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    Good Evening Truckers! As you are most likely already aware, there was a Terror Attack at Manchester Arena shortly after the ending of an Ariana Grande concert late last night (22/05/2017). Our thoughts as a Community go out to the families and friends of all those affected and our prayers are with those who have sadly been injured or killed. As with all incidents like this we should all stay strong and come together as a community and not let the people that did this make us feel scared and insecure, this is why we want to show our respects as a community to those sadly affected and how we can all come together as one. The memorial convoy will be going from London to Manchester at 15:00 UTC on the 28/05/2017 (dd/mm/yyyy) following this route: As with all our Convoys, it will be hosted on the Events server and we will have Staff members leading and tailing. We expect you to have your route set so that you know where you're going. We request that your InGame tag contains the words "#PrayForManchester" in Pink. We will also hold a 2 Minute Silence in Manchester where we expect people to; Not Talk on CB, Use the Chat or Use their Horns. If you are caught doing one of these, you will be removed from the Server. Staff Members will tell you when the 2 Minutes Silence will Start and Finish. We will then have a roar of Horns after the end on the Silence. This event will also be streamed on the TruckersMP Official Twitch Channel: http://twitch.tv/truckersmp/ Remember that TruckersMP is a happy and safe place for all you truckers to enjoy something we all have in common; Trucking! Regardless of beliefs, race or religion, we do not condone any abuse or hate towards any other member of our community whatsoever as they are here for the exact same reason you are, to make friends and have a good time doing something they enjoy. #PrayForManchester Regards, TruckersMP Team
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    Ladies and gentleman, I have finally reached 500 posts :D
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    Video from the convoy last night
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    Rest In Peace Sir Roger Moore James Bond- Your work here is done.
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    Thoughts and prayers go out to the people who are in Greater Manchester. All respects go to Greater Manchester at this time.
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    A convoy dedicated for the awful event that occured in Manchester is taking place in London Eu3. Leaving at 07:10 BST.
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    The year Ireland trolled Eurovision
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    I will be there streaming too! I have also pledged to stream as much as I can for the next 7 days. Any donations made until 30/05/2017 will be donated to the North West Ambulance Service who attended those hit by the terror attack. I streamed for about 7 hours straight today and received lots of support with donations too. Please make any donations you can at www.twitch.tv/djjefferz
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    @07.kbr "Hungarian Metallic Pattern" из Hungarian paintjobs pack но она только доступна для 4x2 и 6x4 - он использует дополнительный мод
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    Вітаю з днем Народження
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    Thanks for the birthday wishes folks c:
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    How? LOL XD Gotta love the physics in this game
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    @Bandero this is what my friend saw when you went flipping in the air
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    Congratulations Scottish Have fun with your new ability and this great achievement
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    Happy Birthday Zelcrum have a good day
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    Happy Birthday, have a nice & happy day
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    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag
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    Happy Birthday Have a great day
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    Have awesome birthday Cat!
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    Happy birthday ! Enjoy your day.
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    Drove live an hour ago, came to duisburg with 100% damage on the trailer... epic.
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    Happy birthday! Zelcrum Best regards, istanbullue
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    Our thoughts go out to those who lost their lives and those who are seriously injured at the Manchester Arena last night.
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    Do you want to send a report? Please remember: 1. Screenshot is not a proof for ramming! 2. Screenshot is not proof of "blocking" in most cases 3. Blocking - if a player blocks a road, service or firm for more than 2 minutes. The player could block the road after the incident and it takes time to go to the service - remember this. 4. You should understand when you were struck after the incident (accidentally) and when intentionally. If this happened by accident - there is no need to send a report for this player - you can also be in this situation. 5. Evidence must be obvious. Keep your proofs on popular services. 6. Make sure you correctly enter TMPID of the perpetrator, check several times, review your proofs again If you follow this, our administrators will be able to more quickly consider such reports. If you ignore it - need time to consider such reports in order to reject it. Thank you for your attention and understanding.
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    Happy birthday! Wishing you a very happy birhday!
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    Happy birthday!! Have a great day today!
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    alles Gute zum Geburtstag
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    Happy birthday dude have a day off
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    Happy birthday, I wish you a great day.
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    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Zelcrum!
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    Most of those killed are probably kids. Tragic enough as it is but to target a concert with such a young audience.. #RIP
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    R.I.P to all those who died in Manchester Thoughts to their loved ones and those affected There really are some evil people in this world WTF is going on Way too much of this sort of things happening
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    Dam another UK terrorist attack. Rip to those killed
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    I randomly got nostalgic today and decided to play GTA IV for a bit... first thing I obviously did was the swingset glitch :

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