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    @AdaBey @[ NOG ] Baldemar95 5 Tier maçından görüntüler
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    .. Breath in, breath deep, you know that's all you need, your heart, it beats, in perfect time with me.. Good Night. ..
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    kardeşimmmm çılgın olduğumuz doğrudur kankaaaaaa @Ali.
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    The first Staff convoy in 2019, thanks team for a nice trip to the beautiful Oregon)
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    Thank you a lot @RequieB , @InvisibleRaptor , @[TAL CEO] BlackSkill , @AdaBey , @[VIVA] Kehox , @[TAL] Xris . It means a lot that you made some time to spend it along me. I wish you all goodnight and spread the love, guys!
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    Bir saniyesine bile hükmedemediğimiz şu dünyada fırıldak olmamayı bize çoktan öğrettiler çok şükür. @RequieB
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    @RequieB , @InvisibleRaptor , @AdaBey , @Andreea RO https://imgur.com/IBGX5gE - - - - - - - - https://imgur.com/rGmU1Zt - - - - - - - - https://imgur.com/ecAAfFU ( @AdaBey ... jealous ) - - - - - - - - https://imgur.com/6sr03Tg was a nice ride ^^
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    Friendship is the shadow of the evening, which increases with the setting sun of life. @RequieB - @AdaBey - @BurakAKSAKAL and others....
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    Who wants to come for a ride on ETS2 or American Truck later tonight? Let's say at 10:30 PM.(Romania's hour GMT +2)
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    Back to the Roads with my VTC Boss!! Come Join and say Hi
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    “Anyone can make mistakes, but only idiots persist in their errors.”
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    Waddle over to the new SOFTUF VTC! Open for all players! https://discord.softuf.com - We have many upcoming events for people to get involved in!
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    Good Night Thanks for a mini-convoy @Andreea RO @[TAL] Xris @InvisibleRaptor @[VIVA] Kehox @AdaBey
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    oooh i've got 200 community rep, how exciting Thanks for reacting to my awful posts guys
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    Thank you @Yoyo_ManSg for join us @Helena
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    Blue Eyes is a Charity Event raising money for the Moorfields Eye Charity. But, why do we run it? This charity means a lot to me due to what they do, and what they have done to help me personally. Their work is extraordinary, and changes lives every day. But they can't do this alone! Moorfields are a specialist eye hospital in London. They deal with all sorts of complex conditions, and as a result. See a lot of patients with quite bad eyesight. After years of little to no eyesight, Great Ormond Street (a children's hospital in London) told me about an experimental lens developed by Moorfields. They told me it was risky, but could give me my sight back. So I took the risk, and had the surgery. It was very complex, and took 4 hours, but it was successful. And here I am today, typing to you. I am still blind in one eye, and still impaired in the one with the implant, but it has transformed my life, and I'd actually go as far to say, changed it. What are we doing? We will be running a Truckfest followed by a 12 hour marathon convoy. This event is in aid of Moorfields as mentioned above, and our donation target is **£100** How can I get involved? - You can apply for a Staff Role when applications are open - You can Invite your VTC, or friends to attend - You can Donate to the Fundraising Page (https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/blueeyes19) How do I stay up to date? Keep updated on our Social Media, which is linked below! Facebook: https://fb.com/blueeyesconvoy Discord: https://discord.gg/c322CDC Website: https://blue-eyes.net Donation Page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/blueeyes19 Thank you for reading, and we'll see you in April!
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    Really great interior, good evening to everyone.
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    Just under 3 weeks now It'd be awesome to see you there! https://ets2c.com/view/78622/penguin-berlin-hotel
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    Gardaşım profil foton efso oldu
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    Rode through Europe, thanks for the company!
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    Quite upset that I have been messed around recently. Really annoys me when something is unclear and not properly set out causing me not to get it
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    Don't do stupid things. Think about things like 50 times before you do them, and then think again, because when you look back at the wrong decision you've made, it's too late.
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    Freut mich in der Position zu sehen! Hoffentlich wirst Du voll dabei sein Viel Erfolg!
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    Going LIVE shortly guys come join the fun.
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    Welcome back my friend Old photo with you
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