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    [GAME MODERATOR] @Kid Fabi has been promoted to Game Moderator Leader.
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    [RETIRED TEAM MEMBER] @Soul Knight rejoins the Game Moderation Team as Game Moderator.
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    [GAME MODERATOR] @Bitte_mit_Sahne has been suspended due to violating the official set of rules.
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    It's Sunday, so it's time for a little rest... Kind regards, Samito_BG TruckersMP Staff Game Moderator
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    Good Evening, TruckersMP!
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    [GAME MODERATOR] @Kid Fabi został awansowany na Game Moderator Leader.
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    I wish everyone have a happy weekend!
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    - Live now! - Come join say Hello https://www.twitch.tv/tuttorialss
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    Thank you for participating all! Successfully ended the spring convoy event! Next Convoy event : Summer Convoy 2020 ( July. 5th 2020 ) I will be updated soon + TruckFEST
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    Try Peterbilt 389 Ultra Cab Sleeper
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    New scania is better or the old scania is better in terms of acceleration and handling?what are the pros and cons of both trucks
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    Hai @Patriktanki! Nice to meet you! Ah..
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    Hola @JCM_PROJECT_ARGENTINA La opción del cansancio del juego está desactivada por defecto en los servidores de TruckersMP debido a que el aumento de este provoca que la conducción sea más imprecisa y poder interferir en los demás jugadores, de ahí la desactivación de esta opción en TruckersMP. Para que te salgan trabajos debes dormir, viajar al taller, viajar entre garages o usar puertos, asi se resetea el sistema de cargas del juego. Un saludo.
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    Askip ça roule bien ici. Alors ça vous tentes à la semaine on se fait une game?
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    woah, Congrats!
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    Congratulations Fabi!
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    Congrats, mate
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    I have to admit, sometimes it happens to me, but it's not because I don't see or can't calculate my distance, it's because of the large number of players present in areas such as the Calais service, where, having many lights and rotaries, in addition to players leaving and entering at the same time the possibility of hooking on a railing or wall, is high just because the FPS go down terribly and by the lights apart sometimes blind spots are generated and that leads to get one hooked up with the trailer, and that's not counting the "fly out in the air" factor by going out in conjunction with another player and that leading to a BUG.
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    Wooowwww Congrats, sir. Realy you deserved it. Good Luck
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    Lovely drive with lovely People ♥ @davidd. - @Savage. - @Jamie R
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    Ich habe immer alles auf Video und reporte die Leute. Mehr kannst du nicht machen und ich auch nicht. Falls du dich entscheidest auch die Fahrer zu reporten brauchst du folgendes: -ein Aufnahmeprogramm (ich benutze Bandicam aber ich empfehle es nur wenn man 2 Bildschirme benutzt) -die Erfahrung Videos zu schneiden -YouTube oder andere websites wo man Videos hochladen und teilen kann. Zu beachten ist: -Uhrzeit und Datum muss angegeben werden! Dazu empfehle ich die Uhrzeit im Video laut auszusprechen damit du weißt was du als Uhrzeit (und Datum) in das Report System schreiben musst -Uhrzeit und Datum wird in der UTC Zeit angegeben (das ist nur -1 Stunde in der Deutschen Zeit z.B. um 11:15 rammt mich einer und in das Forum schreibe ich 10:15) -wichtig ist die TMPID (TruckersMP ID) diese immer im Video mit hinzufügen mit: /pinfo {Ingame ID} diese benötigst du um den Spieler zu reporten. Ich empfehle des weiteren die reports immer auf Englisch abzuschicken da diese dann schneller bearbeitet werden. Der Link von dem Video reicht und du musst nicht nochmal beschreiben was passiert ist, außer du hältst es für nötig. L.G. Chrizzle
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    [RETIRED TEAM MEMBER] @_Russian rejoins the team as Game Moderator.
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    Mid way through some polishing, and notice the beautiful Scandinavian sunset, so I had to grab a quick photo
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    Hello, is it possible for users who have bans to have access only to arcade servers ??? Please accept because it's a good idea
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    [Report Moderator] @EHHVTC Founder l Gamer5 has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator.
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    [RETIRED TEAM MEMBER] @wpx_ rejoins the team as Report Moderator.
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    Doğum Günün Kutlu Olsun
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    New Scania: Pros; More Inbuilt accessories in default model Better Handling Better Breaking Gear Change is Better Cons; More Damage caused than usual Tend to slide when returning to a low speed from a high speed Wheel locks up sometimes (May be me) Gears move to quick up with low speed causing a stall Old Scania: Pros; Sexier Interior Better Breaking cylinders Better Accessories Keep it Simple Truck I cannot find any faults with the older Scania's. Hope this helps! Ross / InformationWhisky
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    [GAME MODERATOR] @[AHL] Aek177 has been promoted to Game Moderator Leader.

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