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    when someone asks if im admin i cri
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    I was chasing ITDLC participants little while ago.
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    What good is after 3 months of inactivity can be active again on servers. But it is important that the driving license in real life is successfully taken.
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    Neyin speedhack olup neyin olmadığını anlayamayacak adamlar adminlik yapıyor.
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    Great Convoy earlier today by RomaniaElit Was invite only so only the VTC's invited where there (had its own server) Plenty more Photos here https://imgur.com/a/oUETC
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    Bu ... İşi Sitresli @Memduh Ba?gan
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    LOL This ad... They have copied the name of my tool
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    boa madruga a todos do trucks mp
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    Have been in New Mexico for hours today together with @Liondog177
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    Thank you for inviting us @Sgt Salt @RomaniaElit @Nataliia
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    Now that ATS is supported by TMP it is finally time to explore New Mexico on MP!
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    Muchas gracias, cuenta paypal para hacerte una transferencia? te debo minimo 5 pavos te lo juro
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    No hay problema, cualquier duda no dude en preguntar.
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    Tu tiiiiooo muchisimas gracias en serio
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    Scania is the bast truck in the world.
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    Good morning everyone! Have a fantastic Sunday
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    queria saber o que seguinifica esse caminhao que tem no lado esquerdo do perfil com um nome escrito rank?
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    After a successful delivery of contraba-...I mean "Goods"
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    Well, enjoyed a bit of a drive to end my Saturday off as well as listened to @Horizon playing those good tunes over at Truckers.FM
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    The Pro Trucker @Chris - TFM is at it again, this time it's him vs. None NCZ. As you can see Mike Dragon also warned people several times but he just nopes it.
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    Gutted I was not recording on C-D road a while ago One of the funniest things I have ever seen happened I was stuck in some traffic going slowly, 2 heavy cargos, a car and a truck then me, then some trucks (with trailers) came up at high speed and I mean really high speed, I'd guess between 90 ad 100 mph (can you guess the makes of the trucks I wonder? ) the first 2 overtook safely but then oncoming traffic came and well not quite sure exactly what happened but the trucks infront crashed then further ahead a car did multiple 360's into the air, 2 trucks flipped over to their sides, I pulled onto the grass and just as well I did cause more trucks came at speed and slammed into the crashed trucks (would have hit me if I had not pulled onto the grass) and finally another trucks also at speed went onto the grass around me and stopping to avoid it
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    Here's a quick teaser video of the next-gen Scania I have a couple cinematics I'm going to do for this one. (Cinematics thread updated)
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    1 day till my new graphic card will arrive
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    Thank you for the convoy from VTC Integra
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    Not sure if TMP or Final Destination
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    [TR] Güzel Gün Güzel Konvoy Herkese Teşekkürler [EN] Beautiful Day Beautiful Convoy Everyone Thank You [FR] Belle journée beau convoi tout le monde vous remercie @Sgt Salt @Nataliia @Nizam Logistics FairyTale
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    Happy Birthday @[LKW_w.t.s] $Kamil$ [PL] @[WT] AlexXX @CODA667 @panteL @Pukuwer @[42nd] NamesKieran @DJTom @SadisticSweety @FourtyFour @Lotharhake & @KinkyViking
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    The sound of your silence screams louder than all the horns in Duisburg and peoples screaming in CB
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    When you are in Duisburg and it is a chaos ... "Admiiiiin Helppp"
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    When you are a Admin in Duisburg and meet a bunch of trolls :
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    13 New Volvo FM's delivered this week.
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    In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes - Andy Warhol

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