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  2. You dont need to use any kind of those softwares , Win10 got xbox recorder and works perfect , you can record last few minutes or record till 4 hours straight , easy and simple
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  10. @KimbaKrom The AFK auto-kick can be bypassed by sending anything on the chat, there's no need to actually move your truck. A simple script can do this and there are already people using something similar to avoid being kicked while AFK, from what I've read. Setting an amount of hours as a requirement to join a server would only delay trolls for that amount of hours, new account, launch MP on a Monday morning, Wednesday they are trolling everyone. The harder you try to make a server safe, the more you make that server the target of choice for trolls. IMO, the only way to stop trolls, or at least most of them, is what McclaudEagle said, make all servers no-collisions. I don't use them, but I'm pretty sure that there are no trolls in the arcade servers. With all servers made non-collisions, those trolls who stayed would be unable to crash or block others, they'd get bored soon enough. But this was already suggested (I know because it was me who suggested it) and rejected by TruckersMP. Also, and more on-topic, like antrax737 said, the MP "environment" is way better since the 110 Km/h limit was set in the main server. I had already left because it was almost impossible to finish a long-haul job without being hit several times. Now I can drive 3000-5000 Km every single day and I'll only be hit occasionally. It's not just that speeders have a better control when driving slower, it's also that it's easier for the non-speeders to avoid being hit by taking evasive manoeuvres. If someone wants to ram your vehicle, they will, no doubt, but the "accidents" caused by speeders who can't drive straight or keep their vehicles within a lane are more easily avoided now.
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  15. I love the TMP community,it's exciting! In addition.I also like the official activities organized by TMP,which will have a lot of new items
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