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  2. tyre damage is unavoidable, you start with 12mm tread on the tyre, (0% damage) you finish with 1mm. tread on the tyre (100% damage) tyres do their job BY WEARING OUT, thats how they supply grip.
  3. in SP I listen to all manner of stations depending on mood, however as an active streamer on youtube I can't play many of the stations due to potential copyright claim risks so instead play licenced copyright free music.
  4. in short it is STUNNING! I regularly take single player jobs there. (in fact I have just done TelAviv (middle east add on) to Blondus (or however you spell it) in Iceland - 4400km) The bad areas are the central roads which go up the rift valley of Iceland to Arkeuri, this road requires EXTREME caution, I do not recommend that you take a double or heavy load there as its steep, slippery and low ground clearance of some trailers will cause issues. Stick to the A1 ring road around the island, you will have a good drive however people seem to think its a race track like the CD road, (until they find the white stuff has slippy physics and so end up facing their own trailer) A few tips. 1/ do not try to pass on bends, single file only, take turns to round the bends as your trailers cut in. 2/ if you are in a line of traffic, leave 2 truck lengths to the guy in front, 3/ at the water crossings in Iceland, let the player in front clear before making your crossing. 4/ when at the top of a hill, if there are a lot of players coming up, wait at a safe place for them to pass before coming down. If you are at the bottom and there is a line coming down, wait at a safe place before starting your climb. If behind heavy load, wait for it to clear the hill first, if the player spins out or stalls, they may need to roll back down the hill to take a second attempt. 5/ uphill has RIGHT OF WAY
  5. Been enjoying ProMods on TMP, so happy that it's finally here ❤️ 







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  7. You should have a seperate profile for promods. The first time loading the mod can take a while, even on a fast computer. That's because the game is indexing the files and building a new profile file for later use. After that's done, the loading time will be significantly reduced. However, if you use that profile on a regular server and then go back on a Promods server, this process has to be repeated. Having 2 profiles, 1 regular and 1 promods profile, will prevent that. If you don't want to start from scratch, you can also duplicate an existing profile to use on Promods servers. This guide explains how to do that:
  8. My first trip in PM multiplayer was Thessaloniki - Ljubljana. I just love the highway through the Balkans. Just be careful in southern Serbia, because the highway is incomplete (IRL it is already finished afaik) so you have to take a detour through a two way road. If you are driving too fast, the transition from highway to road or viceversa can make you crash or hit the brakes hard. Another places i used to really love from PM singleplayer and i will surely give a try on MP: Murmansk/Kandalaksha (RU) - Kirkenes (N), beautiful road through the very north of Russia and Norway. I also really like to go through the dirt roads to the border with Finland; Torshavn (Faroe Islands) is a very lovely place with a garage in the top of a hill where you can see a very beautiful sight while you wait for your next delivery; If you want challenging roads, Iceland and Andorra are good places for you.
  9. Hello There! We are glad to hear that the problem has been solved! Thanks for all participation! Don't hesitate to contact us again if you need any help in the future. Sincerely, SkortiL [TR] TruckersMP Support //locked and moved to Solved Topics
  10. Thank you for accepting me to drive with you and I apologize for making me wait on the spot :wub:

    @[PL]Winged Hussar[SK] 

    #Pries Logistics








  11. Don't wanna talk anymore

    I'm obsessed with silence

    I go home and I lock my door

    I can hear the sirens

    I see buildings and bars from the window

    And I listen to the wind blow

    I see people and cars covered in gold

    And I'm happy to be on my own [...]





  12. Ok, thanks you . This post can be closed.
  13. My first delivery north of the arctic circle - Kittilä, Finland, had to wade through some water to reach that place.


  14. I ain't even exceeding 80 kmh so why would I want 150. If someone things I'm driving to slow feel free to overtake. But I like to take the time to watch the scenery around my truck.
  15. SRVTC was glad to have attended the Fight For A Life Charity Event over the weekend, life is full of battles so it's good to see the community coming together in support of others.
  16. Hello @DJvasco14, First of all, thank you for taking your time, writing this suggestion. It shows that you care about this community and it's future! Unfortunately I have to inform you that this suggestion and has been already proposed before and is on our "Frequently Suggested Things" list, which can be found here: Because of that, I'll be rejecting this suggestion, to keep our forum organized. If you'll have any further questions, don't hesitate to send me a private message! Thanks, Chris[PL] TruckersMP Community Moderator //Rejected
  17. Heya I am glad that i was able to help you! Please note though, this is not the ProMods Forum and we are not responsible for the content on their website. Don't hesitate to contact us again, if you need any help in the future. Kind regards, Linciano TruckersMP Trial Support //locked and moved to Solved Topics
  18. Linciano

    Game lag

    Heya We are glad to hear that your Problem has been solved! Thank you to everyone, who tried to help. Don't hesitate to contact us again, if you need any help in the future. Kind regards, Linciano TruckersMP Trial Support //locked and moved to Solved Topics
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