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  1. [Trial Support] @Winter~ has been promoted to Full Support.
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  3. Wolves™ VTC Discord: https://discord.gg/wolvesvtc
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  5. [Report Moderator] @Supreme_TMP has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator. [Report Moderator] @lukabrazi has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator.
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  6. Krewlex Convoy, was nice driving in Promods some more photos here ----> https://imgur.com/a/fDbAOGl
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  7. The weather is rainy, but there is no time to lose... Stay safe truckers! Kind regards, Samito_BG TruckersMP Staff Game Moderator
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  8. Good Morning, everyone! On the way to Germany! Have a nice day, everyone!
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  9. How many friends remember the group photo of this photo, I will always remember it, it is a beautiful group photo during the event
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  10. Prime Convoy & Super's Birthday convoy / Race Done CC monday for my VTC prime always aewsome feeling plus theres always a special feel when its for your VTC Some photos also from @super37s birthday event Racing on arcade at the start point
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  13. 750hp Volvos really are so good, they look great, speed up so quickly and break pretty quickly too, this one of my older Volvos from my main profile
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  21. [Player]@b738pilot has joined the Add-On team.
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  22. Bruijn Logistics first convoy! Thanks to everyone that came!
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  25. Some Pictures Of The New Interior
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  27. Super Trucks facebook/MercedesBenz
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  28. Was a nice trip with @Sabbi [GER] and @Milousano
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  32. Today i drive 1,963km from Kristiansand to Montpellier and I wish all of you great week to all and drive safe
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  34. [Game Moderator] @Dominik [SK] leaves the team due to lack of time and personal reasons.
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  35. Здравейте шофьори на камиони! Днес имаме наистина вълнуващи новини, които искаме да споделим с вас. Ако случайно не сте били наясно, ние партнираме с TruckersFM, общностна онлайн радиостанция, създадена от и създадена за общността на Euro Truck Simulator 2 и American Truck Simulator. През последните няколко седмици работихме върху поддръжката на TruckersFM. Днес с радост съобщаваме какво добавихме. В игра Заедно с TruckersFM добавихме две нови функции в играта; нови команди, свързани с TruckersFM и радио кутия. Свързани с TruckersFM команд Добавихме 6 нови команди по време на игра, свързани с TruckersFM. /tfm-dj - Информация за текущия водещ/DJ на TruckersFM /tfm-request <message> - Изпращате заявка за песен към TruckersFM /tfm-shoutout <message> - Изпращате съобщение за shoutout към TruckersFM /tfm-traffic <message> - Изпраща доклад за трафика на TruckersFM /tfm-currentsong - Получавате информация за текущата песен, която се изпълнява по TruckersFM /tfm-lastsong - Получавате информация за последната песен, пусната на TruckersFM Радио кутия Добавихме нова кутия по време на игра, която е посветена на TruckersFM. Това поле показва информация на живо от TruckersFM като например; текущия водещ/DJ, последна песен и текущата песен. Discord В нашата гилдия на Discord добавихме бота TruckersFM. Ботът TruckersFM ви позволява да получите цялата информация за TruckersFM отгоре, за да можете да слушате TruckersFM в нашия музикален канал! Надяваме се всички да сте развълнувани, както и ние за тези нови функции! Наслади се, Екипът на TruckersMP --> Тук може да откриете статията на началната страница
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  38. Birthday Event Convoy @super37s
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  39. Hello! My favourite paint job for ETS2 is new The Boss Edition paint job for Renault.
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  40. Scania S New Interior For MP
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  42. Type of event: Real Operations URL to the thread: https://truckersmp.com/blog/225 Organiser: TruckersMP Date and hour of the event: Sunday 11th October 2020 15:00 - 19:00 UTC Participants: 1500-3000 Event rules: Participants must not interfere with the Operations planned by the TruckersMP Team. Participants must yield to all emergency/service vehicles where safe. Here is a useful video explaining how to safely move out of the way for emergency vehicles whilst staying safe: https://youtu.be/Sq_qBijChWk (Takes you to an external site) Overtaking is allowed, only when safe and legal. Overtaking queues of traffic is forbidden. Participants must drive on or near the Real Operations V10 event zone (https://i.imgur.com/VJbSmHv.png). Free-roaming in other cities and roads is forbidden. Participants are required to obey all staff instructions. It is possible you will be pulled over or directed to move out of emergency vehicles paths where safe to do so. In this event your vehicle should not exceed two (2) trailers. This includes dollies. This means HCT's are not permitted. It is forbidden to drive underneath a lane that has been closed. This is displayed via the red X above the lane. You will be given plenty of warning to move out of those lanes prior to a red X being displayed. They are closed for a reason as there is danger ahead! Overhead speed limits should be followed. These will be enforceable. The hard shoulder may be used as a live lane. You should only ENTER the hard shoulder when directed to do so by the overhead signals and a speed limit above the lane will be displayed. Stopping on the hardshoulder when it is being used as a live lane is not permitted. This will be classed as blocking. If you breakdown and cannot move off quickly, use F7+Enter to avoid blocking the road. TruckersMP Staff are exempt from the CB abuse rule.
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