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    The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step..
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    Enjoying the new World of Trucks job w/ @Savage.
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    Control over your own mind is the greatest power you can have.
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    Good Night How did you spend your weekend and are you ready for the next week? @-Tomukas-
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    Epilepsy A Square From Convoy @RequieB @Krewlex @kNex FaNz
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    Hello Community, please keep in Mind to obey the Rules and respecting other Players during the WOT Event, like you always do. And if you are finished with your personal goal, keep driving with the special trailers. I am sure, there is a Hidden Community GOAL!
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    As of last night, all DLC Support packages for Additional Customisation are released. Main download: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1692043273 Full list: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1692116751
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    Everybody has three chars ; the one is come out ,the one is owned ,the one is thought to have.
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    Nothing like taking this beauty out for a spin, raising awareness of Blue Eyes 2019, supporting the Moorfields Eye Charity. All information on the event can be found on our website. https://blue-eyes.net
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    Memories... I always used to drive with this trailer everyday, but when Trailer Ownership came this became history. It was nice to drive with it again <3
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    Rule of the day. When TMP Allows something new. Take advantage it. Sometimes it just doesn't last long. THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING US TO DRIVE TRIPLES. WHOOOOP SO MUCH FUN!!
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    Time to do some Live Streaming again!
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    Everything Is Empty https://youtu.be/guPJroqvn5k?t=17
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    Tones of Viva photos from the #OneTruckFamily event are rolling in!
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    During the event #OneTruckFamily
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    Good night TruckersMP Thanks for your time @GGF MD #ONETRUCKFAMILY
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    World Of Trackers Event 8/10 with @RIDDLER.
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    I saw you in Paris @KasperE Enjoy your Game Moderaror time/work… How are you Guys?
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    I have been playing around with Forerunner's extra customization mod, and I have created this. Its an MAN Euro 6 with: Scania R mirrors, Scania R front bumper, Scania R 2012 sounds and the Scania badge on the front. And you have my word there are gonna be more of these strange edited trucks!
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    Going LIVE, Doing some WoT event and Admin work <3
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    You can’t lose someone you never had.
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    These past few weeks have flown by!
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    Thanks everyone for the warm wishes and the follows!
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    https://prntscr.com/n29ji9 The event is over.
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    Great event from @[WTLVTC - Owner] Senka @[WTLVTC MANAGER] YamYam @[WTLVTC-Manager] DannyB @[WTLVTC Manager] Bigdave Thank you for the great event WTL VTC will be missed especially those iconic black,orange and white painted truck <3
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    World Of Trackers Event 6/10
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    Good afternoon & evening TruckersMP (preparing for a drive with @GGF MD) #ONETRUCKFAMILY
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    A Beautiful Tour with my Friends on my VTC Enjoy your Sunday!
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