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  2. YunusD

    [16 Haziran 2019] Asker Konvoyu

    Teşekkür Ederim.
  3. Hello guys, I just bought a Scwartzmuller trailer DLC, but I can't find this DLC in trailer upgrade store, (DLC is downloaded) and I play atm signle player, please, can you help me? 

  4. dontlikemynickname

    Connection Error - Retry?

    Guuuuys, please help me. I've tried to run launcher as administrator - didn't work. I've tried to delete some files in ProgramData - there was no folds related to ETS.
  5. Silent Death_53

    [16 Haziran 2019] Asker Konvoyu

    Güzel ve Eğlenceli vakit geçirmeniz dileğimle. Orada olmaya çalışacağım.
  6. Happy Birthday!:wub: Have a nice year! :tmp:^_^

  7. YunusD

    [16 Haziran 2019] Asker Konvoyu

    Teşekkür Ederim.
  8. Note: The DAF Truck + Trailer Skin was normally planned for 1.35, but they added it in a little patch accidently already in the 1.34. They don't wanted to look it like a mistake, so they made the #IDRIVEDAF competition out of it. Anyways. I tested 1.35 already in the experimental beta and I need to agree that sardinia and the rework of germany pt. 2 is just beautiful! I can't wait to drive these roads in MP! For the future I have many wishes, but I think the list is to long, to post it here. Anyways, thanks for sharing
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  10. Happy Birthday:tmp:

  11. Happy Birthday !

  12. FernandoCR [ESP]

    Possible solution for most trolling

    @F U R Y No and no. Read again the suggestion. The problem is not solved, what we have now is nothing like what I suggested. And EU#4 is not like the EU#2 I suggested (speed limits and 2300 player slots vs. no speed limits and 5000 slots).
  13. F U R Y

    Friends on map

    Creative idea. It will work to find our friends more easily in the game. I think it can be added to the game.
  14. F U R Y

    Allow fatigue simulation

    I support your idea. This plugin will make the game more realistic.
  15. F U R Y

    Add timestamps to in-game chat

    I support your idea. When we are asked to report, we are asked what time the event happened. If this feature comes into play, we will not have to write the time information ourselves.
  16. F U R Y

    PINFO command

    I think Pinfo will be in a better state with UTC time. Because I usually need to spend a long time trying to find the registration file. In short, I think that adding this will be a great benefit to the game, I agree with the idea.
  17. F U R Y

    Add NCZ to Construction Sites

    This feature is already in the game as far as I know, correct it if I have errors.
  18. [Ti] ANTOSHKES

    Official Convoy - 26th May 2019

    Stuttgart ! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1750868158
  19. It can be added to the game to avoid hitting other drivers and providing a better gaming experience. I agree with your opinion.
  20. F U R Y

    ATS Additional Skoda Trailers

    Wow! Interesting idea. But I think it would be nice to add to the game.
  21. F U R Y

    Option to remove player tags

    My personal opinion is that the tags do not distract the player. That's why I disagree.

  23. [TPH] +theo+

    Loss of texture for certain brand

    Krone dlc? The only way of seeing it when others are using it is by purchasing certain dlc's. Also the red trailer is probably from swarzmuller dlc and you also need to buy it inorder to "fix" it.
  24. DaRealHaitian

    Loss of texture for certain brand

    There is this bran that starts with a K you can use it for wheels and cargo but i put it on its like grey and i see other people with it on and this 1 trailer its like red and the texture missing from the shadow from the trailer how i fix it?
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