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  2. Silent Death_53

    Bu Tır Ban Sebebi Mi

    Merhaba! Bu tır'da bir sıkıntı yoktur ki yukarıda da aynı cevabı vermişler. Gene de emin olmak isterseniz Buradan feedback atarak sorabilirsiniz. İyi Günler!
  3. Silent Death_53

    Ban Sebebi Mi

    Merhaba! Kesin ve net bir cevap için Buradan feedback atarak sormalısınız. İyi Günler!
  4. Please add Lithuanian Paint Jobs. Please do not ignore Lithuanian players.
  5. [AyYildiz]GORKEM 22


    read and confirm the mail sent to your e-mail
  6. Silent Death_53


    Merhaba! Hesabınız'ın aktif olarak görülmesi için hesabı açtığınızda gelen e-posta'yı onaylamanız gerekmektedir. Yapmadıysanız ve hesabınız aktif olarak görülmediyse de bir sorun olmayacaktır. İyi Günler!
  7. ØuskilleЯ

    ETS2Map Megathread

    Yeah, but this is a game. And if you are popular in a game (such as Darwen, or Tony747) you get people who constantly want to drive with you. And so, they abuse the realtime map and follow your entire life until you log off. These things don't happen in real life (at least not as much), you don't start following someone you like without consent, because that's creepy and makes you look like a stalker. I understand that the realtime map can be useful to find friends easier, but i still think i a privacy option should be added so you have a much less chance for people to follow you (or friends) around without knowing it and/or without permissions.
  8. DarkScream38

    Website v2.6 release

    Great work
  9. JJay

    [Zabawa] Wyraz na ostatnią literę

  10. thomasdavid097

    TS SaveEditor Tool | 0.1.3 (alpha)

    Thanks so much for updating/fixing it, do you accept suggestions? if so is there anyway you could add away to share the same jobs with friends in freight market? with cargo market how would we go about getting the same job as a friend with using our own trailer? if you can do that atm. (sorry new to the tool and unsure about how to use any of this stuff)
  11. [VIVA] Ricky_TFM

    CargoFM 2019 - Looking For Presenters!

    https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe68RwPpSV-3Blm9veG2rTgDAY0ApyNlRcO7h_2XQ-hFYlDRw/viewform?usp=sf_link visit that link there
  12. KapitanDuch

    [Zabawa] Wyraz na ostatnią literę

  13. Scania. Nam-i Pars Style 





  14. SuperHoops

    Do you play other games?

    Other games I tend to play are: GTA FIFA Rocket League F1 (Formula One)
  15. GGF MD

    Deutsche Team Liste

    [Trial Game Moderator] @Asatelon wurde zu Game Moderator befördert [Trial Game Moderator] @flybel wurde zu Game Moderator befördert
  16. I hope not .. It would scare people if there was other race
  17. [VIVA] Adam_C_F1

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

  18. Robert(truckmania)

    Dragon Trans-Wirtualna Spedycja

    Nocna trasa !
  19. Happy Birthday! :wub:

  20. buksee [HUN]

    ETS2Map Megathread

    In my opinion the "Search Player" option for the ETS2Map is only for check if a player is online or not, and check where they are. But using that feature to stalk / harass someone is NOT what it was meant to be used for. In the rules it clearly reads: "§1.3 - Spamming or Abuse Using any of the report or communication systems provided on TruckersMP services inappropriately. This can include but is not limited to spamming them, reporting users multiple times with the same evidence and misusing the system for its intended purposes." My point is: Since ETS2Map is a TruckersMP service, misusing the ETS2Map's search option should be added to this thread and in the future it should be punished.
  21. OguzGazı

    Advanced rules of the street

    I like it,helpful for beginners.
  22. Andreea RO

    J-Spec Trucks: The New Cool Trend

    You guys have some beautiful trucks posted here. I shall make a J-Spec soon myself. Very nice
  23. Today
  24. Andreea RO

    Washington DLC is coming next!

    OMG! I can't wait! I am surely glad they are investing into ATS as well. I can't wait for this DLC to arrive!
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