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    With the upcoming release of ATS (woo woo hype train) I've put together this guide: The Essential Survival Guide To: 1. On the Topic of Red Lights With red lights, right turns are legal unless there is a sign that says "no right turn on red" usually there is a separate turning signal. Turning left on red is also legal ONLY if the street you are turning on to is a one-way street going from right to left. Example of "No Turn on Red" sign: 2. On the Topic of Weight Roads (especially residential ones) and bridges can be weight restricted, which will be designated on signs. Trucks making local deliveries (meaning somewhere on the road) on weight restricted roads are exempt. Bridges that are weight restricted are another story, you'll be warned about the weight restriction, and then have another sign directly at the bridge. The weight limit is different depending on how big your truck is. Example: 2a. On the Topic of Weigh Stations In America on major Interstates there are weigh stations, which are usually open during weekdays. When a weigh station is open (which is shown on LED signs) ALL trucks besides pickup trucks must pull off at the weigh station. When on the off-ramp for the weigh station you will be given one of two signals. A weigh signal which means you must proceed to the scales, or you may receive a bypass signal, which means you can continue along the slip-road (set up similar to how some large fuel stations in ETS2 are setup) and merge back onto the Interstate without being weighed. Example of weigh station sign: DISCLAIMER: How the weigh stations are set up in ATS is not identically reflective of the real world! 3. On the Topic of Road Signs: 3a. General Road Signs Clearance signs are similar to the EU ones, except they are yellow and are larger and usually there are more of them. the left number is feet and the right number is inches. (this sign reads that the clearance of the obstacle ahead is 11 feet 8 inches) Advisory speed sign, shows a description of what to expect ahead, and the number designates the advisory speed for the curve(in miles per hour obv) the advisory speed can also be on a separate sign below the sign. (THIS IS ADVISORY AND NOT A SET SPEED LIMIT) Lane ends sign, varies to reflect which lane ends and what lane it merges into Lane merge sign. warns you that whichever lane is shown on the sign merges into a lane (either right or left) commonly used on freeway entrances. Stop signs, pretty self explanatory, except that the sign underneath designates which traffic of the intersection ALSO has a stop sign (two-way means oncoming traffic also has a stop sign but cross traffic does not, 3-way is usually used on intersections with more than two directions of travel. All-Way means every direction of travel has a stop sign) Grade sign, means that there is a steep grade ahead (will usually say the percentage on the sign or on a separate sign below it) Ingame there is a sign below that says "trucks use low gear" 3b. Interstate and Highway Signs interstate sign, similar to motorway signs in europe, it tells you what interstate you are on and usually has a sign above or below that says what direction you are travelling (northbound, southbound, etc.) US Highway Sign. Unlike interstates state highways are usually smaller, but can travel at a faster speed, and can go out of state just like interstates. State Highway signs vary from state to state. These highways usually do not go outside of their state. California: Nevada: (This area will be updated as more states are released.) As for Interstate destination/exit signs I made this diagram: 4. Right of Way In America turning traffic does not have right of way. Traffic continuing straight should NOT stop for them. On interstates and highways traffic merging onto the interstate does not have right of way. You must stop for any traffic that is already on the interstate. ALSO: Hazardous materials are not allowed on some county/state highways! There will usually be a sign before any on-ramps onto the highway that will say "no hazardous materials on US (or state route) XX" (this probably isnt simulated in ATS) DOUBLE ALSO: there is a trick with exit numbers, they usually are how many miles away from the next/last state border the interstate crosses This Guide will be updated with any info that I feel is necessary. Happy Trucking! Changelog (does anyone even read these): 03/02/2016: 1.US highway sign was mislabeled. Corrected. 2.Added section on specific state highway signs. 3.Changed some wording in the weigh station section 4.Added ingame info on grade signs 07/02/2016: 1. Added section on right of way
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    Forum Structure Updated As you can see as you open our forums, the forums have been restructured to give space for American Truck Simulator Multiplayer as well as Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer. These are changes to make sure the forum remains clean and tidy, despite soon having to serve two games. The discussion section has been split in three different sections, the Community section, the American Truck Simulator Multiplayer section, and the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer section. The Community section is the new home for the old Off topic forum, as well as a brand new General Discussion section, Unofficial Tools and the Veteran Drivers forum. This section is the new common home for our entire community. The American Truck Simulator Multiplayer and the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer are now the homes of each game. Each will have a general discussion section for their game, as well as sections for companies and major events for the respective games. The Support section is remaining mostly the same. As the ban appeals and reports will be mostly the same for both games, having separate tutorials is redundant. We are also sticking to having one suggestion, one bug report and one guide section, as a lot of the content in these sections will be the same for both games, and instead we are adding sub sections for each game to have a place for suggestions, bug reports, or guides that are specific to one of the games. If you have suggestions for changes to, or complaints against the new structure, feel free to write a post about it so we can improve it, it is not in it's final state. If you want a topic moved to a new section after this change, feel free to report it and let a moderator have a look. If you are unsure where to post, please ask any staff member and we will try to help you, as well as look for improvement to avoid people wondering where to post in the future. Short changelist Game specific sections added. Companies and Major Events is now under the game specific sections. Discussion has been split into Community and game specific discussion. Old Multiplayer Discussions is now under Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer Discussions. Unofficial Tools are now under Community, rather than News and Info. There are now specific forums under Suggestions, Bug Reports and Guides in addition to the general forums.
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    ETS2 dostanie wsparcie dla DX11 - rendererem dla graczy ze słabszym sprzętem (nie wspierającym DX11+) zostanie OpenGL.
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    Hello, I have created a starters profile for once ATSMP releases. This profile contains: -1 Garage (Expanded to 5 slots) -4 Drivers -4 Trucks -200.000$ -8 not selected skill points The garage is located in Las Vegas, with alot of oppertunities to go either north, west and when Arizona releases also east. How to download the file? 1. Click this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8vWcjVBUeI2Rkp2VmZLZW9PQzA/view 2. Click this button: Make sure to have something like Winrar to open the file. 3. Once you have opened the file, place it here: C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Documents\American Truck Simulator\profiles 4. Launch up American Truck Simulator. Your profile should be in there. After you've done all these steps, you can drive until the end! Happy truckin'!
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    Witam, po raz kolejny udowadniamy że nie śpimy i jesteśmy bezkonkurencyjni. Po mimo że inne firmy są otwierane i zamykane to my wciąż jeździmy dalej i ustalamy standardy w środkowej europie. Można spotkać liczne nie udolne kopie naszych zestawów na drogach, za razem jest nam przykro i jesteśmy również dumni że jesteśmy wzorem do naśladowania.
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    To change your tag you need to launch MP as normal, then at the login screen, look at the top left for the little yellow cog, click on it and change your tag and screenshot it
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    Два дня катал, для меня сплошное разочарование. Ждал чего-то большего, а нет , все как то скудно , голо , трафик вообще промолчу . P.S. Это лично мое мнение .
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    Je m'excuse en avance Ma station de travails Ma station de travail de la maison
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    Wirtualna firma transportowa mająca na celu zrzeszanie kierowców gry Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer. Firma z dużym doświadczeniem, oraz umiejętnością zorganizowania eventow z kierowcami innych firm transportowych. Wspólne tematy oraz pasja to rzeczy które nas łączą. W ekipie posiadamy kierowców którzy na codzień jeżdżą za kółkiem prawdziwych ciężarówek. Aktualna Liczba pracowników: 31 / 40 Rekrutacja: ON/ OFF @bakerpk @Kasztan95 @_FELEK_ @TD5813Paris @swd_danurb25 [PL/ENG] Wymagania jakich oczekujemy od naszych przyszłych kierowców: Złożenia CV na naszym firmowym forum * Minimalny wiek - 18 lat * Własny ciągnik siodłowy * Znajomość i przestrzeganie przepisów drogowych * Kultura osobista * Umiejętność pracy w zespole * Mikrofon oraz Discord * Posiadanie dodatku Going East i Skandynawia Malowanie Pracownika: Malowanie Rekruta: >KLIK< >KLIK< >KLIK<
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    The story behind the project... Concept of the scoreboard. Project started pretty simple - I was 16 years old guy who wanted to create multiplayer mod for a game with huge potential. Before ETS2 release I was looking at the ETS 1 and GTS binaries to investigate how to implement multiplayer however without any sensible results. I've created ETS2MP project 1 or 2 days after release of ETS2 - started it not from codding (sounds crazy isn't it?) but from creating fanpage on Facebook - it allowed me to gather huge community - the likes were increasing every day by a numbers from 10 to 100. First part of development was not fruitful enough as there were many unknowns I faced. (In the spare time there were few developers joining and leaving team - no one had enough knowledge and time to spend on creating mod). In August 2013 mwl4 joined the forces of development team and we have pushed the core code a little bit forward - mwl4 and his knowledge of prism3d engine build was definitely something that was needed for the project to success - I was never touching mods and the general data structure in prism3d so my knowledge was limited to that what i found in binaries (I used to create mods for R*-games (GTA:SA etc) not SCS one). After sometime we decided to use movers to spawn the trucks instead of trying to use normal vehicles - mwl4 created a map with placed few white scanias (2-3 - I don't really remember) and we decided to synchronize them somehow. The problem was that it was not really good solution and we had to build the trucks model-by-model also the scene structure in prism3d did not allowed us to simply update the position and update the placements used by fustrum culling so the trucks were disappearing when they were too far from spawn point. In the meantime we decided to use the same technique and try it in German Truck Simulator (video) - it worked however trucks in mirrors had exactly the same problem as the trucks in normal viewport in ETS2 - it was just experiment and we didn't thought about releasing it to public. Then I decided to start implementing spawning of the vehicle the same way as local truck is spawned - after few weeks of work without any result we decided to ask for a little tips someone from SCS - the person we wrote to was not a CEO but the programmer - Komat - after some messages we finally managed to spawn trucks. (Unfortunately I don't have any access to old forum [if it still exists] - there was nice post showing the colorful trucks that were spawned next to my truck). After that we had trucks spawned so we decided to finally write the networking part - chat, synchronization and many others. Few videos later - people asked us - what about the cargo - where are trailers? So I decided to finally implement spawning of trailers. It was not hard as the code of spawning trailers and trucks is nearly the same (some things are different however I'm not going to write it here in detail). A little screenshots from spawning trailers (3rd January 2014): However between spawning of the trailers and implementing the network code for them we decided to drive some more fancy trucks instead of grey DAF XFs so we synchronized accessories of the trucks. (29th January 2014) It was a great milestone in the project. We were able to finally use our own truck configurations of the trucks. Such a great thing. You can notice that there are no shadows for the network trucks on the screenshots (in fact it looks like bad photoshop) - so next step was implementing the shadows for the trucks. (12th February 2014) And just after that we have synchronized trailers: (22nd February 2014) After that we were working on improvements and crash fixes with the closed group of testers. On 25 April we have announced that Open Alpha starts on 1st May. However we decided to publish the mod few hours before 1st of May (I think it was something like 20:00 - 30 April) - the mod was totally unplayable - and it was mostly my mistake as the code to look for the proper streaming zone in server was using huge loop instead of using some smart math - after fixing it the mod was getting more fixes and we finally managed relativly stable version to focus on making next update. After many months of working on the mod in January 2015 I decided to drop the High school. In that time I started talking with SCS Software CEO - Pavel Sebor about eventuall employment in SCS - in March 2015 i went to Prague for the interview - it was successfull so I decided I will leave the project as it was something that definitely will not work (working at SCS and making fan multiplayer mod) on April 7th I started working at SCS and I'm here until now. Who knows what future will bring to me.. . I would like to thank: mwl4 - for his dedication to the project, knowledge and a lot of work, Komat - for very important advices and tips while creating the mod, pcpl2 - for his help and many non-sleppy nights with manually running unstable servers again, I<3VODKA - for many cool conversations, great project management, playing Knights and Merchants and Town Of Salem together, JM - for his bugfixes to my poor PHP code, kat_pw - for his unbelievably great map project + bugfixes for my poor PHP code, Eliximus - for helping me with many things, Yntro - for support, StuartD - for community management and testing, Stefag40 - for testing, Manuel - for a great community management and his meeting point project, Burner - for helping with many things, Biggi Darreugne The rest of the team. Guys - you are amazing! The rest of this story is you :-). Best regards, Eryk "RootKiller" Dwornicki Former Project Leader and Programmer
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    Poradnik Włączenia Winter mod w Mulitiplayer Włączasz grę multiplayer i zostajesz w panelu logowania, kursor ustawiasz na Settings: Klikamy lewym przyciskiem myszy i otwiera nam się okienko i zaznaczmy zakładkę mods: Pokazują się nam 2 modyfikacje w multiplayer (Jeśli miałeś uruchomiony Autumn mod będziesz miał go zaznaczony haczykiem, teraz go odznaczasz). Zaznaczasz Winter mod jak na zdjęciu: Następnym Krokiem jest zatwierdzenie włączenia moda (Apply) lewym przyciskiem myszy: Następnie naciskamy OK: Logujemy się do gry i cieszymy się z zimy w Multiplayer
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    Zatem: Folder instalacji gry/bin/win_x64 i w tym miejscu powinien znajdować się plik prism3d.crash lub prism3d.crash.log.
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    Честно игра хоть и сырая но она классная - я вот сейчас играю в нее и доволен тем что купил ее не смотря на то что всего пока что мало там но потом будет все ok
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    Уже куплена и ждем релиз MP на ATS
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    Jedno co mi przychodzi do glowy to odinstaluj gre i zainstaluj jeszcze raz moze byl jakis problem prze pobieraniu, wiadomo dzis premiera i kazdy pobiera i bledy moga sie zdazyc.
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    Dzieki ElectroMusic! Napewno pomoze to wszystki VTC oraz ich Dyspozytora do sprawdzania tras. Swietna robota!
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    He's most likely still online at the server. Afaik admins check appeals after they log out from the servers
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    Jesli potrzebujesz pomoc z e-mailem lub haslem wyslij bilet tutaj: http://wotr-mp.com/support/
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    я со слезами на щеках клякся что покупать не буду и подожду когда скидка будет, но в итоге уже заплатил и докачиваю, никакой силы воли
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    W imieniu swoim i reszty graczy DZIEKUJE !!!
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    Zamykam i przenosze do rozwiazanych.
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    No tak, a jak by był inny interfejs to by to nie był ETS2? Specjalnie wszystko tak jest zrobione, ponieważ dodadzą coś do ETSa i mogą to bez większego problemu przenieść do ATSa.
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    Swoją drogą, może ktoś wytłumaczyć ten cały hype który się nagromadził wokół ATSa? Przecież nawet na filmach widać że to ETS2 przebrany za Amerykę, z małym dodatkiem weight stations i nieco większymi miastami...
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    Musisz włączyć grę jako administrator
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    Czyli wcześniej wydadza, niezle! czekam xd
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    Problem solved, thanks you,very much bro.
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    ^^ Widzialem jakies zdjecia: na scianie sa plakat - kolorowe tecza i jednorozec. PS. Zostalo tylko 1 dzień i gramY xD
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    Mamy 2016 rok, dzisiaj już każdy powinien mieć procesor obsługujący 64-bitowe systemy - pierwsze procesory obsługujące tą architekturę pojawiły się już dawno (lata 2003-2004). Bez znaczenia czy mają tylko 2GB RAM, szczególnie że ten sam klucz do Windowsa działa na obu wersjach systemu.
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    The button has now been removed as these modules are no longer required.
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    Not me..id rather play with 200 people who can drive properly than 2000 Trolls who cant follow simple road rules............as for admins they wont be going no where, so either learn the rules or play something else.
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    Informuje że Rekrut Biały Dzik został zwolniony za brak aktywności. Właściciele STP - Logistic
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    Bienvenue à ta team sur ets2mp Puisse le sort lui être favorable parmi les nombreuses team Ps : Superbe présentation, coloré ( ça change un peut ) et les idées y sont claires, bravo
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    If someone is doing something against the rules please report them here http://wotr-mp.com/en_US/reports
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    SCS na pewno nie zaktualizuje wymagań ETS2 do wyższych w najbliższym czasie. Dlaczego? Ilość graczy, którzy grają na sprzęcie nie wspierającym DX11 jest nadal nie mała. Po za tym gro graczy mogłoby rościć odszkodowań od studia z racji, że kupując grę wymagania były jakie były i je spełniali, a teraz nagle gra nie chce współpracować, bo sprzęt okazał się za stary. Możliwe, że dopiero kiedy SCS zauważy, że większość graczy ma lepszy sprzęt to zadecyduje się na ten ruch, lecz powiem szczerze, że nie spodziewałbym się tego w ogóle.
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    IMO You should've thought twice before breaking the rules. And to add to StuartD's post: Recently, we got a change to the ban process @Beefy: Sorry, but You are totally wrong - ONLY the admin who banned you can view and accept/decline your appeal - Support Members and Forum Moderators have other responsibilites
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    Bienvenue à vous, malgré que l'entreprise soit lancée depuis un moment!
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    Ten sposób to jest jeszcze pikus blancus.Znalem typa który posiadał 5 osobnych kont z cs:s.Sprzedał je za cenę 50 zl osobno.Następnie napisał dokładny ticket z duplikatami pudelek gry do supportu steam w celu odzyskania kont z powodu "nagłej kradzieży".Udało mu się jeszcze 3 razy tak opapic innych kupujących z pomocą ticketow nadanych przez support.Durne osoby potem kupily nawet poblokowane konta.... 5 kont x 50 zl x 3 krotnie oddane te same konta dla "poszkodowanego „ x odsprzedane te same konta lecz poblokowane = 1250 zl za spryt i naiwność i niewiedzę ludzką.
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    W ETS2 nie ma możliwości żeby te trucki dymiły ze względu na silniki E5 i E6, tu są tak czyste spaliny że możesz się zaciągać
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    Ostatni strzał na Holandie w większym gronie.
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    Смысл в том, что хочешь не хочешь, но если ты много играешь или очень долгое время играешь, то у тебя будут все шансы "зарабатывать" баны и речь не идет о явных нарушениях типо таран или т.п. Есть ситуации, которые со стороны могут выглядеть как нарушение, хотя таковыми не являются, в большинстве случаев может помочь регистратор, но опять же мало ли - глюкнуло и запись не сохранилась или случайно удалил. Да и действительно ты можешь быть виновен в дтп - кто-нить из домашних руку дернул, когда рядом с тобой другой игрок и все - бан будет заслуженный. При этом опять оговорюсь, что это редкие случаи, но в разрезе нескольких лет легко может и набраться нужное количество банов для перманента.
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    Guess whos happy about this???
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    Zaprasza wszystkich graczy na Mikołajkowy Konwój Który odbędzie się 06.12.2015 Zbiorka na TeamSpeak: 17:30 Start Konwoju:18:00 Serwer #EU3 TeamSpeak: armagedonspedycja.ovh ( KANAL Konwój Mikołajkowy) Miasto Startowe: Verona (stacja Paliw na drodze A4 Kierunek Milano) Miasto Końcowe: Wrocław (firma Stein Bruch) Trasa Konwoju: Wymagania: Mikrofon oraz TeamSpeak Osoby biorące udział w Konwoju musza przebywać na naszym ts. Naczepy na Konwój to plandeki, lodówki. Regulamin 1. Zakaz wyprzedzania pilotów. 2. Pierwszeństwo w konwoju mają firmy. 3. Maksymalna prędkość podczas jazdy to 70 km/h (na drogach krajowych), 80 km/h (na autostradach, drogach ekspresowych.) 4. Uczestników obowiązuje kultura na czacie jak i na TS3. 5. Należy pamiętać o zachowaniu bezpiecznej odległości. 6. Należy przestrzegać podstawowych przepisów ruchu drogowego. 7. Bezwzględny zakaz wczytywania się w trakcie konwoju (reszta będzie powiedziana przed konwojem) 8. Każdy pojazd musi być zatankowany do pełna przed startem 9. Przestrzegamy przepisy ruchu drogowego 10. Zakaz wyprzedzania Firm jedziemy tak jak było ustalone przez Założyciela i podane na forum. 11. Zachowujemy szacunek do innych firm i nie robimy reklam Firm. 12. Zgłoszenia Firm przyjmowane są u mnie na naszym ts lub PW na forum 13. Organizator nie bierze odpowiedzialności za uszkodzenia oraz wypadki w trakcie konwoju. Firmy biorące udział w Konwoju: Oto rozstawienie firm na początek Konwoju: Legenda: Armagedon i Elita Master Trans Risa Vexo LAA Trans West Coast ITL EM TRANS Randomy Oto rozstawienie Pilotów i Firm w Konwoju 1. PIiot bakerpk 2.Armagedon z Elita 3.Vexo Spedition 4. Risa 5. Pilot Armagedonu 6.Master Trans 7.ITL 8.LAA TRANS 9. PIlot Armagedonu 10.EM TRANS 11. West Coast 12. Pilot Armagedonu 13. Randomy

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