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  1. [GAME MODERATOR] @Istanbullue is leaving the team due to lack of time. Thank you for your work and effort.
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  2. [Player] @POPTOYS rejoins the team as Trial Support.
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  3. [Trainee] @immortal766 has been promoted to the position of Report Moderator.
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  4. [Support] @NightSword^ joins the Community Moderation Team as an additional rank.
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  5. Greetings Truckers, As many of you know and are apart of, we have a Facebook group called “TruckersMP International”. This group was launched in May 2016 and in 4 years, over 17,000 members have joined the group. Unfortunately, in the past few months, the group activity and behaviour in the group has lowered to the point where it was becoming a concern. After many discussions with our Community Moderation Management, the tough decision has been made to close this group on July 31st, 2020. It has not been an easy decision to make but due to the reasons aforementioned, we have ended up at this
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  6. [COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @Mr. Calvin has been promoted to Community Manager.
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  10. Have a great weekend all! Keep safe and enjoy yourselves! (Old because I like this pic) Recent
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  11. [Game Moderator] @3ventic leaves the Game Moderation team but remains in the team as a Community Moderator.
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  12. crtz monthly convoy! come hang with us
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  14. [Retired Team Member] @Arda. rejoins the team as Report Moderator.
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  16. Good Morning TruckersMP! Have a nice day!
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  17. A great weekend to everyone
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  18. Hello Truckers, I uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel, I hope you like it. Enjoy watching! Kind regards, Samito_BG TruckersMP Staff Game Moderator
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  19. New Scania S 580 V8 for the MP
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  20. Scout Extra D
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  21. Took some pictures on my drive in Norway
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  22. Oh yes, I love taking pictures.. ..no I don't
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  24. Patrolling King Regards, Dominik [SK] TruckersMP Game Moderator & Translator
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  26. What surprises me most is that the "solution" that has been chosen is more or less a "final solution" and that intermediate steps have not been taken, such as moderator approved posts, restricting the group, ejecting/removing the troublemakers, etc. I see no answer in the FAQ provided that answers why as a solution all other steps have been skipped... Nevertheless, I understand the reasons even though I disagree with the way this has escalated.
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  27. Sziasztok! Sokan kíváncsiak arra a TruckersMP csapatának a struktúrájára, kik is dolgoznak a színfalak mögött, milyen munkák is folynak itt, és még jó pár dologra. Ebben a cikkben arról találsz információkat, hogy melyik rank pontosan miért felel. De még mielőtt elkezdenénk! Nagyon fontos, hogy akik a csapatban dolgoznak, mind önkéntesen teszik ezt, ezért ők semmilyen fizetést nem kapnak. Éppen ezért, vannak olyan dolgok, amik sok időt vehetnek igénybe, mivel e-mellett a projekt mellett mindenkinek megvan a saját magánélete, továbbá minden munkának biztosítani kell a minőségét, ami
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  28. w/ @Civciw in Calais : FRIDAY 26TH JUNE 2020 It was the first time I'd seen him in TMP(game). P.s: @Civciw, thank you for your time yesterday. It was a pleasure to meet you -!
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  29. @Seven . Happy weekend!
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  30. [RETIRED TEAM MEMBER] @Arda. takıma Report Moderator olarak tekrardan katıldı. [PLAYER] @POPTOYS takıma Trial Support olarak tekrardan katıldı.
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  31. Good morning everyone, I hope you’re all well!! Hopefully going to see you lot at the event tomorrow which you can find on the front page of our website :)) #HAPPY TRUCKING
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  32. Time to take a break... see you tomorrow gentlemen.
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  33. Another best driving with our Add-on Manager sir @TeamDeer
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  35. [Translator] @Next7 joins the Support Team as a Trainee whilst remaining in the team as a Translator.
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  36. T r u c k e r s M P T a k ı m ı L i s t e s i Game Manager @weezy Game Moderator Leader @BlocKing Game Moderator Trainer ---- Game Moderator @Suleyman.53 @RequieB @Snap Dragon @LadyAndromeda @-VOYVODA- Report Moderator ---- Trainee ---- Community Moderator Team Leader ---- Community Moderator Fo
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  37. Hi all, Want to publish a small opensource utility, which allows to synchronize cargoes between truckers. Website Hosted version : https://ft-t.github.io/ Source code : https://github.com/ft-t/ets2-sync Important x Currently, its in alpha stage, so in some cases it can break your save game, so please backup it before upload. x In order to use that tool, your save game should be saved with g_save_format 2 Supported games : x ETS 2 (1.37+) x ETS 2 (1.37+) + ProMods 2.46 x ATS 2 (1.37+) Description
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  38. Forgot to post this, Driving about with @flowahh and @Judha_ and a few others a few days ago.
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  41. morning everyone it is the cancer support convoy today hope to see you there'
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  42. Morning all, hope you all have a great weekend and i might see you out on the open roads of TMP.
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  44. Good Evening, TruckersMP!
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  48. I have been exploring some ''challenging'' roads on the islands of France (Corsica) & Italy (Sardinia), Together with: Beenz, mdshahid6540, TeamDeer, IethaI, Lasse and Shayrin, Thanks for the fun.
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