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    A long delivery that ended perfectly. The goods have been delivered, and now it's time to rest... Kind regards, Samito_BG TruckersMP Staff Game Moderator
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    some really nice trucks there, especially love the Dutch MAN and Irish Scania (Collins)
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    [ADD-ON MANAGER] @Forerunner has been promoted to Project Coordinator.
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    RSVP for the event on Trucky - CLICK HERE Book a slot for your VTC or organisation **Extra Slots Added** - CLICK HERE View parking slot maps - CLICK HERE View convoy route map - CLICK HERE
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    There have been rumors that SCS will make it's own official multiplayer, but those are only rumors. Since this have nothing to do with the actualy post i'll write about it too. Updating the Multiplayer isn't a simple task. You can't just change 1.37 to 1.38 in a notepad. That's just not how it works. Lot's of work has to be done in order to get it updated. Besides that, most truckersmp staff doesn't work 24/7 on this and they only have a limited amount of people on working on such things. They still have a private life to live aswell. So we ask you all, as a community, to be respectful, to appreciate the work that has been done for everyone within this community, and to patiently wait for them to update their multiplayer Best Regards Zysto
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    made for me by a friend the other day
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    GROFR's 5 Year Anniversary
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    Suggestion Name: Support for Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod Suggestion Description: Add support for Project NG Mod and make users able to (optional) download and use it while playing TMP Any example images: Why should it be added?: I think this mod could be useful for users that want a more realistic game, also it doesn't have any impact on game's performance, and it only changes your textures.
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    You can use logs to get both the username and TruckersMP ID of the suspect. If you have video evidence, you should be able to report him.
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    Happy birthday Savage!
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    wie schnell man gern fahren will ist jeden selbst überlassen, und ja ich fahre auch gern 60 oder noch weniger da das ein LKW Simulator ist und kein rennen Simulator nein, man kann langsam fahren und es passieren keine Unfälle nur wenn man überholen möchte wo jeder weiß das z.B. wie dein Video sehr viele auf der strecke sind ich schätze 15+ das überholen riskant und sinnlos ist da jeder zeit von vorne einer kommen kann zu mal in denn Video 3 Leute ein der 60 fährt zu überholen versucht 1. der vor dir ist setzt zu überholen an kann man ja machen da er ja schneller ist als der langsame er hätte würde ich sagen locker geschafft 2. der von hinten der dich überholt hat er müsste nur wieder in deine Spur fahren wo Lkw 1 war danach könnte er auch denn anderen überholen ohne das vill. was passieren könnte aber 3 der von Anfang an sich wie Idiot auffällt und riskiert hier Unfälle was man sieht fährt ohne Sinn und verstand was passiert er fährt Lkw 1 rein weil er sein in denn Fall sein Auto nicht kontrollieren kann wir verstehen dich und die andere schon nur das Problem ist ihr versteht das nicht wie man sich in StVO sich an die regeln halten sollt geschweige von TMP sie sagen ja uns wie wir uns verhalten sollen bei vielen Spieler auf eine strecke und allgemein aber das ignoriert ihr und nur deswegen passieren Unfälle nicht weil einer langsam oder schnell fährt nein weil man überholt anstellen wo zu 100% Unfall passiert und deswegen brauchen wir GM die Leute die die regeln brechen Bannen und für Ordnung halten wir alle würde ich sagen brächten keine Regeln wenn jeder vernünftig fahren würden aber das ist nur ein wünsch Traum und deswegen haben wir auch mehre Server und Regeln sim 1/2 wo man achten sollte wie man fährt Arcade da kann man so schnell fahren wie man will und man kann kein Unfälle bauen mit anderen Spieler das Problem bei dem Server ist keiner von euch will da hin weil man kein Unfall bauen kann weil Unfälle nun mal dazu gehören je nach Unfall kann man drüber lachen vielleicht weil er die kurve falsch eingeschätzt hat oder bei eine rote Ampel zu spät gebremst hat alles möglich es haben dir 9 Leute hier geschrieben wie sie dich sehen geschweige Situation sehen manche haben dir Rat geben manche was anderes sry mir ist das eine Wort nicht eingefallen was ich schreiben wollte wie du damit jetzt umgehst ist dir überlassen aber zurzeit wird dir so keiner helfen da die meisten vernünftige Fahrer sind und dir nie zustimmen würden vielleicht eine kleiner Anteil schon nur die halten sich bedeckt und lesen nur mit was hier passiert aso und noch was zu deine frage warum wir das nicht verstehen diese frage stelle ich gern zurück
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    Happy birthday :)!
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    Happy birthday, Savage!
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    Abaixo você pode ver todos os membros da equipe da TruckersMP que são Portugueses ou Brasileiros, isso não significa que apenas porque eles falam o mesmo idioma que você, terás o direito de spammar-los pedindo unban ou qualquer outra ação a algum membro da equipe, por qualquer motivo que seja. Você poderá solicitar ajuda, porém tenha em mente que somente os membros do Suporte tem a obrigação de oferecer apoio aos usuários, o resto da equipe não tem nenhuma obrigação disso, porém podem lhe ajudar. @Nataliia @David Edson @Mike Dragon @Flindix @LUIG @Baratako @ThiagoBR_ @DJFrontier @sQCF - Beater @Tuna_ @Flindix @Spoezy @[MAGNO] Mystere @Spoezy @Mike Dragon Sinta-se a vontade e bom jogo! Este tópico será atualizado constantemente conforme mudanças na Staff sejam feitas.
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    This has been added in today's udpate. Thank you for the suggestion!
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    BBA Transport System Oddział Wirtualny ets/ats Dziękuje za zaproszenie Potwierdza swoją obecność na konwoju
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    You forgot one type of players - The persons who will go as fast as they can with no skills or interest to handle those speeds safely and will destroy many other players game time. This is the reason why speed limits can't be raised. If they were, they would be for everyone, the people who can handle the speed and the ones who can't. Sadly, there are too many of the latter. Some can't even drive safely at 110 Km/h and this doesn't stop them from going pedal to the metal all of the time, they'd do exactly the same at 150 Km/h, only they'd be way more dangerous to others than now.
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    Why limit yourself, when you can already travel at 9000 km/h or any speed you like on servers that are designated for that, both vanilla and promods map. If you don't like simulation and are not enjoying yourself, why are you joining servers with "simulation" in their name. You need to play on "arcade" servers, where simulation is absolutely non-existent.
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    Suggestion Name: Golden name in the "who's online" box on the truckersmp forum Suggestion Description: Like the staff, the patreon should have a different color from the other players in the "who's online" box on the start page of the forum to differentiate him from the others online. Why should it be added?: This is something simple but interesting, because as soon as we enter the forum, when we scroll down and get to the "who's online" box we will see the patreons online.
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    congratulations as always doing an amazing job and being inspiration to many people keep it up bro you're amazing
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    Do konwoju dołączają firmy: - bbaVS Oddział Wirtualny - AliTrans Zaktualizowano lokalizację wydarzenia: - Serwer Dedykowany o nazwie: Konwój charytatywny "Na Ratunek" - Serwer będzie widoczny na liście serwerów dnia 30 sierpnia, od godziny 14:00
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    [GAME MODERATOR] @aluizio' leaves the TruckersMP Team due to lack of time. Thank you for your work and effort.
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    They would fit in on the C-D road
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    I hope one day come back, hugs!
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    They're not allowed to act like that. Please don't fall into thinking that all car drivers are like that though, it's only a minority. Sometimes it may be a genuine accident. The cars are difficult to control, especially for kids who don't know how to drive irl. In my personal experience there are an equal amount of trolls driving trucks, if not more. As others have said, record and report. I'd also recomend using a cheat profile on MP (e.g large amounts of money). You will get damage, either through accidents or trolls.
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    Suggestion Name: Rear Orange LEDs - Scout Car Suggestion Description: The orange LED strobes that can be fitted to the front bumper of the scout car should also be in the back window, like the blue lights are. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Having orange strobes in the rear window of the pilot car increases visibility from the rear, which is important for escort operations on dual carriageways and motorways. This also opens up the possibility of having scout cars with effective hideaway orange stobes. This could be very useful for people who want a normal looking car, but needs the ability to have extra visibility on ocasions (e.g a VTC manager supervising escort drivers, without being directly involved in escort duties). This removes the need to fit a beacon to a car with a plain painjob, meaning players can avoid looking like a 'traffic control' troll.
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    Suggestion Name: Replace Pilot Car Skin Suggestion Description: Some new pilot skins should be created for the scout car, that replace the wording 'Pilot' with 'Abnormal Load', 'Long Vehicle', 'Convoy Escort', 'Escort Vehicle', etc. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: The current 'Pilot' wording is slightly ambiguous and does not accurately show the purpose of the vehicle. Less generic wording, such as those listed above, more accurately describe the purpose that the vehicle is being used for. Not only does this (hopefully) encourage more professional use by players, but it also gives other players a better idea of the hazard that lies ahead. I believe that the simple act of adding a few new skins (using the current design, but with different wording) would help the pilot car better perform it's function and would hopefully encourage players to use the vehicle in a more professional manner.
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    Load an autosave, its a pain but its all you can do
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    Всем привет! Хочу показать свои настройки Logitech Gaming Software "В дальнейшем LGS" и Euro Truck Simulator 2 "В дальнейшем ETS2", Которые я постепенно менял на протяжение полу-года, пока не нашёл более менее РЕАЛИСТИЧНЫЕ ОЩУЩЕНИЕ! Тема разделена на 6 частей: 1. Что такое Force Feedback 2. Что потребуется скачать. 3. Настройки LGS 4. Настройки ETS2 5. Настройки Fanaleds 6. Результат! 1. Что такое Force Feedback Force feedback (форс-фидбэк) — тактильная обратная связь игрового руля, джойстика или любого другого игрового контроллера в компьютерных играх. Виды: Активный — при определённых игровых ситуациях руль самостоятельно поворачивается в ту или иную сторону (для джойстика — отклонение рычага). Пассивный — в руле стоит пружина, и при его отклонении она возвращает руль в исходное положение. Вибрация — при определённых игровых моментах руль начинает вибрировать. В G29 Он активный, То-есть он сам будет поворачиваться в зависимости от того что происходит в игре. То-есть если вы допустим будете дрифтить (В ETS2 Это не возможно ) он будет выворачиваться в другую сторону. Думаю я смог объяснить что такое Force Feedback. 2. Что потребуется скачать. 1. ETS2 - Сама игра! Купить 2. Logitech Gaming Software - Настройки самого РУЛЯ. Скачать 3. По желанию можно установить Fanaleds - Для подсветки на руле. Скачать 3. Настройки LGS Скачиваем, устанавливаем, ПОДКЛЮЧАЕМ РУЛЬ! Нажимаем на руль в нижней полоске: Во вкладке ПРОФИЛИ нажимаем +, Вводим НАЗВАНИЕ, нажимаем + выбираем игру Steam/steamapps/common/Euro Truck Simulator 2/bin/win_x64/eurotrucks2.exe, жмём добавить. Теперь нажимаем на КНОПКУ РУЛЬ! И ставим такие настройки: НА ЭТОМ С LGS ВСЁ! 4. Настройки ETS2 НЕУСПЕЛ ДОДЕЛАТЬ КАК МОЖНО БЫСТРЕЕ ДОДЕЛАЮ!
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    [Trial Support] @Next7 has been promoted to Full Support.
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    Qu'est-ce qui n'est pas un steak? Une pastèque
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    Vous connaissez la blague de la construction? non? Normal, elle est pas encore construite!

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