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    [SUPPORT] @ThiagoBR_ transfers to the Game Moderation Team as Trainee. [SUPPORT] @Kid Fabi transfers to the Game Moderation Team as Trainee.
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    In my opinion the new Actross DLC it's good. I hope that the synchronization will be fixed soon, then everything will be awesome. What do you guys think about thе new DLC ? Thanks for the awesome pictures: @Spat91 !
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    Liking the new tuning pack, a lot of very nice customisation parts. Already updated and heavily reworked one of my trucks from 2016 with the new parts: The truck had been sitting in storage for literally the last 3 years, but now it will finally see some use again. Last time I drove this truck was with a double like this as well, though the trailers from that have since been scrapped (removed from the game by SCS, the ETS1 Reefer).
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    Didn't even realize.. It was my 1 year anniversary in the team yesterday
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    [RETIRED TEAM MEMBER] @Asatelon rejoins the team as Game Moderator.
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    Good morning TruckersMP. Wish you have a wonderful day.
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    [REPORT MODERATOR] [TRANSLATOR] @Dominik [SK] has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator.
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    This topic may be out of date. Please check this Knowledge Base article for the newest version: https://truckersmp.com/kb/26 Introduction When there is a new ETS2 or ATS patch released by SCS, the TruckersMP client won't support it immediately in most cases. You must wait few days before we fully support the new update. Does it mean you can't play multiplayer during this time? No! You can, but you will have to downgrade your ETS2 or ATS to the supported version. How? Read this thread! How to downgrade my game? Firstly, go to your Steam Library and search Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator. Now right-click Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator and choose Properties. In Properties, choose BETA tab. Select the latest support version from the list. Use the following versions for the appropriate game: ATS: "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs" ETS2: "temporary_1_35 - 1.35.x for incompatible mods" Done! You downgraded your game. But to be sure, check if you see Queued or the downloading's percentage. Author: I<3VODKA
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    In this video I show people how they can make their own jobs through the Trucksbook dispatcher. Bear in mind that you need the dispatcher rank to be able to do this on the VTC's Trucksbook page. Trucksbook Dispatcher Tutorial
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    Many people have been wondering what this little thing below their forum name is and how it can be changed. Today, I want to reveal information about that since the number of people who wrote topics asking exactly that is very high! First of all, I want everybody to understand the difference between the rank on the forum and the role an individual can have. The forum rank is increasing the more posts you submit whereas a role is something you get through recruitments. A role can be everything from a Player to a Supporter or even a Community Manager. The rank on the forum, however, cannot be changed as simply as the role. It needs hard work and patience. Submitting topics, creating useful content and replying to discussions is a great way to enhance the rank. Once you have reached 500 posts on the forum, the rank can be changed and customised. Until then, you will automatically get a rank assigned. Beneath, there is a breakdown of the names, numbers and images which come with the respective rank: 0 to 14 posts No Cargo 15 to 29 posts 1t Caravan 30 to 49 posts 3t Helicopter 50 to 74 posts 3t Young Seedlings 75 to 99 posts 4t Ventilation Shaft 100 to 149 posts 6t Braco Vans 150 to 299 posts 6t Yacht 300 to 449 posts 7t Cars 450 to 599 posts 8t Electronics 600 to 749 posts 8t Digger 500 750 to 949 posts 8t Roller DYNA 950 to 1149 posts 8t Driller D-50 1150 to 1349 posts 9t Roadroller 1350 to 1499 posts 11t Forklifts 1500 to 1699 posts 11t Tractors 1700 to 1899 posts 12t Fuel Tanker 1900 to 1999 posts 14t Live Cattle 2000 to 2199 posts 15t Digger 1000 2200 to 2399 posts 19t Pressure Tank 2400 to 2599 posts 20t Bulldozer 2600 to 2799 posts 21t Glass Panels 2800 to 2999 posts 22t Wall Panels 3000 to 3499 posts 23t Floor Panels 3500 to 3999 posts 25t Crawler Tractor 4000 to 4499 posts 28t Metal Centering 4500 to 4999 posts 34t Industrial Cable Reel 5000 to 5499 posts 35t All Terrain Crane 5500 to 5999 posts 39t Dozer Crawl 6000 to 6400 posts 40t Scraper 6500 to 6999 posts 43t Milling Machine 7000 to 7499 posts 44t Asphalt Miller 7500 to 7999 posts 47t Transformer 8000 to 8499 posts 51t Concrete Beams 8500 to 8999 posts 53t Lift Truck 9000 to 9999 posts 61t Vossloh G6 Locomotive at least 10000 posts King of all Cargo! 500 posts = Ability to set custom rank Hopefully, this will clear things up! If you were one of those people who always wondered what this is and it can be changed, I am really glad to have published that. Should there be any questions about things that are not entirely clear, make sure to reply to this topic and I will answer them accordingly as soon as possible. The Community Management
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    Hello everyone, There has been a lot of confusion around the evidence and what is accepted as valid evidence and what we look for when users report on our website. This is something that you can refer to as to how to make your reports count and have a much higher chance of being accepted. Please note that these are just guidelines and not rules. What sort of evidence should I be providing? Rules violations that usually require video evidence (depending on the violation) are the following: §1.3 - Spamming or Abuse §2.1 - Hacking/Bug/Feature abusing §2.2 - Ramming §2.3 - Blocking §2.4 - Incorrect Way / Inappropriate Overtaking §2.5 - Reckless Driving §2.6 - Inappropriate Convoy Management / Car Abuse Rules violations that usually can be proven with photo evidence (depending on the violation) are the following: §1.3 - Spamming or Abuse §1.5 - Inappropriate use of language, communication and impersonation of any kind §3 - Save editing rules If the offence you want to report is not listed here, you are best to have video evidence as video evidence is always preferred and is more likely to be accepted than photo evidence. For video evidence, we need to clearly see the usernames and IDs, low quality videos or screenshots might get rejected if the evidence is not enough to spot correctly a player. What is /pinfo & does it have to be in my evidence? The command /pinfo [ID] is a command that shows a users TruckersMP & Steam ID when you enter in a user's in-game ID. This command is especially useful for identifying users in large crowds or when there are users with similar names. When reporting a user, it is not mandatory to have this command in the evidence or as a separate screenshot attached to the report, but it is highly recommended you do attach it as it confirms the user you are reporting is the user who is featured in the video. If the user quit the game before you were able to do the command, don't worry, you can still submit your report, but there is a chance that you may get the wrong ID in reporting the user, which means your report may be declined. How long should my video evidence be? When looking at lengths of video evidence, we look for evidence that is between 15 seconds to 1 minute for a report of a user, so that we can immediately see the offence you're reporting and move on onto the next report. A video that is too short can be classified as insufficient evidence as it may not show enough of the situation to make a conclusion as to what user is at fault. If your video evidence is longer than 5 minutes, we would like to have timestamps included in the report comment as to what time the offences occur. Reports without the timestamp may be rejected to having too longer evidence. If you have ban compilations, we do require timestamps either in the video link, or written in the comments section as to where the offence starts. What website should I use to upload my evidence too? There are 2 main sites where we will like to view evidence. YouTube and Streamable are the most frequently used sites and are sites that we are happy to view evidence on, but depending on where you live, sometimes you may not have access to these sites. Alternative sites like Vimeo, DailyMotion, VidMe and Google Drive are all accepted, however, if you can use one of the other sites, we would prefer you to use those. Please note that we do not download evidence. Any site that requires us to download evidence will have the report automatically declined as we do not download evidence due to the security risk. How long does my evidence have to be available for? Your evidence must be available for at least 1 month after the ban expires according to our rules. So, if a user you reported is banned and the ban expires on the 1st of January, your evidence must be available for viewing until the 1st of February. Removal of the evidence before the required time, might result in a ban from our reporting system. Evidence for permanent bans cannot be removed. If you have any further questions regarding our website reporting system, please check out the guide and FAQ here.
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    Suggestion Name: TPM server road speed limit, it is recommended Suggestion Description:Currently, the TMP server applies the speed limit of 110km/h for expressway and 60km/h for urban roads.I think this is unreasonable, because the limit of 110km/h of the server is to reduce the occurrence of accidents, which is good, we can also slow down the speed to observe the scenery of the journey, but the limit of 110km/h lengthened the time of long-distance freight, leading to the loss of some players.So it's recommended to have a zone speed limit, and you might be wondering what the zone speed is?Let me give you some examples. For example, duisburg, garai and other cities have more people who can limit the speed within the city, but the cities with fewer people can limit the speed within the city, 80km/h. More people can also limit the speed on roads, but the high-speed roads with fewer people can limit the speed at 150km/h Any example images: Temporarily no Why should it be added?:Speeding up a road segment reduces the time it takes to transport goods over long distances,
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    Suggestion Name: Dynamic Speed Limits Based on Traffic Suggestion Description: ETS2MP already has a map that shows where the people are driving, so that it can already analyse the traffic, if a road is having an high traffic the system will set the speed limit to a lower speed (110->70 in Calais Duisburg bridge zone for example). If there is no traffic on an highway the speed limit could rise up to 150kph which everyone wants to have. By this way the roads will be a lot safer than now and no one will be bothered by the limits, it will do the necessary thing. Any example images: Cant have. Why should it be added?: It is needed.
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    Suggestion Name: Replace Skoda Suggestion Description: All cars should be replaced with regular trucks that can haul less but are quicker etc Any example images: No Why should it be added?: I think the cars are pretty useless and dangerous, for example: the speed which cause tons of problems. P.S: In person I see more trucks for pilot trucking.
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    Hello there, I am very happy to read that your problem has been resolved! Please feel free to create a new help topic or to contact the Support Team should you require our help in the future! Support System: https://truckersmp.com/support/ // Locked and moved to solved. Kindest Regards, TFM DJ ccowie TruckersMP Support
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    Welcome back to the Staff Asatelon, have luck with your role in the future !
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    Witajcie kierowcy ciężarówek i właściciele VTC! Po pracowitym i udanym wydaniu nowego systemu VTC zakończyliśmy sprawdzanie wszystkiego i zakończyliśmy aktualizacje zasad i wymagań, aby zakwalifikować się do statusu zweryfikowanego. Jakie zmiany? W skrócie: wymagania dotyczące zweryfikowanego statusu VTC będą się teraz bardziej koncentrować na zaangażowaniu VTC w społeczność, co utrudni spełnienie wymagań zwiększających znaczenie statusu. Wymagania dotyczące zweryfikowanego statusu można znaleźć tutaj. Dodano także nową zasadę dotyczącą VTC na temat reklam na profilu VTC. Regulamin VTC można znaleźć tutaj. Jak wpływa to na VTC, które zostały już zweryfikowane? VTC, które są zostały już zweryfikowane, z czasem zostaną ponownie ocenione i mogą utracić status zweryfikowanej, jeśli nie będą już spełniać wymagań. Ponowna ocena rozpocznie się 1 miesiąc po tej aktualizacji (1 października 2019 r.). Aktualizacja bazy wiedzy na temat VTC Razem z tą aktualizacją dodajemy również nowy artykuł do artykułów w bazie wiedzy o systemie VTC: przewodnik o stylu, który pomoże Ci sprawić, aby profil twojego VTC wyglądał niesamowicie. Ten artykuł można znaleźć tutaj. Do zobaczenia! Zespół TruckersMP
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    Pries Logistics Convoy 02.09.2019 @Miyu* @Aragon @SH13LD @ElectroHouse20 @QF_Giulia @DarkMoon [RU/EN] @Hype [GR] @SimplyOndrej @Erik0301 @GopalHere @andy9rox @Winged_Hussar
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    XI Konwój Przyjaźni Obecnie zatrudnionych jest 29/35 kierowców. REKRUTACJA JEST OTWARTA! Strona główna:http://bluetransspedition.eu Forum:http://bluetransspedition.eu/forum/ Fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/BlueTransSpedition
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    Stimme ich dir voll und ganz zu! Die meisten Personen die sich dann beschweren, dass wir Game Moderatoren nichts tun sind meistens diese die selbst dann Calais - Duisburg fahren und das aus Spaß, sich aber dann beschweren wenn sie gerammt werden. Ich selbst bin so eingestellt solche Bereiche von der Map zu umfahren und mir lieber Touren zu suchen Richtung Baltic als Beispiel da dieses Dlc das schönste bislang ist.
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    Awesome convoy yesterday Thanks to @Digital and @Matt #CarLadMatt for planning and organizing this event! We did not expect at all that there were going to be so many fantastic people joining the convoy :)) Also thanks to all of the Event Team members and the Game Moderators who helped out . @NoTime4name, @Mike Dragon, @EPS!LON, @Speedy_TMP, @Baratako, @kNex FaNz, @-Zirox-, @M.J., @MrSirViking, @BloatedHook302 love ya'll!
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    Dziękuje wszystkim za konwój. Mam nadzieję, że udał się i wielu osobą podobało się, ale to zostawiam do waszej oceny . Następna edycja niestety odbędzie się dopiero w 2020. Niestety była to chwilowo ostatnia edycja którą współorganizowała firma Nescar, gdyż zawiesili firmę . Mam nadzieje, że wrócicie i nie raz zorganizujemy jeszcze jakiś fajny konwój. Dziękuje za przybycie i mam nadzieję że w następnej edycji spotkamy się w takiej samej, lub jeszcze lepszej ekipie. Pozdrawiam
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    Olá Lembre-se que apenas as configurações ativas abaixo o permitem limitar a sua velocidade a 90Km/H fora das cidades: 1- Contratos Externos pelo WOT (World Of Trucks) 2- Limitador ativo nas configurações do jogo 3- Limitador Ativo nas configurações do TruckersMP (Acessível teclando TAB e teclando no ícone de engrenagem). Nos informe se o seu problema foi resolvido
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    -Xplan11 -Minecraft -GTA5 -World of Warships -CSGO -P3Dv4 -MUSYNX -Beat Saber -VR Chat -L4D2 -Nekopara
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    Caro @vfsgomes, caso nenhuma das alternativas acima tenha funcionado mesmo depois se seguidas corretamente, tente a seguinte: 1- Vá até o menu do jogo, nas Opções; 2- Selecione o Jogo "Preferências de Jogo"; 3- Role a lista até encontrar a opção destacada na img abaixo; 4- Tenha certeza de que o campo esteja desmarcado; Se o problema continuar, certifique-se de que as cargas que você está transportando NÃO são do Contratos Externos, pois essas cargas limitam o seu caminhão a 90km/h independente de sua configuração de jogo. Caso isso também não resolva, então me desculpe, isso é o máximo onde posso tentar ajudar. Boa sorte!
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    [TRANSLATOR] @izm07 Game Moderator takımına [REPORT MODERATOR] olarak transfer edildi.
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    Olá @vfsgomes, Tudo bem com você? Primeiro de tudo os Servidores "Simulation 1" e "Simulation 2" o Limite de Velocidade é 110 KM/h Segundo Certifique-se de ter Desabilitado o Limite de Velocidade dentro do Jogo e também a Opção "Speed Limiter" através da Tecla TAB como mostra na Imagem abaixo:
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    Mein Schätzchen frisch ausm' Werk abgeholt :
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    Meine Favoriten sind ganz klar Frankreich und Italien! Meine absolute lieblings-Autobahn ist aber die von Kiel hoch nach Dänemark/Odense. Im MP sind da immer mega viele Leute unterwegs und die riesigen Brücken, die mich in Real wie auch im Spiel immer wieder beeindrucken!
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    [GAME MODERATOR LEADER] @weezy Game Manager pozisyonuna terfi etti.
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    [GAME MODERATOR] @Arda. Kişisel sebeplerden dolayı takımdan ayrıldı.
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    [TRIAL SUPPORT] @POPTOYS [FULL SUPPORT] statüsüne yükseltildi.
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    [TRAINEE] @Suleyman.53 Report Moderator pozisyonuna terfi etti. İkincil rol olarak, Community Moderator (Forum Moderatörü) olarak kalacak.
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    Dear players, We are looking for new Community Moderators to help engage the community on the Forum or Discord as well as ensure that the community follow the TruckersMP rules. Community Moderator Duties: As a Community Moderator, you may have some of the following responsibilities: Forums: Create positive community interaction; Ensure all topics, posts, replies, status updates and messages comply with the official TruckersMP rules; Moving mistakenly submitted topics to the respective sections; Keep the forums organised; Archiving inactive topics; Handling the forum reports; Dealing with Suggestions. Discord: Create positive community interaction; Ensure all content posted in the Discord Guild complies to all Discord rules; Regularly work with the Community Moderator Manager to look at suggestions; Regularly review the Discord Guild rules and work with the Community Moderator Manager to rewrite them; Work with our users to keep a clean environment. Additionally, we encourage every Community Moderator to be active on social media, the public Discord guild and forums in order to be informed about everything. The more you know, the more valuable you are for the team and the better you will understand various situations. Joining requirements: Have good knowledge of TruckersMP and the rules Must be a member of TruckersMP for at least 12 months Must be registered on the TruckersMP forum for at least one month No bans within the last 12 months Must have no more than 3 bans Active on the forum Must have overall good behaviour, which includes in-game, forum, Discord and our official social media pages Language skills - English is necessary; being bilingual will be an advantage. Good communication skills Resilient, active and flexible Ability to work within a team and on your own at times Eager to learn and progress your knowledge Organised and adaptive Be able to accept constructive criticism Previous experience is an advantage, but not a necessity Forums: To be registered on the forum for at least 6 months There is no minimum of posts, however, we strongly encourage you to interact with the community Discord: Good activity on the Discord. Our guideline is participating in conversations every other day for 1 month. Social Media: Excellent activity and interaction on the forums OR perfect Discord activity, so we can see how you interact with people. Optional: Previous moderation experience. About Applying: You can only apply once in this recruitment round; You must have a forum account; Having knowledge of others languages may give you an advantage. You must however know English. We are looking for members who can speak Chinese, Hungarian, Russian, French, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Dutch and German. Sound good? You can send in your application here: https://truckersmp.com/recruitment End of recruitment: September 17th 2019 at 00:00 (UTC) Good luck!
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    [COMMUNITY MANAGER] @Wheezy left the team due to personal and internal reasons.
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    When scs software is trying to fix bugs
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    Salut ! Reprise sur ETS2, avec quelques screenshots du Volvo !
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    Sehr geehrte Spieler und Virtuelle Spediteure, Dies ist der Platz, um Eure virtuellen Speditionen innerhalb der deutschsprachigen Community zu annoncieren. Wir ermutigen Euch zum Werben für die Spedition! Sollten irgendwelche Fragen auftauchen oder braucht Ihr Anleitungen, so kontaktiert einen Community Manager oder ein Mitglied des Community Moderationsteams. Wollt Ihr Eure Spedition global bekannt machen? Werbt für sie in diesem Bereich und weckt das Interesse der Fahrer! Es gelten die folgenden Anforderungen, welche erfüllt sein müssen, damit der Beitrag in diesem Forenbereich freigeschaltet wird. Bitte stellt sicher, dass diese Anforderungen auch wirklich erfüllt sind, bevor ein Beitrag abgeschickt wird. Die Anforderungen treten mit sofortiger Wirkung in Kraft. Der Verfasser sollte: Mindestens Zwanzig nützliche Forenbeiträge haben Mindestens einen Monat lang im Forum registriert sein Nicht zuvor im Forum verwarnt worden sein Die virtuelle Spedition sollte: Mindestens ein paar (mindestens drei) Fahrer haben Einzigartige Speditionsspezifikationen wie einen eigenen Namen oder ein spezielles Logo haben Ausreichende Kontaktinformationen (Discord oder TeamSpeak) sowie allgemeine speditionsbezogene Informationen wie mögliche Konvois oder Rekrutierungsinfos beinhalten Weiterhin müssen relevante Medien (Videos, Bilder) und eine funktionale Webseite (Facebook würde ausreichen) vorhanden sein Zusätzlich müssen Infos zum Management der Spedition vorliegen. Sämtliche relevanten Medien bezüglich der Werbung sind als Screenshots o.Ä. in Form eines Spoilers zu posten, denn sonst kann der Beitrag gegebenenfalls entfernt werden. Aus dem virtuellen Speditionsthema muss hervorgehen, dass ausreichend viel Mühe in die Erstellung gesteckt wurde. Inhalte wie Webseiten, Logos, Namen o.Ä. sollten einzigartig für die Spedition sein. Selbst wenn das Thema allen Anforderungen entspricht, behalten wir uns dennoch vor, das Thema nicht zu akzeptieren aufgrund von einigen Kriterien, die wir absichtlich nicht aufgelistet haben. Wie dem auch sei, in diesem Sinne behalten wir uns aber ebenfalls vor, einige Themen zu akzeptieren, die nur teilweise die Anforderungen erfüllen. Beiträge, die über einen Monat lang inaktiv waren, werden archiviert. Eine Spedition zu haben erlaubt Euch im Übrigen ein zusätzliches Abzeichen im öffentlichen Discord von TruckersMP zu haben. Dieses bietet Zugang zu einem globalen Kommunikationsknotenpunkt mit sämtlichen Spediteuren der gesamten Welt!

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