going with more speed it's shaking more.
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  17. Today we joined the Gökbörü Kasım convoy, I wanted to leave a nice memory after a nice journey! @Snap Dragon ? ? ? ADMEEN PLEASE PHOTO ! THE SEA IS DEEP FRIENDSHIP IS ETERNAL UNFORGETTABLE THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, TruckersMP! DRİVER Mabel Matiz ヅ MNG CARGO OWNER
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  18. ?? Colorado ?? ?Our final upload from my little trip around...? The glisten on the side of the metallic paint is beautiful ?
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  20. ?? Colorado ?? The Candyfloss Truck made its way across the waters! I must admit I'm not sure if its turning my scaling up to 400% Or the Ultra settings, BUT Colorado is looking amazing. Starting a new save while not having internet was a great idea! I've actually missed single player driving (There's one more photo from my Colorado drives)
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  21. A picture from TFM's Save The Children convoy, I wasn't able to be there for long. But enjoyed it while I was there!
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  22. Thanks @Shay_Gaming @TFM_George and @TFM_Flynnfor driving with me in the Save The Children convoy today!
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  24. Thank you @flowahhand @Jamie_ for the drive today
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  25. Driving in Iceland Hope all of you have a great week!
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  27. Save the Children 24hr Event -2020-
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  28. That moment when u go onto your TMP Profile to check something and find that: Thank you all
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  31. Because I've slept in, today's stream will be delayed. Expect the Chill Art Sunday to start in about an hour, at 3 PM eastern. Follow me on Twitch to catch it! https://www.twitch.tv/mike_dragon/
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  33. Have a fab Sunday all, I'm working ?
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  34. [REPORT MODERATOR] @Mr. Calvin has been promoted to Game Moderator. [GAME MODERATION TRAINEE] @Caernage has been promoted to Report Moderator.
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  35. [Game Moderator] @[F-T M] FreZyFaiL leaves the team due to lack of time.
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  37. Stopping by to give a shout out to @refloix [DE] @Callum4568 @effinghamjnr and @Samuel. for driving with me last week on stream. Have a good weekend all, stay safe!
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  38. Nice little trip down to Wales with a load of onions.
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  39. Ahoj @DocC137, díky moc za návod. MrCipr Community Moderator //Schváleno.
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